orphans and runaway dogs

mo-made kitchen i betcha anything you thought i was never goin to get these orphans ready for you to adopt! i was beginnin to look like a big doo dad tease! but they are ready for you to take a look at now over at
i got slowed down a bit because instead of doin the dads, i was lookin for the dogs. seems one of the many girls slumberin over here with my mini made a mistake monday mornin by leavin many gates open. our two black labs have been missing ever since. you might recall me mentionin these girlie dogs before. we love em and are beside ourselves that they are missin.

usually when they escape we get a call from the humane society (sort of a fancy place here in the town we live in - the dogs even have those little cool misters in their 'apartments' so they stay cool) but that hasn't happened this time. we have looked and looked and those dogs have plum stayed outta sight.

anyway, mini is near hysterical and having trouble my doo dadin' time has been somewhat limited and my sleepin almost non-existent. glad i was able to finally get em up and ready for you...i do so hope they were worth all the waiting you did.

i don't like askin for favors but i am goin to today....if you have a chance, could you go stand on your front porch and yell as loud as you can....LADY BIRD! LUCY BIRD! if you do that and two big black dogs run up and start leapin on you and lickin your face, please give em a snack and send me an email so i can come to wherever you are and bring em home to mini and then you will have doo dads for life, i promise!