late surfacin' genes

lil firecracker
as i have said before, i never cared much one way or the other for pets...and all my life i had a strong aversion to animals dressed up in people clothes. they made me run screamin. the disney characters gave me the willies and the care bears scared me to death! the more the creatures tried to act like humans the worse my reaction would be...i guess the same way you would react if i came runnin up to you on my hands and knees, neeked as a jay-bird, and barked at you....or coughed up a fur ball and then curled up in a lil ball. therefore it is hard to imagine i turned into someone who not only HAS an animal attached to me at all times but that i talk baby talk to her and keep her dressed-up most o the time.

i am hopeful not too many o you are also sickened by lil creatures in human clothes cause i'd like to be able to share shots from tink's modelin' portfolio from time to time. maybe i could send you a warnin first before you stop by - sort a like tracy does for me if she does anything with a picture of a bird in it. i have also always been creeped out by birds - and not cause o the impendin bird flu's cause my mom used to let her parakeets fly around the house and sometimes one would scare me by poppin it's head outta her pocket. i lived in fear of accidently squishin one or bein dive bombed when i least expected it.

i don't wanna give you the impression my mom was some looney bird lady - she was actually much loved and respected in the lil town she lived in for the last 40 or so years of her life. but there were times i didn't love and respect either of my parent's devotion to their the time i brought the college boyfriend du jour home for the day. his name was randy read and his goal in life was to be the governor of the state o texas...therefore he was always aware of keepin up appearances and minglin with the right sort o people. when we arrived after the three hour drive, my dear mother answered the door with one o her winged pets ridin around on the top o her head. it didn't help matters that at the very same time my dad drove up in his pick-up - car seat strapped firmly in the passenger side and filled to the brim with his homely but dearly loved dog. things only got worse as far as any hope for a longtime relationship with the future governor when after lunch we were all eatin popsicles (it was a special occasion after all) and my dad shared his with his dog - every once in a while, just sort of shoved it in the canine's direction so she could have a few licks - as my mom did the same with the parakeet, which had moved to her shoulder. it was never mentioned but i saw the fear in the visitor's eyes. i always wished i would have taken him by jo's parent's abode on wheels on the way back to school and watched his reaction to their goat sittin on the couch watchin the soaps with my aunt.

i guess those pet lovin genes run deep and in my case just took a while to surface. attached here is a photo of tinkerbelle in the fourth o july get-up i stitched together for her. it was cousin jo who suggested i do up some doggie delights with the doo dads i was done with. i haven't quite got the lil details worked out yet - i am still tryin to deal with droopy dips in my design...but tink doesn't seem to be bothered by havin numerous fittins' while i try to get it right. much credit to my adventures in doggie couture go to my friend missy peggy...she sent tink the prettiest pink dress recently which inspired me greatly. now tink is the best dressed dog in the neighborhood and durin our walks together, she even has had people pull their cars over to tell her how impressed they are with her attire. someone even sent her a pair o black mary janes! but that's pretty silly - animals aren't supposed to wear shoes!

i do so hope you all had a happy fourth and your summer is goin well. jo and i are now both back in town so please stop by cause we should be tendin to our bloggin duties on a more regular basis! xoxoxoxoxoxo


Jan said...

not offended in the least by tink's modeling career -- bring it on! :-) as for the shoes, well, since you've never lived in one of the colder climes (that I can ascertain, at least), I will say that some canines (especially the smaller ones) do benefit from the small snow boots that go with their winter coats. seems that some of them have sensitive paws, as well as being extra sensitive to the very cold weather. (and in fact, I've even heard of some larger dogs with tender paw pads, depending on their life experiences). can't count my boys in this group, though I do occasionally force them to put on a raincoat in a downpour, just so I don't have to put them in the kennel while waiting for them to dry off (since they think they're people, and can't understand why even a wet dog wouldn't be allowed to sit on the best couch, chair or bed pillow in the house...). if they'd wear rainboots, I'd try 'em, but I think they'd rip 'em off their paws before I could get all 4 on. They are kind enough to allow twice yearly photos in Santa hats and Bunny ears, and their first Halloween we did costumes that we may do again some year. One of my dearly departed dogs used to love the attention she'd receive from my yearly party guests at my Christmas open house while she wore her reindeer antlers (first put on her as a joke, but they were so cute we left them on). She would sit at the door for the five hours that guests came and went, and wag her tail in greeting, and soak up the attention she got for wearing the antlers. and after the last guest left, she promptly put her paw up and knocked the antlers off! (I watched her do this more than one year, so it wasn't a coincidence!)

Yes, Jay Leno may make fun of animals in clothes or costumes, but I do think there's a place for it, as long as the animal seems to be enjoying it! :-)

Robin said...

there really is no need for me to comment here as all who know zippy knows she is dressed to the nines on all days but sundays. sundays are days of rest as some of you may know so on that day she runs around in her jammies with her curlers fallin' out. she is very excited on sundays because that's the day her daddy makes her special sunday pancakes with beef jerky syrup on top. anyone who is against dogs in clothes are most assuredly against people who treat their pets as children and refer to themselves and mumzie or pops. but i am of the mind that dogs have more on the ball than do many humans as far as how get along in this crazy world of ours. i treat my pets with the greatest respect and spendin' hundreds of dollars on clothes the least i can do to show my appreciation.....that said i salute miss tink as does miss zip for wearin' her red, white and blue togs showin support for our flag.... and love for her mo.

Tracy said...

I knew that the budgies got to share the Popsicles, but I didn't know it was when your date was at the table too! I think your Mama just knew that your REAL Prince Charmin' was not the aspirin' governor, and was only speeding up Randy's departure from your date list. ;)

Now, Miss Tink looks perfectly patriotic in her red, white fluff, and blue. I am happy too that you are having to work at the perfect fit, for if it was an instant success you may have been tempted to leave the world of Doo Dad design for Doggie Couture Design, and that would have been a tragedy that I cannot fathom dealing with very well.

Keep those shots of Tink coming -- I think that little dogs were bred specifically for dressin' up and lovin'. Well, they were all made for lovin', but those little ones look particularly precious in their custom togs. So far Max is specializing in headgear and bibs.

I think that Robin is right in that dogs seem to know how to get along better than we do in this world. Maybe we should all wear goofy hats more often.

Tracy said...

P.S. The 'goat on the couch watching soaps with your aunt' made me laugh out loud!


Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Well, I must admit that I am quite the lover of doggie couture. Probably more so than most. lol Miss Robin can verify that one as I had to send her a link to purchase Zippy a tiara. Missy Mo told you about the dress I sent Miss Tink but she didn't tell you that I also sent the matching pearl and bow necklace/collar. lol What kind of girl gets all gussied up without her pearls? I just knew Miss Tink was the sophisticated couture wearing type and I thought she would love a new frock to wear to mommie's birthday shindig. I am looking forward to more of her portfolio photos. I might get a few ideas on how to gussy up my own wardrobe a bit.