american orphans in july part two

american orphans part two, originally uploaded by mo jackson.

well... i hate to let these little fellas make such an early debut...any of you who have been dabblin with my downloaded doo dads do know that i'm not big on havin my doo dads make the rounds for days before they are ready to go home with you and i will try to keep my promise not to fill up your mail box ever with all those ads a blinkin and a wavin their way to makin you insane...i figure if you want my doo dads you know where to get em and if you don't come an get em i don't want to have to talk you into it....but that's really beside the point....

...the reason i am havin to let the lil' guys out for a peek so early is...when i was designin like crazy, i numbered both part one and part two many of you who got todays orphans and saw big holes in the numbers thought maybe i left a whole stack of em out. so to keep you from worrying and to keep me from writing to each of the worriers, i thought i'd let you know the reason the file numberin looks wacky.

so...that's the story! you will have the duo downloaded for designin - together with numbers flowin with no worryin - this time next week!

oh...and i was wonderin...everybody has said such nice things about the orphans this week but no one mentioned how cute my lil un-dog was sitting in her kate spade.....make sure you take a peek at her! she's very sensitive.