smile inducing banner

so i was going through my grandmother's hankies and tryin' to pick out my least favorites so i could use 'em to make my cousin jo a few face masks to protect her  - and anyone who should find themselves to close to us when we venture outdoors to look in neighbor's windows while takin' the trendy twin maltese un-dogs for a stroll - from those deadly darting droplets.  plus i wanted to keep her from wearing that ancient chatty cathy tiny turquoise tube top as a face covering. it takes way too long to get it over that big beehive of hers without the need for re-teasin' followed by additional aquanet. i swear that stuff may be more dangerous than droplets.

anyway, as i was pressing my grandmother's hankies and tryin' to decide which ones i was willing to sacrifice i realized they'd make a really nice banner - or a bunting if you prefer - that was sure to bring a big smile to even the grumpiest socially distanced human. and nowadays there's no such thing as offerin' up too many smile inducin' incentives. seems everyone is on the edge, ready to either beserk and end up being beholdin' to those shelterin' with you for allowing you to remain among them or happy as can be to have all this free time to do all those things you've been wishing you had time for but never thought you would.

soooo...i turned a few of my hoarding grandmother's hankies into delightful digital doo dads designed for delivery via download - no dollars demanded.

if you'd like to decorate your front porch or window with a cheerful smile inducer just hit THIS and you'll end up with a download of some hankies to hang. i've included directions with these digital doo dads but feel free to demand help. just hit the contact button up above. and let me know if the link is lazy - as you i've told you many times, i'm no master o' the web - and i'll dash this download (or any of the other's that are still around but don't work) to you myself.

i do so hope you are having a lovely day be you a mother or a monster from too much shelterin' in. i've gotta go make jo's masks now. xoxoxo


Peggy brutcher said...

Best mask and banner idea ever... thank you for the digital doodad smiles....xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dear for these lovelies. I remembered when I saw this that I have a packet of my grandmother's stashed away in a drawer. I hope this finds you, Jo and the family doing well. Stay safe and mask up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mo for thes lovely mask made of these lovely hankies... so pretty.. Hope you and family are doing well.. we miss you and Moland :) XO Hugs!!!

Christa (cfile)