happy birthday jo!

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jos love shack on wheelshappy birthday cousin jo

it had to happen sooner or finally escaped from the doo dad den and realized enough time had passed since i chained her to the doo dad deliverin machine that it was now her birthday. i hate to admit it but i would have let her continue to go unkowin what the calendar was sayin for at least another 24 hours...that's all i needed to figure out the couple of glitches we accidently forced upon a few doo dad devotees, get em corrected and 'upped' to be 'downed'...then i promise i was goin to release her.

it was gettin a lil scary anyway - we had slept so little we were actually gettin used to layin our heads down only every other time we saw there was no sun shinin through the doo dad den's french doors - altho we have taken to closin em up because of the super tracy squirrel, dressed in the bitty baby clothes stolen from the attic, just sittin on the railing of the balcony starin at us. i swear that squirrel was a human in a past life - and quite a fashionable one i must admit. how else can you explain a squirrel knowing how to match up all the different pieces to the outfits and figurin out how to sort a put the bitty clothes on? i have been beggin mini mo's daddy to go up in the attic with the camera - but he knows if my suspicions are correct, we'd have to move right away. see, i think this squirrel is so smart it has probably even arrange all bitty's lil doll furniture up there and is livin a fine life. no one believes me but really, no one has been payin much attention to me lately anyway.

mini's daddy is plottin out one of his big productions and is mostly ponderin and mini...well..let me just say the body snatcher is nobody me and mini mo would have ever had anything to do with back when the real mini was still livin here. i have to admit that i have been really sad about the whole affair and think it is probably a good thing that i decided to try to kill both cousin jo and myself with that crazy idea of showin my great appreciation for all the support i have received from everyone by offerin my doo dads at a once in my whole lifetime discounted price.

and kill us i might've done if we didn't both like livin so much more. it wasn't that it would have been so hard for anybody else. but try putting two women together who both have ADD and who are constantly competin to see who can make the other one laugh so hard they turn purple and add to that a fancy dressed squirrel terrorizin em from all sides eatin away the internet from time to time and a lil un-dog who is used to bein carried instead of walkin on her own - well - that alone is more than enough....but then hurl a zillion doo dad orders at em - not one alike in which doo dads they want or where they will go or anything...and well.... it's a time we won't ever forget.

i kept thinkin i would make it back here during the melee but i just knew one of you who thought you had waited just a bit too long for those doo dads you ordered would think...why on earth is that woman typin away on that blog rather than gettin my doo dads packed up and headed in my i waited until we had most all the orders on their way and until i had more emails ordering me to blog than to deliver doo dads....then the last couple a days i had people who were wating for doo dads tell me to forget theirs for the time bein and blog instead. so with jo's escape and all the i am.

i must try to get some sleep so i have the energy to bake up a cake or two for jo's birthday. i think we have both earned a whole triple decker each even though we have more to do. and those two bossy chicks who love me too much for my own good are crackin the whip for me to get a temporary site up so the doo dads can be delivered via download so i don't actually really end up droppin prematurely in a dead heap. i just really hate it not bein perfect but i will have to give in so you can expect some sort of ugly forced upon me thing shortly but until then jo is still sending out the doo-dad-a-logs around the clock. she does tend to skip a request now and then so just yell at her if you sent your buck to paypal and are still missin yours.

two things before i go.... as for the lovely art accompanyin this first blog in over a was created by the oh so talented zahra and tracy in honor of cousin jo's birthday. why, you ask, is fabio featured so boldly in them? it is not because jo likes "i can't believe it's not butter." is not the reason. see, cousin jo loves fabio whateverhislastnameis. i always knew she had a fondness for this man i consider to be rather ape like in appearance but i had no idea how deep her affection ran until i made the mistake of tellin her how i dialed the wrong number one day and the number i ended up dialin just happened to be his. i spent maybe a good 30 minutes or so havin a conversation with the man of jo's dreams. i have no idea what we were talking about because i couldn't make out a word he said - i told jo i thought maybe that bird he crashed into on that rollercoaster might have done some damage but she says he just has a heavy accent. whatever...i pretended i understood at the time and who knows what i committed to cause it sounded like he thought i was someone he was expectin to make a delivery or fix somethin. anyway, i made the misitake of tellin jo about it and have paid for it dearly ever since. i swear at least five times a day she asks me to dial the number i was aimin for when i got him instead. i must admit i tried to do it myself right after talkin to him...just for fun. but she's dead serious. thank goodness there's no way she can find out his address as i'm sure she'd be pullin that hunk of junk of hers smack dab up in front of his house and he'd have to get a restrainin order against her and i hate to be selfish but she needs to stay here and help me with the doo dads and i don't have time to go bail her out of the fancy beverly hills jailhouse either. anyway, i guess today since it is her birthday i'll be doin lots of mis-dialin on her's the least i can do since she's been so good to me.

then the last thing...a big thanks to all of you not only for showin your doo dad devotion through all the emails and doo dad desirin via orders but also for your incredible patience while jo and i figured out how to get our act together to get those lil fellas on their way. if yours haven't arrived yet they will shortly and if you get worried about em, just shoot us an email and we'll find em for you. and since we did make a few lil errors durin the learning curve, please know we are good for all of em and will fix any 'do that can't dad'. i have to say, you have all been incredible. what is most amazin is discoverin that scrappers must be the most honest group there you doo dad orderers know, the one thing we got around to maybe only once or twice was ask for any money. it was the least of our concerns. but every single order that should have been paid for so far has...without any request from me! i think that's amazing beyond words. i only know this because paypal sends the lil announcement to tell me when some is sent....i still haven't been over there to look as i really haven't had time. so thank you for that too...maybe there will actually be enough to pay for all the cds we ruined when jo put the labels on the BURNED side and they all had to be re-done or all the labels that printed out backwards or all the ones we spilled coffee on or for all the priority mail labels...but whether they do or not really doesn't matter because what i really hope is that all your doo dads and the bits of extra stuff we tried to send arrive and that you feel as appreciated as i wanted you to and that you'll be as excited to see all the new doo dads just waitin in my hard drive for their debut as i will be to show em to you. so...once again...a big ol thank you from me to you!

okay - a few zzzzzzs are in order as i have a full day of cakes and dialin wrong numbers ahead of me....i'll be back tomorrow to tell you what you can look forward to in the orphan department in the comin week and hopefully post all the layouts you have been sending me. until then....