it's not a very good idea...

it's not a very good idea... try to make digital doo dads and run on the treadmill at the same time. let's say someone was foolish enough to try it - you know - like scrappin and i were JOKING about yesterday - well, what COULD happen is that the laptop could jump - without warning - onto the tread of the mill and be hurled through space against the back wall. if it were to do that, the screen of the expensive machine might look like the one in the picture attached here - on the left. and if that happened you would be forced to hide it in the 'hidden mac cemetery" with some of it's other family members who have met different yet still horrendous and yet to be confessed acts of violence at the hands of a young girl and her wonderful mother. such a cemetery is pictured here also - on the right. i have no idea where i got these pictures but am glad they appeared in my camera so i could keep you from making this stupid mistake.

be sure to tune in tomorrow when i'm aiming to do my first ever mo product review along with the story behind the serious testing of this often "wondered about whether to buy it or not and if so which one" computer gadget. just remember - i'm not an 'official product discusser' so it will be my OPINION...but damn fine opinion if i do say so myself!

oh this should be great fun (for people who sit at the computer all day and need a change of pace but not for maybe....uh...race car drivers or astronauts). i'm not going to tell you the product because you might not be interested and then not come back!