pssst, it's me, jo.....

behind the scenes

...i'm back again for a minute. i've been a busy bee with party preparations here at moland. not like we ever need an excuse to eat cake around here, but this is one of my favorite celebrations, mostly because mo's older than me and her party is always more fun than queenie's. you have to mind your manners at queenie's parties, and mo and me always have fun on the top of our list.

everyone's been sneaking around here, trying to get things ready. the dang squirrel has even baked her a cake. the party hats are on the line drying and i've been rooting around in the basement trying to find that record player of nanette's. so much to do, so little time. mini's in charge of putting up the signs but she's got exams and been so busy watching her mother study, that i may have to take matters into my own hands. I just don't like gettin up on the ladder because my hair usually gets snagged in the tree branches and i'm a little nervous of just where that squirrel may be. i've got more animal magnetism than the average woman. it's been a curse at times. rarely, but occaisionally.

mini's daddy is in charge of lighting and i'm not so sure that our recent disconnection from the internet wasn't due to his overloading the circuits. he's already installed fire extinguishers in every room, so we can light the candles anywhere. he went a little overboard getting the hollywood sign reworked for two weeks in june, but you know how men like to do things up big.

i've spent hours searching the family recipe boxes for mo's favorite cake recipe and the party sized batch of my favorite libation. i don't think i've forgotten anything, but if you think of something i've missed, be sure to send me a note.

mo and i promise to be back to regular bloggin by july first...cross our double d's....we have been pretty bad about it this whole year but think we have finally caught up on all those things that have kept us away....and now that i have my own set o keys to drive the blog when i so desire...well...two heads are always better than one...especially when the second one has really big hair!


Amy said...

Jo, Sorry I won't be able to make the big shebang of a party. Will you tell Mo Happy Birthday for me? And tell her that I love her so much. Her presents are due to arrive tomorrow. Last year she waited to open it...make sure she doesn't this year.


Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Sounds like you have it all under control. I wouldn't trust that dang squirrel though. You will have to post us some photos of the big day. Presents from the MFC are already in the mail and should be there tomorrow as well. I hope you got some of Dirk's friends comin to do a little dance for Missy Mo, but make sure it is after Mini is in bed. ;)We'll all break out the fancy tube tops and celebrate with you in spirit.

Tracy said...

You go girl!! Give Mo a big birthday hug from Mini2 and myself. I'm going to be celebrating with you all in spirit. I agree with Peggy -- better x-ray that cake! Much love,
Tracy xoxoxoxoox

Lori (tlwillen) said...

You sound like you've got this all under control - some partyin goin on down there! Wish I could be there. Since I can't, in honor of Mo, I'm having my traditional "it's somebody's birthday" drink - a margarita. A real one, not the nonalcoholic - my husband can do margaritas! And because it's Mo, I'll use the good stuff. Tell Mo I'm wishing her the absolute happiest of birthdays (and the rest of you a fantastic day, too)!

Janna said...

Happy Birthday MO

Anonymous said...

Jo you really know how to make me laugh!

Kelly M