lucky charms for you

a batch o' delightful digital lucky charm doo dads is waiting for you to download HERE. 
i'm hopin' they'll bring you good luck all year 'round. if they don't work in that way maybe one of 'em will be just the digital doo dad you need some time down the line. or you could do like jo did when i refused to let her borrow the actual charms - she made some o' those lil' shrinky dinks outta the art. and mini 'erased' the rings and printed 'em all out as stickers. whatever you decide to do with this download of about a dozen doo dads i do so hope you'll be delighted.



Anonymous said...

Mo I Absolutely adore those St. Patrick's day charms! Thank you so very much. I really love the "touch wood" charm... so precious as I am always knocking on my head :) Hope your day is lucky and thank you for thinking of us!! XO- Christa

Anonymous said...

thanks Mo!!!!!!! I can use all the luck I can get. ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Mo! I love your charmin' charms!

Kathy said...

Bee-u-tiful as always Mo. Thanks a million and happy after St. Paddy's Day! - Kathy

clc said...

As always, your doo dads are awesome! Thank you!


lisar said...

thanks so much for the lucky charms! they are magically delicious! (as usual) lisa

Cristin H. said...

Thank you! They are beautiful. :)