a quite belated happy birthday miss billie!

happy belated birthday billie
don't worry loyal readers...i am almost done with the birthday tributes for a bit o time! i am not sure how it came to be that almost everyone i am related to or love just happens to have their birthdays all crammed into the same block o time! there's been just so many that i almost forgot to blog up miss billie's card...and if anyone needs a standin ovation, it is miss billie. in the last year she lost a beloved family member and gave birth to another. i think havin both occur in the same year is supposed to put you on the highest level o that stress chart 'they' are always talkin about - tho i do believe it needs to be revised - sorta like the height and weight chart's a belated birthday cheer for you miss millie and i hope this next year proves much more borin for you than the last!


Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Miss Billie looks so cute perched up on her balloon with those adorable wings. Do I see a bit of Ryen in those big beautiful eyes? ;)

Billie Moog said...

Oh thank you, my dear friend. I do so love this card.. and am sure that I had squash on my face when this photo was nice of you to clean that off!