windin' down the brouhaha


this brouhaha about the duplicatin' doo dads has become so big it has taken on a life of it's own. and wouldn't you know, my efforts to answer all the emails givin' marchin' orders to head for my mailbox via this here blog, is now somehow being made to appear as the beginnings of it all rather than just a result of something i had absolutely nothing to do with startin'. if you'll remember, i was taking a nice snooze in that coffin-like medical park ride when the events at hand started their roll toward brouhaha.

i don't even belong to one - not ONE- of those email-a-thon ad groups that send and receive advanced warning of all the doo dads that will be coming to a screen near you and therefore would never have even known there were duplicated doo dads among them. but now, because i needed to explain and thank all those who felt they were - completely without any request on my part - standin' up for me by saying it was wrong to be a copy cat and that the copy catting had gone on too long and now gone too far, i'm in the dog house as having 'taken it public' if no one was seeing it before and i made them look at it. but it is the public who was invited constantly to see the copycat designs and therefore it has always been public.

as far as being honorable and keeping what should be private private, i have certainly done that. i have not discussed all the private areas of the brouhaha - all that went before the over the top copy cat art being delivered to all those publics BY the copycatter herself or the 'privates' that have sucked actual entire days from my life since then. to do otherwise, at the current time, would be wrong.

and i do know right from wrong - yes i do. and i think it would be wrong if i had not addressed and thanked all the customers who saw a wrong being done and decided to take it upon themselves to do some standin' up.

in this new sport of digital doo dads, where you hand your precious art off to someone else to handle with care and generate a few bucks from, you don't know who your customers are unless they contact you. and when that has happened for me, i have done everything possible to nurture those relationships. in the beginning it was because it made good business sense. but over the past year these people who started out as faceless customers have come to be some of the most special people i have ever met. i have to say - i am now a true believer of all those people who say they fell in love on the internet. i used to think they had to be nutty but if you can make lifelong friends via a keyboard, well i guess love is possible too.

anyway - i know you are as sick of all this as i am...but i just want to say... there is no way i could ignore the over hunderd people that took it upon themselves to contact me to offer support if i needed it and if in the end, this little ol' blog here ends up carrying the brunt of the blame, well, that's just the way it has to be 'cause there aren't many times in a person's life that people will put everything aside to do some standin up for you without you asking them to. and when that happens, it's gotta be a thank you thing.

i think in the end it reminds me how important it is to just admit when something has fallen through the cracks or maybe when you have been just plain wrong - you know - instead of trying to do so much spinnin' that the whole thing gets all convoluted and oh so confusing. or maybe like say - oh yeah - we knew - we are just so new at this we didn't know it was such a big deal...but we sure do now and buddy - we'll make sure we don't make THAT mistake again and we sure do have to carry some of the blame for that poor copycatter as she had no reason to think it wasn't okay - you know after allowing it to go on for sooooo long now - and we plan to stand by her all the way just as we do all the artists who trust us to act in their best interest and then maybe they would add and we hope mo forgives us too and we will do everything possible to make sure she doesn't become homeless with all her orphaned doo dads and has to move her doo dads to a new home and by the way, we want to thank each and every one of our customers who have cared so much about this business that we are in to take all the time they have taken to make sure it is run the way it should be and hope they will help us continue to be better at it by keeping us on our toes so be sure to let us hear from you and we are sorry we took so long to realize this is all we needed to say thank you very much and come buy some doo dads soon.

that's what i sure have been hoping i would hear was coming forth and what i hope i can do if ALL my doo dads are forced to become homeless and have to pack up and move and i end up peddling those homeless doo dads all alone - from some mo-tel (my friend tracy originated the mo-tel so i need to give her credit here). i'm sure if that's what comes of this i will one day make someone upset and if i do i sure hope that's what i will say. in fact, i promise if all the above is forced upon me and my doo dads, i will make sure i do exactly that.

so unless some great scandal happens i think we'll just move away from the doo dad duplicatin for now as we are all pretty darn sick and tired of it. but before i go and get ready for cousin jo to think she is surprising me by pulling up in that big metal mess of hers, i wanted to tell you that since i missed the last two deadlines to deliver doo dads for download, my dear friend amy somehow miraculously was able to turn the moland orphanage for homeless doo dads into a place where you can go download my latest art - i decided i'd just give it to all of you for puttin' up with this big ol' mess for way too head on over to and take some orphans home along with the new part five ashley from my flea market finds. amy put it all together beautifully BUT so quickly that there are still some little kinks to work out so if you run into one, just email me directly and i'll work it out for you.

thanks again for indulgin' me in all the digital drama of late and i will do my best to keep you from havin' to hear any more about's that sound? holy moly....i think i hear some loud machine making it's way up the drive....please let it NOT be cousin jo YET...i haven't even gotten around to tellin' mini mo's dad she would be comin by for an extended visit....gotta go now....until next time....