a wound with a view...

i sure do appreciate all of you who wrote to find out when i would pop back up here at the blog. i was barely able to design doo dads to deliver via download due to dilapidated discs damaged during daring deeds a decade or so ago, back when i dated dashing dare devils. damn those damaged discs! but determined doo dad designer that i am, i delivered a decent duo by the deadline! this was only achieved by laying my head down directly on the desk while i worked.

i was sure glad to see so many of you using the doo dads designed during my down days in your daily posts - made it all worth this one side of my face that is still dented. it was my plan to make lots of comments of great appreciation last night but depressed from days of digitizing face down on the desk, i dove into the drugs the doctor designated. they had such a dazzling effect i decided to go outside with my new bright orange fiskar clippers and tree trimmer. i worked diligently during the remaining daylight hours, demolishing dense digitalis and deciduous growth. returning to my doo dad den, i laid on the floor and haven't moved since. but please know how delighted i am each and every time one of my doo dads dances upon the screen and i thank you so very much for letting me help you to dress up your pages.

today i am doing everything laying on the floor with a 12 inch laptop perched on my double D chest but fear i may have to devise some sort of device to dangle it a bit higher as after a while the heat it discharges is quite disagreeable. the oh so talented and kind hearted 'macysmom' made a desirable suggestion - one of those massage tables with a hole drilled out for your face to poke through and a computer below. this might just do the trick. i must deny myself any more trips to the drug cabinet - just one more dose could lead to my downfall and make me doo dad deficient forever.

i guess the box assignment didn't inspire you enough....did you find it too difficult? i was certain by now i'd be deluged with photos to download! oh well...if you'll come back just a little later today, i will pass on another of my favorite ideas - one that is sure to become an instant family heirloom and will make you envied by all who know you. just come on back - you'll see......oh - hope you don't mind that i attached some of my daily inspiration (and results of my hard duty)...i hate a blog with no view!