when you can't steal from family....

fighting-for-nanette have to work harder for inspiration to create delightful digital downloads to deliver.

first of all, when jo's trailer park was taken over to turn into a super wall mart, i invited her to come stay in our guest house. but she refused the offer for two reasons....we don't have a wall mart where i live and she insists on pulling that treasure filled trailer behind her buick everywhere she goes - even to the 7-11 to pick up cigs. that meant she would have to park the whole shabang in front of my house and the neighbors don't like trailers parked any where in sight. that's why she ended up at some other doo dad designer's curb. this un-named artist's neighbors all have trailers parked in front of their houses so what's one more? and there's a super wall mart just around the corner plus a 7-11 right across the street. in fact, jo lets the 7-11 employees come sit in the green and white plastic lawn chairs on the porch during their lunch hour - jo just got word that she passed her seventh attempt at passing the GED and she is trying to help them learn english. she has always fancied herself becoming a college professor.

anyway, while jo allows the gal whose curb she lives at to STEAL her treasures and trinkets via the scanner, i have to spend my time going to all the flea markets and garage sales i can. the problem is i live in a part of the country where people just don't have old stuff. it's frowned upon. so i have to travel pretty far in my mercedes to find my doo dad inspiration.

the picture attached was taken by an off duty policeman that hangs out at the garage sale locations just in case there's gunfire or a cat fight he can break up. he lost his wife at a garage sale long ago and has dedicated his life to trying to keep others from the same horrible fate. thank goodness for people like him - it makes it slightly less dangerous to attend these things and there's a better chance i'll make it home in one piece, with my doo dad discoveries down deep in my prada bag.

see those mean looking women standing around me? those are the other digital designers i had to fight recently to get the items i used to create my new art collection, nanette. as you can see, we all dress sort of raggedy so that we might get the garage sale giver to feel sorry for us and give us first dibs of the best pick'ns. but it never works any more so i might as well go back to wearing my good dry cleaning to these things and send that old dress back to queeny.

this group of designers were the meanest i've seen yet and it is truly a miracle i got out alive with nanette paid for. it wasn't until i got home that i realized that the one i fought with for nanette's cosmetics had actually taken a bite right out of the lipstick! don't worry, i was able to fix it for the collection - but can you imagine! i'm sure she was aiming for my fingers which were clutched around the tube. she would have been thrilled to end my addiction for making doo dads...until i was no longer around! she is one of those who can't think of an original idea if her life depends on it and counts on other designers hard work to use for makin' her own. she needs to think long and hard before attempting to bite off the digits used to make the digital doo dads she does her damndest to duplicate so i better keep my digits down in my gucci coat pockets at future garage sales!

until next time...hopefully with the first ever mo product review!