what better time to finally make it back to the blog after such a very long hiatus than world gratitude day. it's good that i arrived bearin' a special gift i worked up to express that very thing - lotso gratitude to all o' you who have continued to stop on in here, havin' to see the same ol' thing time after time but knowin' i'd return eventually.

i blogged out a long missive o' all the adventures and calamities that have been bestowed upon me - or that i brought upon myself - since i was last here but wouldn't you know - just as i was about to hit the button to push it through the postin' pipeline and out into the worldwidewebisphere, i heard the familiar fanfare that announces my dear cousin jo's return from another evening' out on the town (this time a session stalking' a batch o' TMZ shooters as they steadily stalked stars who stand around nightly on the sidewalks hopin' to be shot then shown on the small screen). it's always the same - the front door slams, then the refrigerator door opens followed by the sound of a pop top pulled...finally there's the stomp up the back stairs in her latest pair of red bottomed shoes (i'm suspicious that many have become red courtesy of red spray paint rather than mr. louboutin). tonight she was sportin'a platform/stiletto combo that added seven additional inches to her god given sixty four. add to that a 10 maybe 12 inch tower o' aquanet powered teased tresses and cousin jo's height for the night topped out around six 'n a half feet. it's always a bit shocking when she arrives so tall but it's somethin' we have always longed to be so it's nice that jo's figured out a way to make it happen whenever she wants if only until her feet start hurting.

anyway, jo showed up and read through the my genuine excuses for remainin' unblogged for such a long stretch and made it quite clear that if i decided to post my prose up as it was you'd think i was either offerin' up a batch o' fictional horror mixed with a tad o' drama and a bit o' comedy or accuse me of asking for a big ol' pity party. since i desire neither i deleted that first attempt and what you are readin' now, still not to jo's likin', is what i ended up with. i'll provide those excuses soon enough but jo's right - doin' so all at one time was a bit much.

besides, jo says things have changed so much since i first started up this window o' words that i should probably not bother unless i'm willin' to do a major overhaul. back in the beginnin' of bloggin' it was much easier - whether you were the writer or the reader. all the blogs looked pretty much the same - you could choose from a handful o' colors and maybe six fonts and get the thing up and runnin'. if you ventured out to do some readin', you could make the rounds and return back to where you started in under an hour. nowadays there's enough reading available - about anything you could think off - to waste away weeks at a time if you were so inclined. and just about every window that appears has things swirling' and blinking' and some stops along the way even provide music to read to.

i'd love to think i could provide some o' that entertainment here but it wont be any time took me forever just to get a sidebar that stayed in place and buttons that actually took you elsewhere when poked. when the doo dad shop got deleted in the spring i came awful close to lettin' it stay that way. i do hope you noticed i finally got the 'snapshots' up and running. i'll continue to add to it and will get the artwork page going shortly now that i sorta' know what i'm doin'.

thanks again for not given' up me. if you click here you can download that pretty bunch o' forget-me-nots i made for you - a lil token of my appreciation. underneath it i tucked a rare shot o' me - i'm always the snapper and very seldom the snappee. i'm all dressed up 'n doin' one o' the many things i love fillin' my day with - tendin' my garden.

please leave me a few words if you have the time. currently there's a small delay between leaving' a comment and when they appear. those bullies still stop by and rear their ugly heads now and then so for the time bein' i take a look at things first.

it's nice to be back.


Sandy said...

Well, regardless of what you wrote, and I think it was wonderful to see your words, I am glad you are back! Jo might be right, but I have often used my blog to let some feelings helps! :) Sandy

Anonymous said...

and it's nice to have you back dear...I've missed you.

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

So nice to see you here AND out in the garden. You have been missed. Sounds like Jo hasn't missed a beat! xoxoxo

Lori T. said...

Welcome back! This definitely brought a smile to my face.

Cristin H. said...

Thank you, Mo for the downloadable doo dad gift. :) It's good to see you back. I love reading your blog!

WyoRose said...

It's nice to have you back! Thank you for the gift of your wonderful doo dad art. Rose1WY

Christa Goldsmith said...

Thanks again Mo for the Posie... I have missed you so much! Glad to see ya back bloggin!

Anonymous said...

Goodness. I got here late, but don't you ever go and disappear on us, missy! We would be worried.