Monday name is mo. i have had this blog for some time now but have been dragging my feet as i wasn't sure any one would be much interested in some ol artist goin on and on about makin doo dads (that's what i call them - the more formal word for them is 'elements') and livin with a lil body snatcher, cute dog and silly husband. but i have decided to give it a whirl and see what happens.

so please come back and visit. yikes - it would be awful to have a blog and then no one come! i hope they don't have those counter things on here someplace like they do in all the scrapbook galleries. if they do maybe you could reload a couple of times so i don't have the blog with the lowest amounts of no - never mind - that wouldn't be right and since this is just the first post i guess i shouldn't already start worrying about that.