the squirrel part one

mean squirrel
stoppin' too long to indulge my desire to tell you all 'bout the mean squirrel would mean children all over the world might be bad mouthin' the easter bunny (aka their mothers leavin' me negative nods via etsy) when their personalized eggs don't arrive in time to make it into their baskets. i'm just stoppin' long enough to show you this shot o' the evil squirrel and ask you...doesn't it appear that this creepy creature is givin' me the dreaded middle finger gesture? jo swears it has to be some sorta' optical illusion but i am not convinced....if you remember, this is the same squirrel that was somehow able to don an american girl dress and many times has gathered earthly odds 'n ends to accurately hurl at me when i have had the door to the balcony open.

okay - back to the eggs....


p.s....reading the first paragraph back to myself i realize i may be exaggeratin' my worldwide importance in assistin' the bunny just a bit. i actually only have two eggs to send outside these united states...but the directions i was sent for those two eggs is so detailed it has actually given me egg paintin' anxiety and could be the cause o' me inflatin' my role in the upcomin' holiday's success.


Anonymous said...

Hoping you get your eggs delivered safely and on time... but I'd be keeping and eye on that rascally squirrel. xxox Deb

Anonymous said...

Now I took one look at that squirrel and said, you are giving Missy Mo all that trouble? And then as I read your first paragraph, I have to tell you that I do not agree with Mo having it be an optical illusion... I see exactly what you mean, and I am just wondering why he is giving you the NY wave?? (I can say that since I am a native NYer, so believe me I know what they look like!) So sorry that he did that to you... I think you should tell him that if he continues to do that with his finger you will have to break it off.. LOL... I am curious what the remaining parts (since this was part 1) will divulge.. Every morning when I go running lately the bunnies are getting excersize with me.. last Monday I saw 7, so I know they are scampering all over the neighborhood to map out their deliveries.. I know you will make it in time with your egg decorating!! XOXO miss you Mo!!~Christa

Anonymous said...

PS I meant Jo re the optical illusion.. my fingers and typing these days is not so accurate!~ Christa