rizzoli & isles

rizzoli & isles in moland
i live in a neighborhood full o' celebrities. these stars o' the sceens you have to buy a ticket to view as well as those you just plop down in front of aren't of the human nature - though there's plenty o' those poked here 'n there...the fabulously famous i'm talkin' about are the houses that those with the speakin' parts pretend to live in.

right around us are some you might be familiar with....the house behind ours was home to jed clampett 'n granny in the movie version o' the beverly hillbillies...on the other side o' the street from it was where the fresh prince lived when he left philly... down my street a bit is where that handsome guy from madmen pretends to live....not too far from it is my favorite - the house that starred with steve martin - twice - in those father o' the bride movies.

seems not a week goes by that there isn't a slew o' trucks and a swarm o' headset wearin' workers in somebody's driveway. often while takin' the lil white prancin' pups for a parade to be petted by everyone we encounter i'll realize a house on our route is one i have recently seen in a commercial.

personally, i'm not a big fan o' livin' in a neighborhood of homes that have their own agents. luckily, with one exception, our neighborhood consists o' like minded home owners who may allow their residence to do a lil actin' once or twice a year, make a point o' followin' all the strict rules for doin' so and donate a bit o' their earnings to a cause their neighbors support.

that one exception is a couple o' doors down from us...these people use their house as a main source o' income...their downstairs is kept just about empty to accommodate whoever might wanna pay the fee to shoot a commercial there. before mini's daddy started payin' attention to what they were up to they violated just about every rule and paid no attention to the limited number o' days one house is allowed to 'act' in a year.

since our home had a major role in an academy award winnin' movie in the early seventies - a movie on the list of the best 25 ever made - we have gotten requests from location companies since the day we moved in. right away i announced we were NEVER going to let anyone use our home for a shoot. but mini and jo have always wanted to do so....mini's daddy only if it was for whatever his favorite tv show was at the time. finally i told the three of 'em that we could do it once but that only the outside was available...that the inside was off limits. years have passed and there have been many requests but none for just outside.

FINALLY...around the time i tumbled down the back staircase - a request was made to use JUST the pool and back yard. i don't recall anyone askin' OR tellin' me but all three say they did both. the shoot was for a new show called rizzoli & isles with angie harmon. here are a few pictures mini's daddy snapped. as you can see, the rule was bent just a wee bit so that angie could sit inside. we locked jo in her trailer so she could watch from the window but not attempt to be in front o' the camera. she, mini and mini's daddy are still fightin' over who gets the majority o' the ridiculous amount o' money paid for a day's use of a backyard 'n pool. once i found out what the current rate was, i understood a bit more why that family a coupla' doors down was so upset when they found out their house's unlimited actin' days were over.

i do so hope you are enjoyin' your summer. i plan to enjoy every remainin' second....as soon as i finish puttin' all these doo dads away in their new home. i've got one big box o' miscellaneous 'crap' left but it seems to be bottomless. i must admit - the stuff in it is lookin' less 'n less necessary to my existence.



Anonymous said...

I don't know how you kept Jo away from the cement pond during filming. I wouldn't imagine that any lock on a door would have held her back! lol I often wonder if you have those TMZ reporters and photographers stalking up and down the street trying to sneak peeks of the folks in these working houses.


Anonymous said...

How fun!! I would love to watch with Jo out the window just to get a peek!! I love hearing about the fun at your house Mo.. all in your backyard and around your neighborhood.. the most excitement we have here is a few bunnies in the back yard. Oh well.. Thank Mini's Daddy for us for snapping a few photos, and I will be sure to catch the new show just to get a peek at your pool sans the ducks!! XOXO and thanks for the blog post.. I love hearing what is new in Moland!! XOXO Christa

Anonymous said...

I must remember to read the blog first, THEN look at the pics. I thought Angie was there in her gloves for one o' Mini's midnight snail huntin' parties!

Don't take any more tumbles; can't wait to see some pics of the new DD den. Hope the undogs have made the transition without too much trouble.


ejj said...

Couldn't you have volunteered to play the body? Then I could have watched you on television!


Anonymous said...

oh wow...I love that show and to think I've been watching it unaware that your backyard and pool were co-starring in it...what fun.

Anonymous said...

Sound like a lot of fun Mo.. will keep my eye out for you pool when if we get the show screened here. Look forward to seeing pics of new doo dad den soon.
xxox pennyshilling

ejj said...

Hey, I think I saw that episode on t.v. last night!


Rosa said...

how 'citin'! big doins over thar. i'll be keeping my peeps open for this one!

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Saucy said...

Since Angie... uh, Rizzoli... or Isles... well, she's wearing those latex gloves, it appears as though your house was cast as some sort of crime scene so that bodes well for its early retirement. You'd be mighty upset if it had been cast as Rizzoli's pad.

NanE said...

I love your doo dads shop but I can never get in. Can you give me a little help? Thanks Nan

Full of Beauty said...

I think you are the coolest person Mo Jackson!! I have loved your fun use of color for years!! So glad you are on Etsy!!!

Maija said...

Just stopping in to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Mo!!!!

Kimberly said...

Oh I'm so out of touch but just had to say that if you were going to pick one show to use your beautiful home, that was a good one to pick! I loved that show! I can see how it would be fun to do once, but I think if my neighbors were pretty much using a their home as a production house I'd be pretty tired of it....hmmm, so now I want to know which movie your house starred in that won the little shiny guy...