art for your neeked eggs

i didn’t mean to neglect my bloggin’ for so very long but somehow i got whipped up into a DIY whirlwind that just about did me in. i’ll have to write about that next. but this time i am here to provide some pretty egg decoratin’ doo dads for you to download.

i believe strongly that the easter bunny shouldn’t deliver neeked eggs into anyone’s basket and have tried to help out by paintin’ eggs every year since i could hold a paint brush in my left hand. my cousin jo did an egg-estimate not long ago and figures i’ve painted over five thousand eggs in my lifetime. this year i’ve been so busy trying to get the doo dad shop back up ’n runnin’ while also attemptin’ to get my flower garden planted that i decided i needed a pause in preparin’ pretty eggs for packs of people... i figured it’d be okay ‘cause nobody would miss one single egg from their collection.

but i was wrong. the last month has seen a passel of emails arrive askin’ why my pretty hand-painted eggs were no place to be purchased. it’s far too late for me to start painting now so after a bit of ponderin’ i came up with a solution to the problem…i prepared lots o’ pretty egg doo dads for you to download and prepare the eggs yourself.

i’m not a pro at instruction givin’ but the process is a piece o’ cake so you’ll have no problem getting a pile of pretty eggs produced just in time to pitch into the waiting baskets.

there are plenty of ways to permanently paste the art onto the eggs but i’m providing the two easiest ways:

  • print the downloaded art on temporary tatoo printing paper. you can head over to amazon and have ‘em ship it to you lickety-split or get in the car and head to your neighborhood office supply. stop at the grocery store to get a couple dozen eggs. then follow the instructions that come with the temporary printable tattoos.
  • print the downloaded art on regular printer paper in your color inkjet or color laser printer. i prefer to use laser printed art but either will do fine. using a wide paint brush, paint the front and back of the printed sheets with any glue type medium that dries clear (elmers, modge podge, PVA, etc.). once dry, use the smallest scissors you have to cut out the art you want to use. swirl your pointer finger around in the glue medium and then rub onto the back of the cut out art. then with a bit more medium on your pointer, smash the art onto the egg and continue to rub your finger across it until it’s all nice and smooth. that’s just about it! if you’re a really confident egg-er, once your art is dry you can paint a coat of your medium all over your decorated eggs but it’s not necessary.

i included a few personalized eggs in the photo above. it’s really easy to do with a sharpie…they now come in just about every color you could desire. if you are nervous about wreckin’ your finished decorated egg, practice your egg writing on a neeked egg first or lightly sketch the name in pencil before usin’ the sharpie.

i included some black ’n white art for those of you that night not have a color printer. be sure to keep your empty egg carton handy. don’t shove the eggs in the way they came - lay them on the prongs horizontally while drying one side or other.

that’s it! now you can prepare pretty eggs you are proud of and that will be precious to your pals for years to come. as i said, i am not the best instructor so if you need some help don’t hesitate to contact me at mojackson at mac dot com. if you post your finished eggs online send me a link so i can admire them - or just send me some shots and i’ll show them off myself!

okay - back to split my time between the dirt and the computer screen. i’m hopeful to have both chores finished before the easter bunny arrives. i’ll be back shortly so please stop by again soon and often. i’ve really missed you.

you can download the egg doo dads HERE.


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

So wonderful to see you and it's a sure and welcome sign of spring when your eggs appear! They are beautiful, thank you! Hoping Mace and I can whip up some Mo-ified eggs this weekend! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh Mo... this is wonderful to hear that you are sprucing and will reopen the shop and site soon... if you would open the Mo-llies gallery again so we could be together in Moland that would be simply delightful.. I miss those days!! Thank you so much for the easter egg dress up... I have missed seeing your lovely doo dads ad you on line.. Happy Easter my dear Mo!! XO Christa

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about (and missing) you this past week as I was putting your precious Mo egg-in-a-basket for Easter viewing. Have a lovely Easter and plant some sweet smelling lavender for me while your digging in the dirt...xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

WEll .. i had a fun comment... but then i couldnt figure out who i was with the options below and lost it. so I will just be anonymous and try to remember what i said..

I know I said I sure missed you and loved hearing from you again ... and cant wait to play with the new upcoming doo dads... and thank you for the easter freebie ...

and have a most wonderful Easter my friend .