doo dad den detours

bossy jo told me i had to explain what kept me away from blogville for so long before i could start my regular bloggin again but i must disobey and put that off for a later missive as i have pictures to go along with the words and am too crippled to get up and get em uploaded this very minute.

i am not quite flat on the floor this time - more of a semi-flat situation is at hand...and once again i have no one to blame but myself and my inability to control my idea of entertainment. it's not like i don't already have enough to do but for some reason just when i 'm ready to tip over from too much, i have the need to add just one more chore to my daily list.

like bloggin about bein missin from blogville....i had every intention to do just as ordered by my tube top wearin pink flamingo lovin man magnet cousin but on my way to the laptop to do so, i stopped by the doo dad den depository and stumbled upon a brand new gallon can o white paint. before i knew it i was touching up some places here and there with that can o paint and then those places that needin touched up looked so much better than the rest o the room that i just kept going. of course all this happened so fast there was no time for any prep work except maybe a lil hard breath blowin to remove any dust particles that happened to be in the way o my brush. this meant i had no choice but to get a few drips and blops on the floor as i discovered more and more places to place the pink handled bristles brimmin with bright white glossy goo. i had armed myself with a pocketful o baby wipes on a quick trip to the sink to rescue my cateyes after i was momentarily blinded by a shower o white sprinkles. for a while i used em to clean up my many small floor accidents but pretty soon those small mishaps were a lil too big for the huggies and i was making a bigger mess when trying to hug em up. then, standin back i realized the result was rather pleasin to the cateyes and i abandoned the huggie step o this adventure altogether. from that point on, whenever a bit o the paint landed on the 100 year old hardwood floor, i just bent down and brushed it out and in no time - well - actually in quite a long time - i had not only white walls but a white floor and feet too!

i was delighted when i finished - altho it looks like another coat will be needed in some places - and was pleased that i had been able to accomplish the unplanned decoratin without bein betrayed by any of my previously broken body parts. but as so often happens, the next mornin is when the betraying began...and still takes place today. so...instead o finishin up the next round o doo dads - which requires behavin body parts - i decided i'd recoop on the shabby couch with my basket o scraps and doo dads created for designin downloads and get going on makin my christmas crafts outta both. i realize it appears that i accidently dropped in a halloween craft but that pumpkin is for an auntie that has a fancy for pumpkins. the chapeaus - which look a bit like cakes - are for some fancy girls i adore and the bags were ordered up by mini for girls she sometimes abhors. this is but a samplin of what i have in the works all around me and what i ended up with after stumblin upon that can o paint.

i should be back up and around by tomorrow and will have one o those exciting days where i have so many things goin on the time flies by much faster than i desire....i'll doo dad a bit then tackle some o that second coat and then stitch some in between and since mini has the day off from schoolin, listen to stories from a charmed life as the soundtrack. the only thing that could make the whole day more perfect would be if my dear friend amy from inspirecompany agrees to rescue me by settin up a lil inspired doo dad department in her shop for the coming holiday season to make use of fact that i always make more creations than i have creatures for. if you're readin this missy amy....please make my wish come true! this overflow of designer doo dads not available for delivery via download are gonna need some good homes and who better to find em than you?

before i return to my adventures in moland i have to thank you all for not givin up on me durin another way too long hiatus from the blog. i'll blog up the excuses o the missin months shortly....but i'm back for good now....especially since jo told me if i skipped more than three days in a row she was gonna come back over and blog up more political prose. i can't allow that since last time she caused such a ruckus...and she has SO many more opinions after the events o the last few days, if she gets started she just might not ever i'll be back and save you from more politics.

see you shortly and thanks for stoppin by!


wings said...

oh, hurray, you're back! i almost didn't read your blog before crowin' & commentin' just 'cause i was so happy to see a new blog entry. you pore thing, you really need to let us send you some poultices or bad-tastin' tea or something to help you feel better when the once-broken parts resume their complaints.

once again, i'm jealously and awestruck-ly admirin' your handmade flowers. i'd love to learn how to make them, but realistically, with four boys, makin' flowers probably wouldn't bump up near the top of my to-do list too soon. i'll just admire the pictures of you and wonder, how does she do that?

...and maybe check amy's site hourly to jump on any real-live doo dads available for fedex download!

thanks for comin' back to see us!

Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

I do so admire your sewin skills. Where do you find the time? You must not sleep at all. Can't believe you painted floor and all! lol You will have to show us a before and after photo. ;)

Amy said...

your wish, my command. saunter on over to your new home at inspireland...

Tracy said...

You really shoulda been born with an extra arm or two so that your body can keep up with all the ideas in your noggin'! These latest creations are beeyouteaful... and I have no doubt that your floor is equally stunning. Mo, you're my hero!! :) xoxo (off to Amy's store!)

Christa said...

Hi Mo... your chapeaus are wonderful... so glad you are pleased with your paint job.. I am not allowed to paint the walls, and I don't know why as even as a child my parents would paint and I was not able to help... so now my hubby inherited that same thing that I cannot help paint either... I still haven't figured out why not... no one has seen me paint a wall... hmmm I am just going to assume I would show them all up if I painted it all better then them!! I prefer to paint in photo shop anyway... flood fill is my favorite!! Anyway, looking forward to seeing your doo dads in Amy's store, but am also waiting for your other 2 November doo dads that you said you were working on so I can purchase some more... I can't just buy one set at a time, so I am waiting for those so I can do my next bulk purchase!! Glad to see ya blogging again... feel better Mo!! ~ Christa

Lori (tlwillen) said...

Mo, I can't wait to see what you put up in your new shop. The items in your photo are too wonderful. Amy's got some quite beautiful things over there.

I enjoyed your painting story. I can't exactly relate, but I wish I could. Although that does sound like something my son would do, though with not as happy results.

Take care!!

ejj said...

Love those hats, but the painted feet are my favorites!

Robin said...

i just can't let this blog pass into the archive of mo-land history without tellin' you how much i love your hats! makes me want to go right out and try to make one myself! how about a recipe for these sometime? it would be a lot of fun to wear these to mo-stock :)

Jan said...

I'm in need of a winter hat myself in the near future..was contemplating fleece. These are very cute!
I'm not allowed near paint in this house either. We've lived here nearly 9 years, and I was promised more than 9 years ago the first thing to be painted would be the dark kitchen cabinets. Any takers on whether those cabinets are painted yet? hmmm... Everytime I've started to take action, Mr. Perfection gets all nervous (since he spent a few summers paintin', and thinks he knows what to do). And the now the outside needs paintin', too. Plus some of the gutters fell off in the last big storm, and they've big sitting in the lawn next to the house. I've thought about calling for help, but it seems I'm not supposed to do that either (spoils all his budgeting plans). What's a girl to do? Well, I'm sure I have lots of foibles that drive him crazy, too... :-)
Thanks for the peek!
Hope I get back into Moland soon...dying to see the new doodads. Maybe I'll pop over and see if I'm "fixed" yet...

Ruthann said...

I have NO earthly idea how you manage to "do what you do" but truly admire and adore all of your efforts!
There is NO need to apologize: you manage to keep all of us who "know and love you" delighted on a regular basis and honestly,the "prospect of more" is just like the most beautifully wrapped gift beckoning from a corner and waiting to be enjoyed :)
You take time out to enjoy your wonderful family and know that we are "thankful" for the joy you add to our lives anytime you have a minute to spare!

Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet missy mo, how good it is to hear from you again. yes, you are amazing, I have to admit only a part of me could ever do what you get done in one day...I am so jealous!!! Love the hats, course, love all that you do.
I have been trying to get back into the site and it says welcome Maggie but won't take me any further, boohoo, can you help me. I am having fierce withdrawels of needin' new doodads.
with much love,
missy maggie

Grandma Pam said...

Mo, once again you amaze me! How do you do it?

Your hats are wonderful and I still hope that some day you will teach us how to make those wonderful felt flowers. Like you have nothing else to do, right?

Like everyone else, I want before and after pictures on the floor. I do get an idea from the feet, so don't post those pictures until you are really healthy. I'm sometimes ashamed at how needy we are for our Mo fix. We want you to be our Mayor for many years to come.

All my love and best wishes for a speedy recovery, Pam Stewart