happy birthday missy tracy!!

haphaphappy birthday trillie!

today is my good friend tracy's birthday so i thought i would throw up the birthday greetin i put together for her with her sally jean presents poke right in the middle. if you ever have a chance to get to know this birthday girl, take the time to do so cause she is one very special person...hard for me to imagine a kinder soul or bigger hearted missy around. on top of all that, she's mighty talented too! so here's to you sweet tracy....haphaphappy birthday! i look forward to sharin many more with you in the years to come!


Robin said...

i second all of that nice stuff you said about tracy MO!

you are both my queenie's of the helpful and kind gestures ;)

Janna said...

Happy Birthday Tracy

Anonymous said...

I third all of those wonderful things that were said about you and I don't even know you very well. I have just heard them so many times I know they must be true. Happy Birthday to another Queen and how awesome that mo did a very special layout just for you, did you notice that unfinished vintage fabric quilt circle amidst all of the other goodies...super duper.
xoxoxo and much love,

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh Mo! Thank you SO MUCH! Since they put me in "Sunny Acres" (the old folks' home) on Sunday I'm just startin' to get to know the ropes around here and how to get my share of computer time. Looky what I missed!

This page is gorgeous - love, love that quilt piece and you in the background holdin' in your stomach! Bein' from the sticks I'd never heard of Sally Jean... but I love her already. Thank you so much Mo - you are a very special person yourself. xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxox