art for your neeked eggs

i didn’t mean to neglect my bloggin’ for so very long but somehow i got whipped up into a DIY whirlwind that just about did me in. i’ll have to write about that next. but this time i am here to provide some pretty egg decoratin’ doo dads for you to download.

i believe strongly that the easter bunny shouldn’t deliver neeked eggs into anyone’s basket and have tried to help out by paintin’ eggs every year since i could hold a paint brush in my left hand. my cousin jo did an egg-estimate not long ago and figures i’ve painted over five thousand eggs in my lifetime. this year i’ve been so busy trying to get the doo dad shop back up ’n runnin’ while also attemptin’ to get my flower garden planted that i decided i needed a pause in preparin’ pretty eggs for packs of people... i figured it’d be okay ‘cause nobody would miss one single egg from their collection.

but i was wrong. the last month has seen a passel of emails arrive askin’ why my pretty hand-painted eggs were no place to be purchased. it’s far too late for me to start painting now so after a bit of ponderin’ i came up with a solution to the problem…i prepared lots o’ pretty egg doo dads for you to download and prepare the eggs yourself.

i’m not a pro at instruction givin’ but the process is a piece o’ cake so you’ll have no problem getting a pile of pretty eggs produced just in time to pitch into the waiting baskets.

there are plenty of ways to permanently paste the art onto the eggs but i’m providing the two easiest ways:

  • print the downloaded art on temporary tatoo printing paper. you can head over to amazon and have ‘em ship it to you lickety-split or get in the car and head to your neighborhood office supply. stop at the grocery store to get a couple dozen eggs. then follow the instructions that come with the temporary printable tattoos.
  • print the downloaded art on regular printer paper in your color inkjet or color laser printer. i prefer to use laser printed art but either will do fine. using a wide paint brush, paint the front and back of the printed sheets with any glue type medium that dries clear (elmers, modge podge, PVA, etc.). once dry, use the smallest scissors you have to cut out the art you want to use. swirl your pointer finger around in the glue medium and then rub onto the back of the cut out art. then with a bit more medium on your pointer, smash the art onto the egg and continue to rub your finger across it until it’s all nice and smooth. that’s just about it! if you’re a really confident egg-er, once your art is dry you can paint a coat of your medium all over your decorated eggs but it’s not necessary.

i included a few personalized eggs in the photo above. it’s really easy to do with a sharpie…they now come in just about every color you could desire. if you are nervous about wreckin’ your finished decorated egg, practice your egg writing on a neeked egg first or lightly sketch the name in pencil before usin’ the sharpie.

i included some black ’n white art for those of you that night not have a color printer. be sure to keep your empty egg carton handy. don’t shove the eggs in the way they came - lay them on the prongs horizontally while drying one side or other.

that’s it! now you can prepare pretty eggs you are proud of and that will be precious to your pals for years to come. as i said, i am not the best instructor so if you need some help don’t hesitate to contact me at mojackson at mac dot com. if you post your finished eggs online send me a link so i can admire them - or just send me some shots and i’ll show them off myself!

okay - back to split my time between the dirt and the computer screen. i’m hopeful to have both chores finished before the easter bunny arrives. i’ll be back shortly so please stop by again soon and often. i’ve really missed you.

you can download the egg doo dads HERE.


paper petals to the rescue

on a recent outting mini's daddy purchased a petite hydrangea plant for me to plop in a pretty pot and put in the entry hall. he knows i like to have flowers indoors everywhere this time o' year but those i've planted previously aren't particularly prepared for picking' just yet. once the bountiful blue blossoms were in position they looked just plain wrong all alone. so i headed outside to grab some white petunias that were patiently waiting to be planted. i jammed them in the black vessel and the result was better but not best. what was needed were roses. lots o' roses. in lots o' colors.

i've never had to arrange roses in my residence that were raised elsewhere but since none o' my own have yet risen up to rescue the hydrangeas i had no choice but to make some from scratch. thankfully pretending' to be mother nature by makin' faux flowers is no problem as i have years o' experience - another talent my cousin jo takes credit for bringing' into our bag o' tricks..

actually, our first foray into fashioning faux flowers was brought about by my cousin jo's jealousy - jealousy of sassy sissy babineaux who was in our sunday school class. see - suddenly sassy sissy started showin' up sunday mornings with sprays o' flowers shooting' outta' the shiny blonde curls that sprung from the perfectly pretty face that sat above her crisply ironed sunday school dress. her floral headed appearance forced compliments right outta every mouth - even the mean old women and creepy boys and this was all just too much for jo. she had always been the dictator o' all style and of course mean old women and creepy boys were HER challenges to charm and she wasn't about to lose her sunday mornings to some blossomed blonde who was lucky enough to have a dad with a part-time job deliverin' flowers on saturdays and a mom with an obvious addiction to her ironing board.

jo decided we too had to have flowers in our hair the followin' sunday but they had to be bigger 'n better than anything sissy's daddy buddy babineaux could rescue from the trash bin and bring back from the blossom barn. after sunday school we pondered the problem o' not posessin' any petals while sweltering' on the plastic covered backseat of aunt laura's station wagon. the only person we knew with an appreciation for flowers that didn't have to be dusted was our grandmother but we had been banned from her blossomin' backyard ever since we left her bushes barren when we sold all her roses door to door to raise money to buy new barbies after jo's brother bubba shot holes in ours with his BB gun. we made so much money we were able to get two new barbies , GI joe boyfriends for each and give the BB filled barbies a proper burial.

anyway - aunt laura unknowingly provided us with our situation's solution when she pulled off her pink peony plied pillbox and pitched it backwards where it landed in jo's sweaty lap. by the time she pulled up to her porch 'n parked we had enough plucked pillbox petals in our pockets to provide us with a pattern so we headed for the pantry to pilfer paper for our project. we weren't sure what we'd prefer so we pulled out waxed, butcher, freezer and even folded grocery bags. before heading' home we pinched a pile from the already-read newspaper basket.

after just a bit o' practice with our pattern and plethora o' papers we felt like petal producin' pros. we worked all week on the little table outside jo's turquoise trailer, tearing', tintin' , twisting' 'n turning' tiny pieces o' paper until we had two towerin' floral tiaras. finally finished we left our crowning creations outside so the globs o' glue could dry and headed for bed.

unfortunately during' the night it rained and our paper petaled towers had melted into pathetic piles o' pulp. jo was devastated that after all our work we'd have to arrive at sunday school flowerless. though i didn't tell her, i was thankful. thankful 'cause i thought we had gotten a bit carried away and coulda' stopped pasting' petals days ago but in pursuing our project 'til saturday, our helmets o' fake flowers were more madi gras than worship worthy.

in the end it didn't matter that we were bareheaded that sunday 'cause much to jo's delight, sassy sissy babineaux didn't appear. sally, our sunday school teacher, said her daddy had been transferred to texarkana and the family packed up their trailer and traveled there with him. this meant jo was top dog again.

we didn't get to show off our crazy creations at sunday school as we planned but i've always been grateful that jo's jealousy added flower makin' to our resume and with the passin' o' time we've mastered the art in just about anything that can be forced into the shape of a pretty petal.

for my current floral dilemma i decided to use mostly crepe paper 'cause it is easiest, quickest and would survive if it got in the way when the hydrangeas and petunias were watered. after a just a coupla' hours this is what i ended up with...
now, i'm sure you're thinking' it's not proper floral etiquette to mix fresh 'n faux flowers in the same vessel. i'm sure you don't see many other people doin' it but i 'm guilty of it all the time since there's always one spot or another that needs a lil something' extra.

if you like to have fresh flowers inhabit the inside of your house you might try makin' up a few emergency flowers too. there are oodles o' tutorials with just a bit o' web travel and i'm sure you already possess a glue gun and some sort of paper that would be perfect for your petals. if not you can set yourself up with enough crepe paper to make a flurry o' flowers without spending much at all. if you can't find some in your neighborhood, one of these internet locales - HERE or HERE - will deliver mighty fine crepe paper to your door.

don't be worried about failin' when fashioning your faux flowers. it's almost impossible. and even if you do end up with a few that you don't like, it's just a bit o' paper and a tiny bit of time - so pitch those aside and start again.


lucky charms for you

a batch o' delightful digital lucky charm doo dads is waiting for you to download HERE. 
i'm hopin' they'll bring you good luck all year 'round. if they don't work in that way maybe one of 'em will be just the digital doo dad you need some time down the line. or you could do like jo did when i refused to let her borrow the actual charms - she made some o' those lil' shrinky dinks outta the art. and mini 'erased' the rings and printed 'em all out as stickers. whatever you decide to do with this download of about a dozen doo dads i do so hope you'll be delighted.



thanksgiving aftermath

since mini and her best friend from college did all the cooking for thanksgiving this time 'round, i thought i'd have time to shoot some shots o' diners who share my DNA all dressed up 'n sitting around my beautifully set table delightfully devouring mini's perfectly prepared offerings while enjoin' my excellent hostessin' skills. i would then share my inspirin' snaps with you just like those who blog beautiful do on a daily basis. as you can see, things didn't work out the way i hoped.

our gathering to give thanks was bumpy from the beginnin' group arrived waaay too early, another waaay too late and someone got called away to tend a slight emergency. when everyone was finally seated and appeared to be sufficiently thankful i decided i could begin to properly document the day. i picked up my camera and focused on the head o' the table where my aunt of eighty-eight was seated. i commanded her to 'smile' but instead o' doin so, her eyes rolled back in their hallow sockets and her boney hands went into fierce fists that flew up in the air as she slid down lower 'n lower until she completely vanished under the table. there she joined her granddaughter who had disappeared under the tablecloth upon arrival and refused to reappear unless she was given permission to sleep over.

my aunt's two sons immediately went under and began arguin' over what to do while the four year old screamed for them to all get outta' her 'club house'. our dining room table is very long and the guests toward the other end seemed unaware o' the chaos down below 'cause they just kept on eatin' 'n chattin'. thankfully mini's daddy had eyed the commotion between bites o' mini's tantalizing turkey and managed to dial 911 without ever havin' to put his fork down. within minutes a dashing and well equipped duo darted through the dining room door and ducked into the darkness to rescue my aunt from her sons and grandchild. the duo declared her far from death's door and drove her away with her immediate family - minus the granddaughter - closely following. assuming being left behind meant she had finally gotten her way, our youngest guest climbed into her grandmother's vacant chair at the head o' the table.

when the only guest remaining was the one who refused to leave i decided to peek into the kitchen to see the damage done by mini's day o' cookin'. my mini has always been a messy chef so i didn't expect to blinded by sparkling' clean countertops but what i found was beyond what i could have ever imagined. i do believe this thanksgiving meal preparation puts her at a whole new level - a level few could (or would want to ) compete with. i've always told her that whatever she decided to do, she needed to attempt to do better than anybody else. i'm not sure if you can tell from these photos but i can't imagine ANYBODY doin' this mess better. havin' failed to get beautiful pictures o' our thanksgiving celebration i shot the the aftermath so i'd have somethin'. not quite the pretty pictures i had in mind and certainly not inspirin'…but DEFINITELY entertaining'.

those who blog beautiful would surely shun such a showing. maybe i'll have better luck with the next holiday - maybe not. either way i'll keep trying.

my aunt is fine now. seems she hadn't eaten all day in anticipation of mini's cooking' and fainted. i'll get a good shot o' her at the head of the table next thanksgiving.

i hope your holidays are comin' along exactly like you wanted them to .





there are two rules i've asked mini's daddy to agree to when he's out n' about and the urge to take ownership o' somethin' or other takes over. the first is that he not buy somethin' that we should decide on together (snapping potential purchases with his iPhone has made that one easier to follow) and not to bring home a dog. he's never done either until now.

i know i must've written here at sometime or another over the eight past years about mini's daddy's need to hear a cash register ring at least twice before noon to feel all is well in his world. if i haven't divulged that info i'm sure i've at least mentioned how he seldom returns from even the shortest outing without some sort o' new acquisition. his 'gifts' to me, mini, jo and/or anyone else who happens to be residin' within our home are completely unpredictable. they can be really small and greatly appreciated - like a hershey bar - or really big and hugely bizarre - like the time he n' jo went to pick mini up at school in the pick-up and shortly after delivered her home in a brand new bright red prius (with jo following closely behind in the truck).

seldom are the doo dads my dear husband decides to drag through the door n' drop into our domicile disparaged. most o' the time he exhibits excellent taste. off the top o' my head i can only draft a list o' less than a dozen duds that made me dread his disposition for obtainin' what he deems desirable. and while i still hate the lamp he bought mini at a street fair made outta those plastic 'bright lights' and can't count the times i've pitched out those life sized fish mounted to wood that without warning start moving 'n beltin' out show tunes only to discover them back in position to serenade, i've come to feel the man's penchant for procuring is more of a benefit than a disadvantage. after all, he does happily welcome requests before he departs the house and with even the longest o' lists returns back with everything we actually need.

anyway...about the rule breakin'...he recently went to visit his best friend t.o. and i expected him to return with a bag full o' beautiful wool fabric since that's what a trip in that direction usually brings. instead he walked through the door carrying a wooly weary white dog. before i could demand he take her back where she came from he told me her sad saga.

her name is bella and she's eight years old. she lived all her life with a couple and their daughter but when the parents divorced recently she became homeless 'cause not a one of them wanted the responsibility o' carin' for her. so she was given to a woman who rescued dogs. when the woman had to leave town for a few days she asked t.o. to take care of her. he fell instantly in love with the homeless bella but knew he couldn't keep her 'cause he's single 'n travels constantly. it seems the dog gods were looking down on this homeless canine for the first time in a while 'cause right about the time she was supposed to leave mini's daddy arrived and not only does he have a weakness for shoppin' but also for any child or animal that might not be receiving' what they deserve. knowin' his wonderful wife - me - could care less for shopping' but was of like mind when it came to helping those who couldn't help themselves, he adopted bella into our family on the spot.

our new dog bella has a sweet face that always appears to be asking' if everything is okay and a clumsy sort of way that makes her oh so lovable. and unlike any other member o' my family (this includes men, daughters and cousins as well as canines), she is perfectly trained. the only problem so far is that she is completely devoted to her rescuer. any time he has to leave the house without her she sits by whatever door he departs from and cries until he returns. if we are able to pry her away she continues to stare in the direction from which he disappeared and quietly sobs until he returns. when he does reappear, she rejoices in leaps and loud yelps and refuses to leave his side. this behavior would be annoying if we didn't understand that she's scared to death o' bein' abandoned again.

i don't know the people who gave bella up after eight years so maybe there was a reasonable excuse for abandonin' a family member without any inquiries afterward. i often ponder how they could give her up and not need to know she is okay. disappearin' from her life did some serious damage to the poor lil' thing. until we can make her feel secure in her new home, mini's daddy can't indulge as often in his shoppin' habit since not every establishment allows dogs to accompany the spender. that's okay for now but i'm hopin' by christmas we succeed in makin' bella feel at home so he can get back to professional procurement status.

if you'd think you can use the art surroundin' the shot of my terrific trio you can download it HERE.