when you can't steal from family part t


ahhhh....wish i could do a page about today's adventures in moland. but i am so behind in getting all the things i have written blogged that i'll just write about them instead. plus, they aren't really appropriate for the scrappers who like life to be presented as if viewed through rose colored specs instead of blue rhinestone encrusted ones.

i am still moving at a pace slower than a sickly snail sliming their way to suck seedlings. spending a good portion of my day crammed into an MRI machine has not helped me become any speedier. who invented that thing anyway? is there anyone who willingly jumps up on that rolling slab and is excited beyond words to say, "hit that button and roll me into this coffin like contraption! and leave me in here for as long as possible - pullleease!" if there is such a person, i hope to never know them.

it doesn't help to attempt to speed the process up by taking a wee bit too much calming potion - no - don't make that big ol' mistake. you may just become so calm you snooze off inside the machine and get a few sleep jerks and then there is the possibilty that they will yell at you through the hidden very loud speaker to scare you awake. if that happens, you may try to sit up quickly in the coffin and damage yourself further than the damage already done which made all the fun possible in the first place. they may then wheel the slab out and reprimand you and make the process start all over, ignoring any tears spilling down your face, thinking it is just more of the sleep drool also present. no - don't try to make the whole thing go easier by taking three quarters of a valium....maybe stick with the half...or better yet - just don't have the MRI at all.

anyway, after doing my best to drive the distance home in more pain than i had while driving THERE, i arrived home to quite a bevy of emails in my mailbox. see, there is this one designer who deems it desirable to duplicate my original ideas and it seems she presented a preview of a real doozy this week. i am beginning to wonder if she knows that so many emails are originated every time she attempts to duplicate my original ideas for doo dad designs? does she think that her desire to duplicate another designers ideas for doo dad designs has not been noticed? i am trying to figure out what she says to herself that makes her decide it is okay to duplicate someone else's original ideas. doesn't she know that the worst thing an artist can do for their reputation is to go this far beyond what is accepted as "inspiration'?

i guess i can't really fault those who buy her attempts to duplicate ideas for my dear doo dads - especially since all the hard work is done by the time she is doin' her duplicating - she gets to spend THAT time finding some extra doo dads to throw in that maybe i didn't have time to do some dads for. but doesn't she have just a bit of a guilty conscience delving into doo dad ideas already done up?

here's another problem with doo dad duplicatin'....nobody really cares if it isn't their doo dads duplicated. the store that sells either the duplicates or the original doo dads doesn't - they act as if they can't see any problem unless the law is broken and i guess an arrest can be made. they aren't much interested in showin' respect to the original designer and all that or what it looks like to the customer. i guess a dollar is a dollar and looks the same no matter whose doo dads - original or duplicated - bring it in to their pocket. most times the customer doesn't mind. they just want some good ol' doo dads for a good price. the other designers won't speak up for you as they worry they'll make someone mad and maybe take a little shine off their own designing. i can certainly respect the last two respondin' the way they do but i must admit, i think the store would want a policy of designers not having any duplicates designed to deliver via download - especially when the duplicator is hurtin' another member of the 'family' they are part of.

but....the digital art world is relatively new and has a rather smallish community still and i'm guessin' no one really wants to call attention to themselves by givin' their open opinion since mean ol' emails could start to fly and some of those group email lists could catch on fire. and you know - i can understand them worryin' about that.

it is not my intention to offend anyone who approves of duplicating so please don't attack me. it would be better if you just don't visit here so i don't make you mad at me's that sound? for those of you who have been so out spoken on my behalf, well - i am speechless....i thank you from the bottom of my heart and as soon as this current duplicatin' doo dad dilemma dies down a bit and i get your permission, i will include you in my doo dadin' devotee hall of fame.

thank you for coming to visit the mo blog and if you have a chance, stop by my new web there are some doo dad orphans lookin' for new homes you might see fit to adopt! offerin' them up for you to adopt is just my way of telling you how much you are appreciated - whether you are a fellow doo dadder, a doo dad collector or just a person who came here by accident and could use a few good doo dads.