doo dads are headin your way...

unexpected birthday present

okay....i know i have been away too long and it sure is nice to be missed so thanks to you who have written to inquire where i was and why i wasn't tendin to the bloggin. i wanted to write my big huge thank you blog for all the wonderful birthday greetings and gifts sent my way but if you don't mind i need to wait so i can do it justice. i am sooooo tired i can barely keep these two middle fingers goin to get a little bit of blog workin as it is.

i guess i should have hung on to my sick days a lil longer than i did. but then those doo dad orders started pourin in and all of a sudden it was time to celebrate the day of my birth. of course that day of celebratin never seems to last long enough for all the anticipation leadin up to it. and i don't know why it is that once you reach the age where instead of the boys flirtin' with you they call you maam everyone thinks you aren't needin just as big a deal made out of the day as you did when you were say three or nine. thank goodness for my doo dad friends and cousin jo! oh yeah - i was gonna wait on the birthday recountin....

anyway....cousin jo and i went round and round about how to get all the doo dads delivered to those who desired them. i thought i was goin to have to yank her hair - hard - like i did mini mo's but there was no way i was going to risk breakin a doo dad designin digit tryin to knock a strand or so loose from that aqua net helmet of hers...but i sure could see her hand movin ever so slowly out and upwards - like she thought if i was still enough for long enough she would loooove to get her thick acrylic nails diggin for a chunk of oh so expensive faux blonde (she herself swears by sun in and a hot dryer but she insists the bonnet style is the only way to go and she is probably right that they work best if you are STILL using those pink foam diddies from a hunderd years ago). while no hair pullin took place YET, she did leave for the trailer parked on the street in a big huff a few times and i had to send mini mo back down the front lawn to drag her back up.

one of the things that slowed me down - besides arguing with jo - was i decided to go through each and every file one more time to make sure all the flyin pixel dust was finally removed using my mega screen and brand new rhinestone encrusted blue cat eyes. i think the double and triple checkin took longer than when i did em the first time. i do think i can guarantee that you won't be findin any unwanted pixels left by an unknowin half blind doo dad designer goin forward - and if you happened to get some of those really old ones that somehow didn't get replaced over at the duo's doins, be sure to write me so we can figure out how to get you some of the cleaned up versions.

for those who are interested, all orders that jo had received before today are burned and the cds hurled into the postal system to arrive in mailboxes as far away as to deborah in australia and tomoko in japan and as near as miss hollie in encino. i tried to send along some lil extra doos and dads for makin you wait a bit longer so i hope that makes it easier for you to forgive me for bein a lil slower this time. just keep pokin back in the lil ol site and soon enough you may be able to do some shoppin and downloadin. i'm not sure i'll like that though and i know jo will hate it. i must say we have had the best time writin you all back and's the part i really hated when only selling doo dads through the duo that delivers designers downloads for dollars...i had no idea who the doo dads were delivered to! i wish you all didn't need that immediate downloadin gratification as now that jo and i fought our way to gettin a burnin system down, it's actually been fun.

before i go i also wanted to thank all of you for the nice notes you've left on the lil adoption form. i have sure enjoyed readin each and every one of them and if things slow down a bit i will try to write back to those of you who left a question or two. feel free to write me or jo too if you need somethin.

jo says she likes havin all these new internet friends and may just give up on the ones she has to actually look at. good thing since she's not too popular in the neighborhood right now and even mini's dad said if she leaves the trailer for long enough he might just have it towed but there's really no chance of that since even when she's not there gigi is.

seems gigi feels right at home in the trailer and prefers it over her big fancy house now that school's out. i asked her mom if maybe there might be some trailer park blood in her from sometime way back since gigi looks like she is in heaven in the trailer. gigi's daddy is a well known thespian from the world of television and gigi's mom said a trailer with a star on the door is the only sort anyone in her family ever spent any time in and right after that jo cut a big yellow one out of construction paper and taped it to her trailer's door for gigi.

i'll be back shortly to blog on about the birthday gratitudes. speakin of which, today's art is from this week's sorry if you've already seen the photos but i just had to post them here too as they are so special to me. and as i wrote somewhere in the art, be sure to dig around your parents house for old negatives - they are so easy to scan in and maybe you will find images worth their weight in gold like these i accidently found on my birthday.

thanks for stoppin by and be sure to do so again soon!