sellin my husband

hate to disappoint all you jo fans but it's just me - mo. jo is havin her weekly coffee klatch with the neighborhood gardeners. it's usually over by this time o the mornin but today they were gonna do a craft project...i think she decided to show em how to poke a hole in a plastic flamingo so that a potted plant could be crammed in the openin.

i was well into a bit o bloggin about some thoughts i have had lately about mini mo's daddy when i noticed my site was down i had to stop the bloggin and contact the server people to try to find out what was goin on. for some reason this has been happenin more and more often lately and each time i contact em i am a bit more frustrated.

back when i was in the need of a server the one i ended up with was rated as one of the most reliable. not havin much experience with em at the time - well, actually none whatsoever - i ended up just lettin mini's daddy make the choice for me and for the most part, until the past month or so, i have never had to give them much thought.

but with the recent problems i have been forced to pay a bit more attention. in doin so, i happened to look closer at the original info they sent so long ago and noticed somethin i should have seen before. the first batch o info they sent, tryin to get me to choose them for my servin needs, featured real pretty blonde women with headsets on smilin with big white teeth as they pretended to be servin up the servin service. BUT the pictures that showed up AFTER i signed up and sent in my money were of a completely different sort....all the women were dark haired, dressed in brocade sari type things and a couple of em even had some sort of sequin lookin decoration stuck right smack dab in the middle of the foreheads. hmmmm...maybe this is the reason that almost every time i contact em via their 24 hour round the clock chatty help desk that they are so proud of, to get help, i end up feelin like i am speakin a completely different language than those who are supposed to be able to help me.

since i have now used up all my bloggin time chattin with the almost unchattable and have to leave for my least favorite place in the world - the dentist - but have vowed to do a lil bloggin almost every day, i am forced set aside my previous planned bloggin and blog to you instead with my un-chat with the company i have trusted to make sure moland is always open, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.....

here is how our chat went just a bit ago.....

You are now chatting with 'Saimi Kirani'
Saimi Kirani: Hello, This is Saimi, at your service. How may i help you ?

mo: could you please tell me why the server is down yet again?

Saimi Kirani: please hold on .

Saimi Kirani: Let me check it.

after a reeeeaaallly long time....

mo: yooo hooo....are you there? it is back up now i think...but can you find out for me why this has been happenin so often? i keep asking and am gettin no answers.

Saimi Kirani: Some maintenance work is going on. Sorry, for the inconvenience.

mo: hmmmm...that is always what i am told when we meet this way and have these lil it typical to have to do maintenance every day, sometimes numerous times a day? is the equipment that rickety and fragile...that a few lil doo dads movin to and fro could create such a need for constant maintainin?

Saimi Kirani: It will be resolved shortly.

mo: i said... i think it is resolved now....this go round.

Saimi Kirani: be resolved shortly.

mo: but why does this happen so least once a day? i really need to know. i filed many a work ticket about this and have gotten no reply.

Saimi Kirani: Our admin guys are working on it to put it in uptime all the days.

mo: what does that mean...uptime all the days? and why do they have to work on it to 'put it in uptime all the days'? shouldn't that be the normal state of things?

Saimi Kirani: They are fixing the problems as soon as possible.

mo: yes...i understand that...but why are there so many problems?

Saimi Kirani: It will be resolved shortly.

mo: you are not answering my question...i want to know why this happens day after day after day.....

Saimi Kirani: If complaint comes, they are immediately looking on it.

mo: are you sayin they only 'looking' on it when there is a complaint? what if i don't complain...does nothin get done then?

Saimi Kirani: ok.

mo:..can you get some answers for me?

Saimi Kirani: maybe place ticket for work

mo: i keep placin work tickets to no avail. what else do i need to do to get some help?

Saimi Kirani: ok.

mo: does that mean...'ok' you mean 'yes' - you can help get some answers for me...i do not understand what you mean by 'ok'...i am asking a question that would not be answered by the word 'ok'.

Saimi Kirani: ok.

mo: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Saimi Kirani: ok.

mo: i get the feelin you can't understand what i am sayin.....

Saimi Kiranin: ok.

mo: please...i am beggin you....stop sayin ok....i need some help - i can't keep my doo dads at a place where they aren't bein taken proper care of.

Saimi Kirani: I will take this issue to our superiors.

mo: and when can i expect someone to get in touch with me with some sort of answer?

Saimi Kirani: ok

mo: in other cannot help me?

Saimi Kirani: ok

mo: well... i must go now....i am wastin the time i should be usin to find a better home for my doo dads cause you aren't doin a very good job of carin for em.

Saimi Kirani: ok


Victoria said...

I would like to preface this comment by saying I have had a couple of similiar conversations with a woman who would really like to consolidate my husband's student loans (he doesn't have any), I believe she will probably call again by Friday. Thank you for transcribing this interchange, I had an honestly hardy laugh!

Have a better day MO, ok!

Anonymous said...

LOL! --(Although I completely understand your frustration!) I get so frustrated when I call and I get a call center that does not understand me (or I them, for that matter..) In the end, I am almost in tears, because after being on hold or trying to communicate with the person on the other line that can't effectively communicate back to me, nothing usually gets resolved and I have just wasted one or two hours without a resolution! I am so sorry, Mo! I think those companies just do that to save a few million here and there-- it really gripes me!! Sorry for the complaining.. I hope that everything will go better in the future!-- We love you, Mo!! --Rebecca (aka sassy251)

ejj said...

That must be extremely exasperating, but your account of it is priceless.

Anonymous said...

I had that very same problem a couple of months ago with my high speed DSL provider (which is also a major phone service in this part of the USofA). After about three phone calls (to various employees of said-company with very American first names and accents that didn't match) trying to find out why the DSL line was on the blink daily I took the advice of the TV commercials and went for a faster and way more reliable cable connection. Interesting factoid: the country where these communications bureaus are located has black outs of power each day as a usual occurance.
Sorry for your troubles keeping us flush with doodad art. We understand.

Anonymous said...

I have the same server...LOL...only the name is Brian or Diane..with NOT an American accent.!

Anonymous said...

sorry you had to go through this... I might add a bit of encouragement, like my friend that I could never understand did get everything working again and without charge. I am thinking it must be hard for them to understand too, especially when I am not too happy with did good girl!

Missy Judy said...

The thing that irks me the most about these "help" people is that I would be far happier if they just would say, "I don't understand what you are asking". I certainly have no problem saying it to them.

My son had a "business account" with Road Runner (mine is a cheap normal person account) and when he called for help, they actually had English speaking Americans right in Rochester for help people.

Miss Judy

I need orange said...

LOL! Definitely the funniest thing I have read in a long time. Sister, I feel your pain!

I, too, would rather be told "I don't understand" or "I don't know the answer" than "ok"......

I had the occasion to call TrueCredit. My credit union allowed a thief the ability to access to personal info, so they bought those potentially affected a year of TrueCredit reporting. I couldn't get signed up.

So I call the hot line, and the first thing that happens is some guy in India tells me his name is Steve. Now, mind, I have nothing against guys in India. But as the purpose of our conversation was to discuss access to private details of my credit history, just how was I supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy about talking to a guy who, first thing off the bat, LIED to me??

That's not the way I prefer to open a relationship with someone who has anything to do with my finantuals, know what I mean?


RosieB said...

I get marketing calls from people whose name definitely isn't Steve, if you get my drift. I pretend I can't understand what they are saying, just keep saying 'ok' or something and you know what???? they hang up on me!! but not before I cost them a little on their phone bill....... ;)