on the floor again...

mo by macysmom

...and i didn't mean to actually take a 'hiatus'....i truly thought i had recovered from my recent injuries and would be back in action right away. but i think i left the floor sooner than i should have. i was goin' to scrap a page on this latest episode in my never a dull moment life but from what i notice overall, scrappers don't much care for lookin' at pages about the more unpleasant days people experience - or maybe REAL scrappers only have pretty, happy, perfectly designed days. if that's the case - and my cousin jo swears this is the deal - i don't qualify and should just stick to the doo dad'n and therefore, hope you don't mind me bloggin' instead of scrappin' it! so...

...i thought this last round of dire disks was just about done so i decided to drive to beverly hills to get my faux blonde hairs. it wasn't just vanity that made me drive that distance during dilapidated disk discomfort - oh no! while vanity played a part, i go to a laa tee dah place to get the faux blonde hairs and the blonde fauxer is only in town once a month and appointments have to be made in january for the whole year's worth of those hairs.

i should've just sacrificed my appointment to an up and coming starlet with dark roots and stayed home with a bottle of sun-in and the hair dryer but i truly thought the destroyed disks would be dandy for the duration. maybe they would have if it weren't for me having to whip my head all around - back and forth and forth and back while i sped down the freeway, determined that the deranged derelict - described daily on the news as depositing bullets in defenseless drivers - didn't deliver any of his deadly devices into my head.

i made it, bulletless but in pain just the same, to the salon where i spent five long hours wrapped up in foil like a baked potato. i further damaged my disks when i dutifully dipped my no longer dim do down backwards into that dark sink - i couldn't even enjoy the head scrub i received or the hollywood insider's gossip that was swirling around me with my disks displaced this way! i left looking quite lovely but quietly in pain and was certain i wouldn't make it home but did even though i could not do anything to dissuade the deranged derelict from doing harm to me while i drove. i also found it dreadfully difficult to drive the whole duration without changing lanes. it seems it was difficult for the drivers of cars around me also - many were having problems with their middle fingers sticking straight up in the air as they waved to me while speeding to get around my mercedes. i'm afraid the sort of driving i was doing that day actually draws other drivers to become deranged derelicts.

i arrived home in one painful piece and went directly back to the floor where i have stayed. the floor time appears to have helped since i am now able to move my fingers enough to type out this bit of blog to you.

i tried very hard to deliver this week's doo dads for download by the designated deadline but didn't do so. i was devastated! even so, i can't tell you how much better it has made me feel to know i was missed by all of you who have written to inquire about my well-being! i will try to write each of you back after a little more floor time. it's been a little difficult to do doo dads or attempt email with the laptop balanced on the double Ds because tinkerbell, my precious little un-dog, has decided to deposit herself directly between my head and the screen. i have to let her have her way though so she will continue to adore me since that ol' body snatcher that took over mini mo hasn't been doing much adoring lately.

the art here is courtesy of the oh so fabulous artist macysmom. i have NO idea how she figured out what i really store in my stack of stunning suitcases! OR where she got that shot of me sticking out my sucked-in stomach! but she sure sent my spirits soarin' by sendin' such sweet sentiments since she sensed i was sickly. so, thank you macysmom for this wonderful art which i will cherish...especially since nobody has sent any shots of their assigned collage box and she's the only one who has thought to distract me so i wouldn't think about my failure to inspire you to step away from the scrapbook for a minute or so.

speaking of which, i promise to blog on up the promised directions for your quilt'n assignment along with mini mo's chocolate chip cookie recipe (i got SO many requests for IT - seems most of you are more interested in eatin' than i will honor your desire in the next day or so.) and then i MUST tell you what cousin jo has up her sleeve - you are NOT goin' to believe THIS one!

thanks for not givin' up on me during my recent time on the floor!