the body snatcher

tink n coco
i have been very busy workin' on a new project n' as i've been workin' i've been tryin' to figure out when it was that the body snatcher (that had been here previously) sent her even less charmin' sister to break back into my home to possess my mini again. and also, what hormone or such is it that takes hold - in a blink of an eye - that makes a young person suddenly think they know everything there is to know about everything that could possibly come up in conversation? this led to more thinkin' n' ponderin' about many other do young people - 'specially those possessed by creepy other beins' - go to the trouble o' askin' you how they look before leavin' the house for this or that and even twirl n' spin for you so nothin' is missed 'n then once you have given them the opinion they so much desired, why then do they look at you like you're plain nuts, make huffy puffy sounds 'n then go change everything they had been showin' off to you? these are questions i'd like to discover the answers for.

all this leads me to thinkin' about that big lipped octomom with the fourteen kids....thinkin' that if she had birthed just one o' the previous six earlier and already experienced the early double digit ages with 'em, she would have never ever gone on and had eight more.

today's picture is a snapshot o' the other two girls i am mother to...both just as spoiled as my beloved mini but much much easier to live with.


Anonymous said...

ain't that the truth!! Love the pics of your fur kids.. they are adorable sitting there on the bed.. almost a look of.. we didn't do it!! XO Christa

Anonymous said...

Love the fur babies.....simply adorable. As for the body snatching...can't help you out there one little bit. I'm told they are not returned till about age I still have few years to wait!! Zoe( 21.5 years young) still twirls, asks my opinion and then makes the EXACT same huffy puffy noises that you are referring to. DS (24.5 years), well we still get the boy version of the huffy puffy noises which assimilate to a variety of differing grunts and groans. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that we still get the occasional eye rolling too...but now usually only when they think we aren't looking.

I did read however somewhere that body snatching is ESSENTIAL and has a purpose. If you love and adore them too much and everything is hunky-dory and cosy, they love and adore us right back enjoy all being hunky-dory and cosy, hence in the future have no need of stepping out on their own or EVER LEAVING our comfortable nest.

Trust me...THEY DO NEED TO LEAVE the nest and by the time they are ready to fly...we are almost relieved. And you know what....when they take off on their is a truly wonderful sight!

hugs Deb xxox

When are you going to spill the beans on the new project you are working on??

Anonymous said...

...such sweet little fur balls you've got Mo. As for your shoulder shruggin, eye-rollin, huffin-puffin mini...well, not to worry to much'll find that once she flies away from the nest you will become the smartest, most talented mom in the world in her eyes...just breathe and believe. xoxo's JudyG the