mini's chapeau panier de Pâques

i had meant to post up the easter basket i made for mini much sooner...but i have been so tired all i've wanted to do if i had a spare moment is sleep. this is quite unusual for me as i tend to avoid sleepin' as much as possible - it always seems like such a waste o' time. i wish i could be like mini's daddy - at any point he can take a nap for a mere 20 minutes and is completely refreshed and ready to get goin' again. if i ever attempt to nap i wake all discobubilated and feel creepy for the rest o' the day.

enough about the zzzzzzzzs is the shot o' mini's chapeau panier de Pâ easter basket made out of a hat.

the hat i used once belonged to her great great - possibly one more great belongs in there - aunt francine. i was even able to dig up a photo of her wearin' the very chapeau!

i chose this exact chapeau as it was the most cloche o' my cloche collection and therefore had the most area to fill. even so, i ended up havin' to set this hat basket in the basket mini has used for the bunny to deposit his goods every year o' her life as i needed a bit more fillin' room.

if you have a pretty hat you wanna turn into an easter basket next year, it is oh so very simple....i just twisted up a length o' muslin and then twirled wire 'round it until it would hold the desired handle shape....then wrapped it with satin ribbon, leavin' a bit extra on each end. i then used my second favorite tool - the hot glue gun - to attach it to the hat and once the glue was no longer hot, used the extra ribbon on both ends to make the points where it was attached nice 'n tidy. i lined my chapeau panier de Pâques with matchin' satin but it would have been fine without it. know....maybe it's all that sugar i ate while tryin' to have just the perfect amount to fill mini's basket - i didn't want any to go to waste - that's makin' me so sleepy. i'll ponder that while i doze off here for a bit.....thanks for stoppin' by!


Anonymous said...

what a cute idea! I love that color. Wish I had some fab old hats to do that with but unfortunately, no one in my family ever had good hat heads and so there weren't any to pass down. My family was always afraid of squishing down their hairsprayed and teased hair. lol


Anonymous said...

What a great idea Mo.. and I too love that color.. just gorgeous.. I would take it sans the goodies,, the hat and all the adornment is just beautiful, and that photo to match is just wonderful. Mini I bet loved it, and to know her great great great Aunt Francine wore it with a picture to boot, is just the bestest. I thought I was lucky to have my grandmother's necklace to wear for my wedding and had the photo of grandma wearing it when she was 16 was grand.. this is right up there. The photo is so lively and bright,.. thanks for sharing your wonderful Mini's Easter basket and story with us!!xoxo Christa

Anonymous said...

how lovely Mo...I'm sure Mini was so dazzled by the hat/basket that she didn't even notice the missing that old photo, it is a true treasure. xoxo JudyG