picture postin....

i need to post a picture of myself here i guess cause that's what all the other bloggers seem to do. i just have to find one where i look like someone who has somethin interestin to say so you'll want to come back and read what i write. it's temptin to post a picture that has been photoshopped to make it appear more appealin but i would never try to mislead you like that.

i'll admit, there have been times - not many - that i may have slimmed down my thighs in a picture or two or erased some bulge from some part of my body but only because everyone KNOWS a photo can addd TONS of weight to you. now that would be WRONG - posting some picture leaving you to think i was not in tip top form when i am....or at least WAS until i became addicted to designing digital doo dads to deliver and delight via downloads. and i will be again. today i plan to figure out how to attach my laptop to the treadmill. i can't take credit for this brilliant idea - it was suggested to me by an artist named scrappin and i'll let you know how it works out.