bloggin' under the influence...

mo's orphans week three

...i probably shouldn't blog under the influence of advil. mini mo and i have both been pretty sick this last week. it has felt like the flu but i have been told by a number of know-it-alls that it is not the season for it...and EVERYONE knows that i am NEVER out of season. i just wasn't aware that illnesses HAD seasons or i wouldn't have suggested it's what i must be feelin'.

mini's illness is really odd and has taken many different turns. it appeared the same as mine for many days and now it's all in the latin - and i don't mean the latin word for whatever this un-flu thing we have is. she seemed to be on the mend while watching star wars in the television on all the time room but when reminded that she has two latin finals to take tomorrow, she got just sicker than i've ever seen her poor thing. then after studying really hard for about 15 minutes, the phone rang and talkin' to gigi had a miraculous healin' effect upon her but then the call ended and the out of season malady reappeared. when her no help what-so-ever daddy asked her to go out to eat with him, she was healed again and was dressed in her style du jour in no time flat complete with ever so carefully applied make-up. i hear them pullin' up outside now so we'll see how her illness is coming together after a evening dining out with i'm sure a little shoppin' since her no-help-what-so-ever daddy has to hear a cash register ring at least three times a day and i do believe he's behind on his goal for it bein' so late in the evenin'.

anyway, i wanted to thank so very many of you for writin' to tell me that i wasn't the only woman in the world to have chosen a man with a few peculiar habits. i do feel so much better about it all now.i can't help but ponder that it certainly would be an easier world on us all if we felt like we could admit these things out loud more often. you know - you watch television or read all those oh so helpful magazines tellin' you how you should this and you should that and you start to feel you are the only person alive who most certainly agrees that she should but for some unknown reason just CAN'T.

i didn't tie it all in together until i started hearin' from so many of you - about having men in your lives just as peculiar as the one i have - but i had the best week about a month or so ago. i felt like i had grown up to be a pretty good person, my messy piles weren't gettin' to me as much - as long as there was a path here or there to hop my way through - and my thighs weren't seemin' to be all that disgustin' on the days i didn't make 'em work harder than hoppin' from path top path, mini's dad looked a little more like the prince charmin' of the olden days and i felt like my fear of the body snatcher was completely reasonable and acceptable. i also didn't have the constant terror of all the diseases that were waitin' to jump on me and cause me a long drawn out horrible death - or even just disfigurement. i didn't feel depressed about the many, many terrifyin' things befallin the world and how all those terrifying things were winging' their way to my front door, to wait for me to open it up at which time i would be gobbled alive by all of 'em at once. also, my hair and nails seeemed shiney and strong, as did my floors and i felt my teeth were gleamy, my car the safest ever and black mold wasn't eatin' the walls of my house at an oh so speedy rate.

thinkin' back on it, i felt more optimistic and hopeful about every little thing in my whole wide world. but when those emails started pourin' in, as i was reflectin' on this odd period of time, it hit me. the reason why i felt better was because the super squirrel livin' directly above the shabby couch in the doo dad den had eaten plumb through the TIVO cable that keeps the 300 or so television stations runnin' on the televison in the doo dad den. and that's why, as soon as mini mo's dad realized no one was going to be allowed TIVO access until mine had been re-instated and therefore the squirrel eaten cable was replaced lickety split, all those things that had not been burdenin' me came flyin' back at the speed of light with that one touch of the remote. i have, since this realization, tried to do a test to see if keeping the TIVO off made those good positive feelins' return...but really - who could perform such a feat with such outstanding programming available for viewin' - viewin' such as old washed-up and washed-out celebrities a singin' and a dancin' like they've been doin' lately during this new season. can you i ask?

anyway, i mention this not only to thank all you others for admitting you too had chosen life long partners who could be a bit odd at times but also because while i've been sick, i have poked around into blogdom and came away quite distressed at some of the beatins many other women were giving themselves. oooh it made me so didn't matter what amazin' things they have accomplished, they let the things they HADN'T achieved cancel just about everything else out. it was really just horrible to think that we do this to ourselves.

hopefully you can follow the circles i am probably creating through today's bloggin' although if you can't please let's blame it on the effect of the advil okay? anyway, i think we all need to be a little more honest with each other so we can each be less hard on ourselves.

cousin jo thinks it has a lot to do with all the scrappin' everybody sees of everyone else's. she's dead set on starting a scrappin' gallery called 'true life treasures -trails and tales of the trailer park'. she says it's time some real life comes oozing through on some scrapbook pages. cousin jo thinks that if you look at all the pretty pages day after day of all the wonderful lives everyone else is living that it could truly make you feel like you were a pretty big loser. she said the only example she could find of true life (and she admitted she hadn't dug too deep yet) was a layout of when betted admitted she didn't have candles for her grandson's birthday cake - of course by the time betted scrapped this unfortunate event, it looked pretty good to me and i felt we should all forget the candles from now on. she also showed me a few scrappy events in some forums that occurred when someone did get a little too close to reality on a page or two and was made to feel like they had pretty much offended everyone by letting the unfortunate real events in their lives show through a little too much in their scrappin'.

anyway, i'm not sure if cousin jo's plan to have dodie doolittle scrap some pages on her husband tryin' to run her down with the lawnmower for lettin' her old beau j.t. rudesil wink in her direction or there bein' a colorful spread about darla flanagan teachin' her 6th grade classmates how to make smoke rings with her dad's marlboros is a good idea or not. i just really don't know. but what i do think would be nice is if we all knew we wouldn't be judged poorly if every once in a while we could admit to wishin' we had a best friend just like ourselves - with all the same faults and flaws and disires and dislikes - just so we'd not feel we were the only ones alive that knew for certain that we should this and we should that, but for some unknown reason just CAN'T and if there was someone else to know this with us, we'd feel it just wasn't so important afterall. but now i'm sayin' all this under the influence of advil - which i do think i've heard might kill you if not taken a t a certain time a day - so i might just be wrong all the way around.

anyway, what i really popped out of my sick bed (or shabby couch actually) to blog about was... there's a whole new batch of orphans looking' for good homes over at this week, bein' so close to the day to show appreciation for fathers, even the odd ones we so adore, the orphans are honoring mini mo's daddy as well as all the others that we just couldn't live without, even when they are at their most peculiar.

thank you for stoppin' by and i do so hope you will keep sendin' me your thoughts.


Susan said...

Um, WOW!!!!!!!

I THINK I followed you through most of your musin'...

I'll comment again when it's settled in and I've read your blog a few more times...but I agree - I'd LOVE to see real life scrappin' done!!

As soon as my friend sends me the pics - I have to scrap Melissa and the mud pile...

Please take care of yourself and Mini-Mo and know we're all here in our trailers and real lives waiting for a little Mo sunshine in OUR lives that you bring us!!

Rebecca said...

HHmmmm maybe I should do that layout of those hairs my husband leaves me on the sink everyday!Or the mountians of dishes on my sinkthat I keep myself from doing because of all my scrapping hehehehe.I think I've been inspired!

BetteD said...

way to go mo!! if advil has the kind of effect that causes one to honestly reflect on things-then we all better run out and get some! but turning off TIVO has an even better effect. i pretty much stopped watching it years ago[although dh has it on constantly whenever he's around] and i found out that not everyone had picture perfect houses-all the time and beautiful, delightful, well behaved children-all the time. also found out that most people aren't obsessing about who to jump into the sack with and whether the one they're in the sack with is also in the sack with someone else.and that kids aren't smarter than their parents and actually look to their parents for guidance. and that most products out there pretty much work the same, tho i have my favorites-which i found out for myself without some perfect ad person telling me over and over how much better their stuff is than everybody elses. life is much better for me now that i know i don't have to be perfect and that i have accomplished some things in my life [some things i'm proud of and some things i'm not] and yes there's lots more to be done-and i'll get to it - as soon as i'm done scrapping all these pictures! LOL!
this my favorite stopping off place on the web -your musings are funny, creative and often thought provoking.
Thanks for the beautiful new doodads!! I'm off to check 'em out now and see what scrumptious things are in there. (you're also awesomely generous)

Tracy (MacysMommy) said...

Thank you so much Mo for this week's 'Daddy Orphans' and the thoughtful reminders. I so hope that you and the MiniMo both have a more permanent recovery from your illnesses of late. The spontaneous recovery/relapse syndrome sounds very familiar.

I will keep Cousin Jo's new gallery in mind as I search for the prettiest photos in the digital stack of over 5,000. Of all those pics I have only two of DD crying. While she is an angel, I don't think that two photos is an accurate representation. In real life I like to try and see the humor in those not-so-pretty moments. Too bad I didn't have a picture of me in line at the bank last week in my slippers - although Cousin Jo wouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary in that photo.

Well, I must have a few photos of DD showing her Daddy's genes... off to search!

Shabby Miss Jenn said...

Applaude applaude for the famous sick doodad creationist who while yet sick on shabby deathbed, still manages to keep the great old men alive and honored this week!!!!

Little miss Jenn's daddy arrived home to see a lovely clean cut shaven shabby daddy award on his ibook. How appropriate for this week being the celebration of daddies!!! I really do love making lo's for these famous ones who through thick and thin manage to come home from a long days work, pick up the apron, mop some floors while feeding a baby with the other hand, they inspire me!!! Thank you for making this most handsome kit especially for them!

These darn squirrels..what will we do with them. I might be able to send my cat "diablo" over for a quick meal and he might be able to solve your dilemna. I am sure he'd be happy to put squirrel on his top list after lizards, birds and rodents.

As for your shabby couch, only a queen of scrapbooking rests on a lilypad devine as that. The shabby flavors do come out of the couch and into those talented fingers of yours to make us the ever so clever doodads!

Well after that marvelous alpha I got this morning from cousin jo, no wonder she is so popular. She is one very talented lady who I absolutely ponder how she gets her hair so beautifully "poofy" all the time. Will you please ask her to share her salon secrets on her big hair art? Does she use a particular brand of hairspray to get it so poofy?? Perhaps Aquanet...the king of all stiffness!

Well I hope you have a wonderful day in Shabbydome! I am off to see the Wizard of Haircuts to trim up my darling daredevils hair. Have a wonderful day! Of course huge kisses to you and minimo...remind her that summer is near!!! :)

smoooooooooooches from miss jenn

Shawnery said...

I appreciate your honesty. I still have the problem about believing things have to be perfect, but I am working on it. While I was doing my schooling to learn to help couples and families and couples have happier lives, I thought there was no way that I could help other people have these perfect lives described in the pages of my textbooks when I didn't have this perfect life with my dear hubbie. I then realized, after doing some inner thinking and serious talking with friends, that there is no such thing as those perfect lives in the textbooks and that the textbook makers probably wrote about those perfect lives in the hope that they, too, would have perfect lives. I also discovered that many of the people in my field of study, who are supposed to help couples stay together and be happy, ended up splitting from their own partners. I decided it must be because of the perfect textbook lives that everyone that goes to these classes learns to expect and from that point on I learned to love my hubbie for all his imperfections, and thankfully, my dear hubbie still loves me despite all my imperfections.
You have such a way with words and I am so glad that you have posted this blog about the importance of being honest with ourselves, and not so harsh. It would be great if everyone could live that way.

Shawnery said...
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Billie said...

Bravo, Mo! Yours isn't the first blog I've read, pleading with us, as a collective, to try to be a little more honest in our scrapbooking! Why, I've tried.. i've scrapped some of the events in my life that a generation before me would never have been spoken above a whisper. BUT I'm also just as guilty of searching through the stack of photos (I'm usually picky most about photos of myself....) and finding the BEST one of the group, then writing about how fa-la-la-loverly the day was, not how I yelled at everyone to keep their shoes clean, and how obsessed I've become with lighting, forcing everyone to stay clean and pressed for hours on end, until the sunlight will be better suited for photos, FUN and PLAY be-damned!

Here's to you, Mo, and to my other dear friends, with whom I'm learning I'm the SAME as everyone else, and that we are all just getting along in life, doing the best we can for those we love.

mossymama said...

Thanks for the wonderful blog, I had missed reading your musings of late. I hope you and mini-mo start feeling better soon. My greatest sympathies for mini-mo, that Latin flu is the WORSE! I should know, I took two years of latin in high school and one year at the university. I was sick all the time.

Janna said...

My dd got a hold of my digital camera & took a picture of my messing laundry room. So maybe I might scrap it and show my honestly mess laundry room because I hate doing laundry and would rather do digi scrapbooking

Sandra said...

Bravo Mo!

I'm with you! I actually have a gallery all my own where I post those pages which might be offensive to others. Experience is what colors our life and the more color the better. I am certain that when I am 83 I will look back and remember all the moments, not just the "good" ones. As I sit in my rocking chair I will laugh about yelling at my husband for messing up the pretty towels in the bathroom or the time my daughter built a swing out of a shelf from her bookshelf. Life is messy and it's meant to be that way. We all just need to see that we are glorious beings just as we are. No additives or preservatives necessary. (I'm only 25 so I reserve the right to change my mind about the preservatives.)


P.S. I have it on good word that the FLU is still alive and well this season so don't cout it out. :)

Seuss said...

Mo (and Mini Mo too...)
Best wishes to the both of you! Get well soon... I personally would rather have pneumonia or the like, than have a case of the flu. Anything that disturbs your gut can't be good!

On a happier note thanks once again for the wonderful "orphans" you've graciously gathered for us to adopt. What classic dudes!

On the note of scrapping a few of those less sightly moments that occur in all of our lives. I'm sure it would cause others in the scrapping circles we frequent, to see that we too have very "reality based" lives. A life of only "Kodak Momemts" would get boring pretty fast!

Although, you'd have to admit a little touch-up w/Photoshop can do wonders for a girl's hips!

I do admit to taking pictures of my adolescent children's bedrooms at times. This is with the express intention of painting them an accurate scrapbook picture of the ' way it was' when they were teens.

Somehow memory washes that one away real quick.... besides when they send me to the Raisin Ranch (that place they often tell me they are sending me to, when dementia really sets in...) I want them to have some good documentation as to the reasons I'm there!

Janisphx said...

First a great big heart felt thank you for the "orphans" that you so graciously had for adoption. Beautiful as always.

Talking about a not so perfect mate, well, I have one of those, too, but then again so does he.

I will have to give some thought to Cousin Jo's gallery.

Hope you and Mini-Mo are feeling better. The Latin Flu is a strange disease it can just come and go at the most unexpected times.


Nananana said...

I sitting here on my comfortable waterbed, laptop in tow, watching the television news anchor 'peddle' two cute little boys whose only wish in life is for someone to 'love' them. Their caseworker said, "they need someone to have fun with". Two brothers, all fluffed up in white shirts and ties, huge grins covering their pages (they would have so cute on a brothers page) begging for someone to give them a home.
Your blog, my friend, has given me cause to reflect on my life and career. I have spent 26+ years working with children raising children. Folks who's only want is llife is not unsimilar to that of the children I saw on the tube. "I just want to be loved". "I want to be accepted". "I want a real friend". These are women mostly who have spent their lives on a simple quest, but never finding the answer. Yet, in those oh so few moments, when I feel a client has actually been able to change her life and consequently the lives of her children, well those are the precious moments when I am touched by the truth that life can and should be good. Who was it that said the world would be a much better place if we were just a little kinder to each other and maybe hold hands when we cross the streets? Thank you, Mo, for taking the time to give us all food for thought about the realities of life. Perhaps it's time for each of us to care for our cyber sisters, to forgive when and where we can, to make life in our homes and communities just a little better!
Thanks too your for your genuine kindness in sharing your awesome creativity.
"Happy Birthday" to you, sweet thing!

BetteD said...

God bless You Nananana!! Love is the answer - and it always has been! How heartbreaking that anyone has to beg to be loved and accepted. We can't all go and adopt those children-but we can all be a little more accepting and kind to those around us. It's something that I'm going to try and do a little more of in the future.

Nananana said...

Don't ya'll hate it when you forgot to note something you really wanted to include? With reference to Betted's birthday lay out when she admitted she forgot the candles, I would add this. The look of pure joy on that grandbaby's face shows me that someone REALLY loves him, and well, who really cares about candles. I have looked repeatedly at most of you talented scrapper's web pages (me, I'm a novice, with so much to learn. So I look and ponder a lot). Anyways, Betted's pages have always been overflowing with love of family which in my opinion is priceless. Thanks to all of us for your willing to share your talents with the rest of us kids....

Remember, why don't we each end this week by either making a new friend or by refreshing and old friendship that may need just a little tweaking :)

BetteD said...

Well i think its about time somebody cleared up the confusion about what mo was saying and what nana is trying to elaborate on in her beautiful comments. it's really a credit to those who didn't fully pick up on this-because it shows that me posting LO's of my beautiful black grandchildren and my youngest daughter with Downes Syndrome really didn't faze them much-if at all. but what mo was trying to say [IMO]was it's okay if there's a mixed marriage in your family-it's okay if there's a handicapped person who may not look so pretty to the rest of the world-but looks beautiful to you-its okay if there's poverty in your family or background -or your house and furniture and car may not be as nice as what they show on tv and its also okay if you do have a lovely home and beautiful family. Because essentially we're ALL the same we just want love and acceptance from others--and we can't really get that from others until we're more honest with others.

I don't know who you are nana-but i sure would love to!!

and mo-what can i say except that i love you to pieces!!

Queue_t said...


for a Happy birthday and a speedy recovery from your flu-like symptoms, will log on later and get a few orphans at home.

I put a few layouts on my blog with your little treasures. Thanks again. Tamara