pinched cakes give hangovers

Pinch, originally uploaded by mo jackson.

i have arrived at my screen to see there will shortly be an AMBER alert put out for myself if i don't advise of my whereabouts lickety split. my emails are all pushin' the doo dads out of their homes fightin' to find a comfy spot as they are arrivin' at lightnin' speed. the lil' counter is now up to 507 - oops - make that 510 and i fear if i don't get some of them opened, answered and give the rest some breathin' room, there could be dire doom destined for some of the more elderly ones. so to buy us all - doomed dated emails and me - mo - a dab of time - i thought i would drop by the blog to say i am inDEED still alive and well but have been dozin' for over a dozen hours . it seems those doo dad dramas demand some serious down time to do some dreamin' before desirin' to once again don my doo dad dress and daily do what i do!

yesterday, after i saw that the popular pea-dom had placed plum outta sight the peppery parcels the pea-ers put out onto their place of pea-ing earlier in the week , i spent a bit of time ponderin' the words dictated to this designer that discussing doo dad dupicatin' is deemed undesirable by those who gather the dollars delivered to do downloads and it appears that the person deemed responsible for the whole drama would be me -mo. therefore -please allow this designer to digress as to apologize deeply and get it over goes:

i, mo, a doo dad designer of downloads to be delivered via download by designated doo dad dolers after they gather the dollars for all the designers designs, genuinely apologize for for not keeping the doins' in the dark.

well - i dare say that should do it! now i know what i didn't know before, back that day when i was rolled smack dab up into that big metal coffin-like contraption, just dreamin' of all the doo dads i wanted to deliver...that just one lil' ol' designer expressin' her desire for the designated doo dad dolers to make repeated doo dad duplicatin die down, here on my very own blog, designed to dispense information i desire to my friends and doo dad collectors, can create quite a drama. after many attempts to keep from digressin' and draggin' it back and doin' poorly at succeedin', i think that's it...i'm done.

so like i was saying about letting my friends know i am not dead, after much ponderin' yesterday, i sat down on the shabby couch in the doo dad den and ate a cake. yessseribob - a whole cake. seems our cute lil' hyper active neighbor girl gigi dropped off a cake her mom baked to show appreciation for us treatin' gigi like we owned her and mini mo had made the mistake of placing it within range of my tired eyes. i got a glimpse of said cake while sitting down on the shabby couch to put on my walkin' shoes to take mini and my un-dog for a bit of a stroll around the block. we have been trying to do so each day since i realized i am getting a drooping derrière from too much doo dad designing and treatin' dilapidated disks delicately. this would also be a good way to spend some quality time gettin' to know mini mo's body snatcher since it seems she has dug in and plans on stayin' for quite a while. add to that the fact that my beloved un-dog, tinkerbell, had previously never been outside and certainly had never walked unless you count the occasions where she gets sick of watchin' me design doo dads and she trots on her own to her delightful shabby chic designed canopy bed for a snooze but for the most part, her feet have never much touched the ground.

anyway....i carefully (because of the damned disks) bent over to place a walkin' shoe on one foot or the other and that cake gigi delivered was just a little too temptin'. next thing i knew, the beautiful ribbon and tag were ripped off and laying on the floor on top of my other walkin' shoe and the little pan was showin' no sign of there previously being anything in it. as i stared in disbelief that i, mo, had actually pushed that whole cake down for digestion, mini mo's dad popped in and asked where the special treat that gigi's mom had made HIM was sittin'. well, i daresay i was dumbfounded! why did mini mo put the cake in my doo dad den rather than her daddy's multi-media around the clock televison always on area so i didn't think it was for me! so after havin' to confess to eatin' the whole darn thing within seconds of it being delivered, completely by myself, to mini mo's daddy, i was forced to endure the consequences, which were yet another one of his extended stand up routines, where i, mo, was to be the brunt of all his witty and admittedly funny jokes about a woman who could eat a whole delivered cake without any guilt for not saving some for her family.

after enduring my deserved humiliation at eating a whole cake, i felt a little sickly - maybe from eating the whole cake and the humiliation mingling together. i didn't feel much like a stroll so i decided to just close my eyes for a minute. i had no idea eatin' whole cakes could give you a mighty case of the spins but it did and i guess shortly after i drifted off to dreamland.

the only reason i ever woke up shortly ago (still wearin' that one walkin' shoe i put on before spying the delivered cake) after getting up earlier to poke the body snatcher awake and then run for my life (body snatchers can be quite scary at the first light of day) and fallin' back asleep on the shabby couch, was because mini mo's dad decided he needed to dispense part two of the stand up routine via telephone and was going to let our hot line ring until i was willin' to pick up the receiver and let him perform. it was only after the performance that i have come here to see this impending AMBER alert on the horizon. so, since it will take me some time to begin to get back to those who are worried about my absence from cyberspace, via individual emails, i thought i would just blog it down here - that i am still alive and no need for the AMBER alert - and that i will be respondin' as soon as possible and i apologize for takin' so long. it just seems if you try to do dramas and daily doins' too long without enough dream time and then devour a recently dropped off delicious whole cake, you can be delirious and dizzily drift off into a long dose of zzzzzs.

so i hope to blog my previously written document later and plan to get started on those email responses just as soon as i can get my mind workin and my body movin' - seems eating whole delicious cakes can give you quite a hangover! i'll be back shortly and once again thank you for dropping by.

oh - and for those who have asked - it was cousin jo's ex buck who dropped by the other night on his harley along with 24 of his burley freinds ridin' the same, to let me know jo was headin' this way but was takin' her sweet time. seems she has decided to have her picture takin' in front of as many wall marts as possible as she passes from town to town, aiming to set some sort of record or somethin'. i'll keep you posted.

oops - one more thing before i go - today's accompanyin' art was a gift to me by that good ol' candadian gal macysmom. i'd say she is not only a very good, standin' up kinda friend but also quite the talent - don't you agree?


Billie said...

Oh, Mo. My poor little powerbook will not be the same, I'm afraid. Seems it has developed a case of a sticky "b" "v" "n". I don't think it's the result of the Coke I just spit on it when I read your delicious cake diatribe, it must have been something else entirely. In fact, I'm sure one of the children did it. Yes, that's it.

Welcome to Thursday afternoon, my friend.

Amy said...

I say a daily dose of delectable desserts is a decent antidote to deliberately duplicated doo dads. Now wipe that bit of whipped frosting off your sneakers, grab undog and the body snatcher and walk it all off.

Tracy (MacysMommy) said...

Okay, first of all, a cake dropped off with a beeuteeful bow and no to:/from: card means only one thing -- finder's keeper's. It's mighty big of you to come out and admit that you ate a whole cake, and not just to minimo's daddy, but to dozens of your doo dad devotees. I daresay my dear Mo, I admire you more every day. Sigh. A WHOLE cake!

Secondly, you need to rest and charge your batteries because it seems that there were a few deprived souls who had not yet discovered your doo dads. Now that they have dropped by for free doo dads and been dazzled, you'll be having more and more doo dad downloaders knocking on your door to have delicious doo dad delicacies delivered via download.

So my dear, take a much deserved rest, but don't devour an entire cake before each and every snooze. I heard Jo was planning on building her own Wal*Mart at Moland and you and Tink have to be able to chase those surveyors off the front lawn!


Shabby Miss Jenn said...

You know..I am just one selfish scrapper..I just want more MO kits!!!! What is your next brilliant artwork going be next?? I think I might need to try zoloft for all this anxiety your gorgeous surprises bring to me every week!!!! Love ya!!!

Susan said...

Oh gosh - after reading Billie's comment I don't feel so bad - my keyboard is probably forever ruined from the crumbs from eating a whole batch of Mini-Mo's....OMG - are they Goooooooood!!!!!

I don't envy the sugar hangover you are going to have after eating that cake. DOn't ask me how I know. I just do . Okay? Let's just drop the subject now.

I'll pick you up in our borrowed 1989 Chevy Suburban and we'll go to Curves together and work off all this extra sugar we've ingested.

You are a strong woman to fess up to Mini Mo's Daddy about it - that's hard to do. I know the lectures you're talking about too - I have been subject to them too...

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear Mo... I did indeed enjoy your cake diatribe, but for me the piece de resistance would have to be your apology.

(I know there should be a vowel w/an accent somewhere on that 'r' word I used up there, but I have no idea which vowel or where to find it w/o a symbol key) :)

Your apology while sincere was so, so, Anne of Green Gables-ish! I loved it. (As in... if I need to apologize I really should make it as interesting as possible.)

I also think you are correct in recognizing how adept Macysmommy is at putting together a great layout!

Thanks to you both for the positive energy you've produced & for the smiles brought to me this evening...

Lesliephx said...

I am so relieved that you are alive and well (particularly after eating that cake...which by the way if it was intended for your husband the RULE is the calories go to him. Tell him, sorry but that's the rules!)

You see I TRIED to report you as missing. But they just wouldn't listen to me. I tried to report a Doo Dad Designer has disappeared and they should issue an AMBER alert! They asked me why I needed to find some "dude's dad named Amber?"... Will men never understand what doo-dads are?

I figured out a solution to this problem. Jo's friends gave me the idea. If you make the doo-dads something "dudes" can understand then they will indeed understand doo-dads. Then it hit me. Vintage motorcycles!!! Oh how delicious that would be. I guarantee both my husband and my Dad (who is vintage himself) would then understand doo-dads. In fact hubby has two vintage motorcycles!!

Well just a little 'ol suggestion from me, but I can't speak for the rest of your adoring fans filling up your email inbox.

Thanks for the link on Amy's store. Those suitcases are really adorable. I may have to get a set to store my doo-dads (of the paper scrapping variety....sshhh don't tell anyone but I ALSO paperscrap!) Think about how I would be the envy of the crop traveling with these beauties!

Macysmommy - you are one talented lady! Love your layout!!!!!