there are two rules i've asked mini's daddy to agree to when he's out n' about and the urge to take ownership o' somethin' or other takes over. the first is that he not buy somethin' that we should decide on together (snapping potential purchases with his iPhone has made that one easier to follow) and not to bring home a dog. he's never done either until now.

i know i must've written here at sometime or another over the eight past years about mini's daddy's need to hear a cash register ring at least twice before noon to feel all is well in his world. if i haven't divulged that info i'm sure i've at least mentioned how he seldom returns from even the shortest outing without some sort o' new acquisition. his 'gifts' to me, mini, jo and/or anyone else who happens to be residin' within our home are completely unpredictable. they can be really small and greatly appreciated - like a hershey bar - or really big and hugely bizarre - like the time he n' jo went to pick mini up at school in the pick-up and shortly after delivered her home in a brand new bright red prius (with jo following closely behind in the truck).

seldom are the doo dads my dear husband decides to drag through the door n' drop into our domicile disparaged. most o' the time he exhibits excellent taste. off the top o' my head i can only draft a list o' less than a dozen duds that made me dread his disposition for obtainin' what he deems desirable. and while i still hate the lamp he bought mini at a street fair made outta those plastic 'bright lights' and can't count the times i've pitched out those life sized fish mounted to wood that without warning start moving 'n beltin' out show tunes only to discover them back in position to serenade, i've come to feel the man's penchant for procuring is more of a benefit than a disadvantage. after all, he does happily welcome requests before he departs the house and with even the longest o' lists returns back with everything we actually need.

anyway...about the rule breakin'...he recently went to visit his best friend t.o. and i expected him to return with a bag full o' beautiful wool fabric since that's what a trip in that direction usually brings. instead he walked through the door carrying a wooly weary white dog. before i could demand he take her back where she came from he told me her sad saga.

her name is bella and she's eight years old. she lived all her life with a couple and their daughter but when the parents divorced recently she became homeless 'cause not a one of them wanted the responsibility o' carin' for her. so she was given to a woman who rescued dogs. when the woman had to leave town for a few days she asked t.o. to take care of her. he fell instantly in love with the homeless bella but knew he couldn't keep her 'cause he's single 'n travels constantly. it seems the dog gods were looking down on this homeless canine for the first time in a while 'cause right about the time she was supposed to leave mini's daddy arrived and not only does he have a weakness for shoppin' but also for any child or animal that might not be receiving' what they deserve. knowin' his wonderful wife - me - could care less for shopping' but was of like mind when it came to helping those who couldn't help themselves, he adopted bella into our family on the spot.

our new dog bella has a sweet face that always appears to be asking' if everything is okay and a clumsy sort of way that makes her oh so lovable. and unlike any other member o' my family (this includes men, daughters and cousins as well as canines), she is perfectly trained. the only problem so far is that she is completely devoted to her rescuer. any time he has to leave the house without her she sits by whatever door he departs from and cries until he returns. if we are able to pry her away she continues to stare in the direction from which he disappeared and quietly sobs until he returns. when he does reappear, she rejoices in leaps and loud yelps and refuses to leave his side. this behavior would be annoying if we didn't understand that she's scared to death o' bein' abandoned again.

i don't know the people who gave bella up after eight years so maybe there was a reasonable excuse for abandonin' a family member without any inquiries afterward. i often ponder how they could give her up and not need to know she is okay. disappearin' from her life did some serious damage to the poor lil' thing. until we can make her feel secure in her new home, mini's daddy can't indulge as often in his shoppin' habit since not every establishment allows dogs to accompany the spender. that's okay for now but i'm hopin' by christmas we succeed in makin' bella feel at home so he can get back to professional procurement status.

if you'd think you can use the art surroundin' the shot of my terrific trio you can download it HERE.


lisar said...

oh dear Mayor Mo ... that story just breaks my heart ... well, the first part, anyway! the second part is just oh so upliftin! i'm so happy the little dear fluff has found a forever home with a kind lovin family. i will never understand how a member o the family can just be abandoned, no matter what the circumstance. she looks like she fits in just beautifully! xoxoxo lisar

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Miss Bella hit the jackpot the day she was rescued by the professional shopper/rescuer. I hope she soon 'gets it' that she won't be abandoned again, poor little thing. Bless the shopper. Except on the fish and light thing. xo

clc said...

Bella is so lucky to have found her way into your family!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mo,
So glad that Bella has found a rightful new owner and loving home. Thanks for the darling doo-dad frame as well!


Anonymous said...

As a fellow bring home every stray animal I come across, I can sympathize with you. When we rescued Miley, he clung to me and cried at the door and then followed me all over the house right at my heels. It took him a while to feel secure and now he is the most spoiled animal you can imagine. I am so glad dear hubby find Bella and rescued her. She has a wonderful home now and the other babies don't seem to mind her blending right in. ;) xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Mo- I am so glad you rescued Bella.. she looks like she belongs there with Tink and Coco!! all three snug as a bug. So sad the beginning of the story but glad of the wonderful happy ending that the angels sent mini's daddy when they did!! Big hugs and have a Merry Christmas!! Miss ya Mo!