still ponderin' and givin away art...

mos melissa's garden

hope all you who have been lookin' for new art from me this week won't mind if i answer you all at once, here on the ol' blog!

i ran a bit late getting this week's art up on my lil' ol' site but it's finally there - waitin' for you to adopt it as your own.

my tardiness had nothin' to do with me still ponderin' where my doo dads should go at the end of june when they are officially homeless. no - you see, there's just been too much goin' on here today. cousin jo pulled that big parade of metal of hers up before dawn and had all the fancy neighbors in a fit 'cause she kept blowin' that loud horn on her buick - it plays 'girls just wanna have fun' or at least the beginnin' of it. some of my neighbors look like they've never had fun....but that might change now with jo on the street! then mini mo and gigi have been puttin' together some sort of big production on the full sized stage in the backyard - they won't let me look out there yet. and to top it all off, mini mo's dad is still caught up in his personal deep-throat-has-been-revealed celebration. did i ever write here on the blog that he watches 'all the president's men' at least once a week?

well, looks like i have a lot to write in this blog to catch you up on everything - cousin jo, the minis and deep throat....but i'll do that later. for now, go take a look at the upadate and adopt yourself some new art....let me know how you like it.

this week's art is dedicated to the memory of the original queen of the doo sweet mom melissa. it was almost exactly a year ago that i had to say good-bye to her. i want to thank each of you for helping me keep so much of her alive when you use so many of the doo dads she passed on to me and i have been passing on to you. and as i have told so many of you, a year that could have been spent feelin' sorry for myself, new to being motherless and all, went by much better because you kept me busy making doo thank you from the bottom of my heart. i'll try to make you even better ones this year!


Billie said...

Melissa is so beautiful, Mo! I honestly hope to create some beautiful, wonderful things with this artwork of yours, to commemorate the original doo-dadder, who, though I never knew her, must have been one incredibly classy, caring lady, in order to raise and inspire another, such as yourself.

Now, get back to work, Joe. We've an album to put out!

Margie said...

Your mom is smiling down on you and your darling doo dads.

Thank you again for your generosity in sharing these beautiful doo dads with us!


Tracy (MacysMommy) said...

Even BETTER doo dads? I can't imagine. I just want to say thanks to your mom, up there in doo dad heaven, for introducing you to the whole doo dad drill. She did a darn good job in the raising of doo dad awareness... and you. Thank you Mo for this beautiful kit; it's got it's own room here at my MO-tel for delectable doo dads, orphans and otherwise.

Now better check the front lawn and see if Jo's started a block party. xo

Janis (Janisphx) said...

Oh, Mo, Melissa is so beautiful. Thank you so very much. I am sure the original Melissa must have been a truely beautiful and wonderful person.

Thank you for your generosity and now I won't have to go into do dad withdrawal.

Say hello to cousin Jo for me.


Me said...

Beautiful art, my friend! :) Was just looking at your updated site and spied Cousin Jo's visage. What a MOmentous occasion that was. I paused, MOmentarily before firing off a missive to Cousin Jo, I hope that she follows the directions to the letter.

Lovin' the Mo Bows absolutely toe-tied!

- Zahra

Lesliephx said...


Thank you for the beautiful new artwork. Melissa is absolutely gorgeous, but then so is everything that you design. I think you mother would be honored at the way you have put together her doo dads. She must have been a wonderful lady, and I'll bet she had the same sense of humor that you do.

I see Cousin Jo is entering in to the business, that's good. Maybe she will be more open to loaning you some of her special doo dads, or if her visit to Ronna's is any indication, she'll leave some behind on the lawn.

Can't wait to read about deep throat and this stage show of Mini Mo and Gigi's.

Thanks again for the wonderful Melissa kit.

Di said...

Thannnnnkkkk YOU!

Susan said...

Oh Mo - it's absolutely gorgeous!! I have the perfect picture to scrap MY Melissa with!! I am honored that my daughter shares a name with the beautiful woman who gave you to us to share doo dadding with!!

Thank you for...well... being you!!!

schaefme said...

Mo-your stuff is the bee's knees.

I just found your blogspot today after I purchased your stitches kit at sbe. you are the most AMAZING artist out there-your things are of incredible quality.

I'm loving the blog too-can't wait to hear more about the deepthroat celebration.

kimcar said...

Mo, what a treat to wake up this morning and not only get a good chuckle out of your endless wit but also hear of homeless doo dads! I will be sure to give them a good home and do something special with them as a tribute to your Mom.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We love you Mo!


BetteD said...

Melissa is so bee-yoo-ti-ful! thank you-thank you-thank you!!!!!!!! Horrors at the thought of your darling doodads becoming disposessed! Surely there must be a worthy web designer who could design a delightful dwelling for disposessed doodads!!

Judy Burkhard said...

Thank you so much for Melissa's Garden.

I wish my Mom had collected and loved doo dads. But her 3 daughters certainly made up for her. Being Armybrats, we save "everything" because we always had to through out most of our "stuff & doo dads" everytime we moved.

I dropped Cousin Jo a note - Maybe she is an Armybrat too and didn't want to give up moving from place to place.

We love all your doo dads and you too Mo.

Judy from Upstate NY

Lisa said...

Thank you for your beautiful doo-dads. The new ones are gorgeous. I appreciate your generosity.


Janna said...

Thanks for the beautiful doo dads!!!
HUGS from Idaho!

Shabby Miss Jenn said...

Ahhh...what a beautiful way to remember an incredible mom....this kit is amazing and so beautiful mo!!!!! I love it and am so blessed to have been able to create it in honor of your awesome mother who raised a fabulous doodadder! :) LOL

Love you!!!

Missy Jenn

Elise said...

Oh Mo, for heaven's sake woman--you have me laughing all the way to the tips of my $59.95 bought-on-sale-for $9.95 Eddie Bauer black suede clogs!

You certainly can put sunshine in a cloudy day.

Thanks so very much for Melissa. You're the best.

Seuss said...

MO, You've out done yourself once more! Such a glorious garden of color you've created... Melissa must really have a green thumb w/all those blooms.

I may have to add some lavender as no garden is complete without a little bit of it's green gray color and fragrance.

You truly bloom wherever you're planted! Thanks for sharing the fruits (I mean blooms...)of your labors with us! We are blessed!
With warm thanks!

Satisfied '75 said...

Very cool!

Rebecca said...

Love this art! Melissa............Beautiful ,she must have been wonderful!So great that you dedicated this work to her,and thank you for sharing it with us!

sandi said...

Thanks so much MO - it's beautiful.

Sandy said...

Does anyone know if she is still selling this set at all? I seem to have missed out on her work as I just got into digital art....