my oasis

well...once i got outside and saw how far behind i was in the gardenin' department i had a real hard time draggin' myself back in. it's amazin' how many more steps gardenin' can add to the counter than doo dad makin' does... also amazin' how quickly cousins and other relatives can disappear when they see big ol' pots and plants and piles o' dirt delivered and waitin' to be placed.

when i first made this big ol' house my home, the closest i had ever come to gardenin' was gettin' to the flower mart early enough on friday mornins' before all the good stuff was carried away by the florists to the stars and others. i was usually successful at that part o' the challenge but once i got the blooms home, the rest was always a disaster. if you've never attempted to pleasantly arrange a few blooms in a glass container you may think, 'what's the big deal'. that's what i always thought even though i failed at every attempt to do just that. i was so bad at it i wonder now why i didn't give up after the first try.

once i'd get my expensive bundles home, i'd line up the week's choice o' pretty containers, get out the fancy snippers and get to work. the outcome was always the same....i would do and re-do so many times that when i finished the floor was covered in the snips and i was left with tired blooms with not much stem on 'em. i was lucky if i ended up with one small vase o' flowers lookin' as if they had been through a really bad storm.

at some point mini's daddy - a life-long appreciator of beautiful blooms arranged professionally - decided to risk offendin' my floral designin' attempts and had a real pro come give me some tips. i'm sure the guy had some helpful things to share with me but i didn't hear or remember anything that happened after he whipped out a chunk o' that green stuff called oasis, possibly one o' the best inventions ever - alongside the glue gun and drill of course - for faux martha's worldwide. holdin' that block o' creepy feelin' green in my grip was all it took to turn me into a passionate gardener and no longer a flounderin' florist. besides chocolate and air conditionin' it's one o' the staples i make sure we never run out of here at moland.

one o' the reasons i haven't blogged more is cause i hate a blog without a i took lots o' pictures o' what i do outdoors when not indoors and what i do with all the outdoors i bring inside. now i'll have somethin' different and pretty to use along with my musins' no matter what they might be.

i do so appreciate all o' you who have continued to visit every day no matter how long it's been between bloggins! i am hopin' to make those trips worth your while now that i have some future views ready and in waitin'!


Jan, aka Milly & Nana Sugar someday... said...

nothing prettier on god's green earth than beautiful flowers in bloom. i've gardened avidly for years, and i always tell the younger generation just starting their gardens that when you plant shrubs and perennials always remember this...

the first year they sleep, the second year they creep and the third year they LEAP!!

i also tell them that they can't grow anything if they don't have good dirt.

i would say from the pictures you just posted miz mo, that you definitely have the touch! gawjus blossoms.


Anonymous said...

So *that's* the secret... oasis! That, and having more than our 140 frost free days. (I'm happy to see some plants barely poking their green noses through the soil!) Glad to hear you've been out in the garden exercising your green thumb. Beautiful blooms, looking forward to the next installment! :)

xoxo Tracy

Rosa said...

beautiful mo. my garden is a tad pityful this year!

cfile1 said...

beautiful garden there my dear mo.. i have always had the same problem with the vase issue and went to plastic, although hubby grows the outdoors and now grows me his own roses which i love when he brings em into me.. glad you are back!! hugs.. christa

robin said...

he he hee... myself and miss marciann went to blossom school three times before we managed to master the art of oasis and arrangement of beautiful blooms. i have been able to expand my lovely avalon gifts to the indoors ever since. i love all the masses of blossoms you have in those arrangements missy! and i can't tell you how excited i am to have you share more visions of your own green paradise!
xoxoxoxoxox robin

Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers and arrangements. Nothing makes a home smell better than fresh cut flowers. Those plug in thingies just can't compare. It looks like you will have no problem keeping the whole inside smelling like a florist all summer long. ;) So good to hear you are getting out and enjoying this weather.


ejj said...

I love to see your flowers and arrangements. I'm a novice at gardening but really love to fiddle with my flowers and dig in the dirt.

Saucy said...

Once I was arranging flowers with my sweet old Granny, she patiently watched as I hacked and slashed all the blooms we'd brought together for a bouquet for my mother. She finally piped up and said, "my, my, there are A LOT of stems to be cut off those long lovely flowers, aren't there?"... and of course we've all laughed about it for years!