doo dad inspirin' un-dog

minimo2 w her tink & kate

many of you have been quite inspired by my lil un-dog tink and her new kate spade bin. thought i'd share with you one of the photos sent my way. this adorable lil girl here is my un-god child who just happens to be lucky enough to sort of in a real stretch be named after me since her initials are m.o. she herself was so inspird by tink sittin in the kate spade bag that she demanded to get a version of each for her own couch sittin.

tink's kate bin is holding up quite well although the shabby couch had to be replaced with yet a larger shabby couch as now the body snatcher wants to be included during her more cheerful moments (they come randomly thru-out the day - never know when so i must be prepared at all times). but now the lil un-dog doesn't like the new shabby couch and to make this quite clear is trying to dig a hole smack dab in the middle of the shabby seat cushion. seems it's very difficult to make a lil un-dog and a body snatcher happy at the same time.

if you have any doo dad art you want to share be sure to send it on to me or jo. it'd be real nice to have some featuring the july orphans over the next week or so.