valentines for haiti

valentines for haiti
send me proof of your 2010 red cross donation and i'll send you these beeeeautiful digital vintage valentine doo dads. the red cross website is here and they accept online donations. donating to some other organization this year that does similar work to the red cross will also be honored.

sorry i didn't get back here sooner...the month o' december seemed to just swallow me up. i do so hope peggy (scarf winner) 'n christa (stockin' winner) enjoyed their goodies. i just recently found the flower winner's address and she should be surprised with the package in the next few days. i'll tell you who it was once i hear from her.

to make up for givin' away less pretty things than i planned the month o' december i think i better give more away this month...so check back in tomorrow for pretty thing number four...and if possible, throw a few bucks to the red cross and email me at mojackson at mac dot com to get a link for the beeeautiful valentines.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mo.. hope you got my email after I received the pretty in pink stocking goodie at Christmas time :) It was wonderful surprise and once again thank you so much. Your vintage valentines look wonderful and that is so nice of you to add a perk to the red cross donations. Hope you are having a good January and that you had a nice Christmas & New Year's... love all the decorations for Valentine's day!! It looks so festive!! Big Hugs, and thanks again!!~ Christa