plastic eggs ala mo

plastic eggs ala mo

here you have a basket full of cheap o plastic eggs...i think they cost about 99 cents for a bag o 12 so they are REEEEAAALLY cheap! i like to do up white ones like this as i can never get colored ones to look exactly like i want... but maybe you can succeed where i can't so if colored ones suit you more, give em a whirl!

all you need to make em fancy like this you probably have in your house right this minute....some thin ribbons, a hot glue gun and a batch of goodies like buttons and teeny flowers and such. the only part that takes a lil thinkin is attachin the ribbon in a way that they will still open but are attached in the back. you can decorate em where they won't open and they are just as pretty - but if you wanna stuff em you'll wanna take the extra care to make sure they will open wide. one year i even put the invitation to the annual egg hunt in the decorated eggs and wrapped em up all pretty and mailed em!

so - here i go attemptin with my bad instruction givin skills to tell you how to make some....take the egg apart and start with the bottom and wrap a piece of ribbon around horizontally. snip it where it meets in the front. i like to hot glue it just a teensy bit above the edge so when the top is put on you can't see where it connects to the bottom. once the first dab o glue is dry, put the top on and attach another piece of ribbon vertically. to do so, attach the beginnin part of the ribbon at the front edge of the egg top and then drape it over the back and all the way back around to the glue the end a bit over the horizontal the egg will open but is attached in the back by the ribbon.

the rest is the really fun part....just decoratin the top! you can add a lil bow and then whatever else is in your scrap box. the ones here have bitsy flowers and buttons but i have done em with lil charms and teeny plastic animals and just about anything else that can be hot glued on! you could even use ric rak instead of everything else i think up, there are no real rules and you are only limited by your imagination!

i apologize (seems like i'm doin that alot!) for not getting the faces out to all of you yet...i wanted to print em out first to check the size and just got my new printer up and runnin....i will get em out by the mornin for sure so don't give up on me yet! and if you have some questions about any of my bad instructions, just email me - i promise my feelins won't be hurt...chances are you won't be the only one!

oh - and some of you are still lookin for the busket instructions...just look down below as i reposted that day's blog and added em to the original text. okay - i'll shoot for gettin the bisque ones up next....

thanks for stoppin by....see you tomorrow!


Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Wow! I've never seen white plastic eggs. They are simply gorgeous. I don't know where you find the time to get all those doo dadded up. After I had burned my fingers with the hot glue gun for the second time on the first egg, I would just print out my doo dads and decoupage them on and use an exacto to slit it so it would still open. lol Your attantion to detail mind boggles me.

Tammy (drewsmama) said...

I like the exacto knife idea Peggy. Thanks for the instructions Mo. I really appreciate all of your wonderful ideas. And my kids do also!