this week's all-american orphans...

up for adoption, originally uploaded by mo jackson.

...are runnin a bit late. they should be processed through the moland orphanage and ready for you to take home some time this afternoon. they've been ready for some time but i had a bit of a set back....i had to move my entire doo dad'n set-up to the other side of the doo dad den.

my lil un-dog tinkerbell insists on bein by my side at all times but now she also wants to sit in my new kate spade bag (got it for my birthday from mini mo). it's sort of a baskety thing and tinker thinks it's a little dog bin. so...the big shabby chair i got brought upstairs from the library - though pretty darn big - will not accomodate me, my un-dog and her kate spade dog den in a way that also allows for any designin' of doo dads. so i have had to arrange everything so that the three of us (me, tink and kate) can sit on the shabby couch surrounded by many macs.

anyway, seems during the move i didn't do a very good job with my networkin and let me tell you i have been workin all night to get things movin along.

and if that wasn't enough....wait til you hear what that tracy squirrel right above me , tink and kate is up to.....we are havin quite a time with unwanted guests...and i'm not referring to cousin jo!

anyway...i need to get back and finish page two of the site so it will be ready when you show up for the latest doo dads. i'll be back later today to tell you all about the damn squirrel and what's been keepin me away from bloggin....hope you enjoy the new orphans!