a year of doo dad'n....

my friend miss leslie, originally uploaded by mo jackson.

well...i must say i am deeply sorry to all of you doo dad devotees who have delivered to me your disturbance and great disappointment in my doo dads previous downloaders for doin their darn best to destroy any sign that this designer's doo dads were ever delivered for great deals of dollars at their doins. seems they put forth a great deal of effort to erase any sign of me ever participatin in their business over the past year. and by doin that, they wiped all your beautiful art work from their gallery if was made up of mostly my doo dads. i apologize to you from the bottom of my heart.

i promise if i had known this is what they had planned i would have alerted you before hand. i don't think they were intendin to cause you any harm. and i doubt they meant to do me harm. i just think their lack of business experience got in the way of good decision makin.

you know, it was almost exactly a year ago that i started designin my doo dads for delivery via download. the place where i chose to place the lil guys was just startin up and there were but a handful of designers. everything was always okay and they were always really good about me comin close to missin the deadline every week. i did fine designin but i'd always save that sortin and filin til the very end and that's when my ADD would be a doo dadder's worst nightmare!

they were always pretty patient about tellin me where i had forgotten somethin or whatever. and while their effort was much always much appreciated i didn't feel i was undeservin cause my doo dads did do the job i promised em they would do! so while i know i was sort of a pain from time to time and maybe didn't exactly fall in line the way they wished i would, i think they felt the extra effort was worth it for em.

and designin those doo dads for all of you really helped me through a really hard year and i have tried to thank each of you i have gotten to know for this and tried to let the duo know as often as i could too. it wasn't just all that time recoverin from takin care of my dear lil mom while she was so sick or even tryin to get over the loss of her. no - that was plenty bad enough.... it just seemed every time things felt a lil better there'd be something else.

if you have never been through losin a parent well let me tell you buster - if you have just one lil ol sibling with a ounce of misbehavin in em then hang on cause you're in for a rollercoaster of a ride! and if you have two bossy sisters you spent most of your life bein scared to ruffle even one feather on, well you better hope you too can find some doo dad type activity to help keep you sane! man oh man - i didn't know whether to laugh or cry half the time but i must admit, i did end up chosing the cryin for the most part.

if you throw in to the mix a dear brother who is tap dancin as fast as he can to keep the oldest one and the youngest one from clawin each others eyes out or joinin in together to murder the middle one (me) in her sleep - well - what you got all together is one really entertainin made for t.v. sort of tacky movie of the week except not one of those they show during sweeps season with the really big'd be one of those maybe crammed in after a basketball game or whatever to fill in til the news comes on....with maybe valerie bertinelli...along those lines.

anyway - it was a doozie of a year and as i have said many times, those doo dads helped me make it through. especially when i realized just about the time i was startin to feel like my old self again, that body snatcher had taken over my adored mini mo. and i have never admitted it but guess i might as well do so now - i think she brought a really crazy older snatcher with her that sometimes takes over mini mo's dad. i mean - i have heard that men go through some sort of midlife whatever but i never heard the symptoms includin wantin to buy an old el camino and grow long sideburns and think it might be a good idea to fire the gardeners and do the work himself (that lasted a week before new ones were thankfully located). i guess all that still is better than those men who want to relive their youth during which ginger shows up (the 24 year old with the perfect body who steals husbands for their money) and the two of em drive off in an un-el camino into the sunrise.

so regardless of how it all turned out, the year spent deliverin my doo dads to the downloadin duo was a good one. i do think they mean well and i am hopeful that with some more experience under their belt they will put a little more thought into decisions made that can end up rakin up rukkuses or creatin' dilemmas like that doo dadn' one that could have been avoided if handled earlier and much differently. and think a little more about how it might feel to be encouraged to buy their goods with hard earned money and then do em all up real pretty like and then take the time to carefully place in the gallery they want you to use to help them bring in more doo dad dollars and watch daily to see what other people think of your hard work and get so excited if someone takes the time to add a lil comment or two...maybe they might learn to think about how it might feel to do all that which they really encourage and which they really benefit from....and then how it feels for them to just take it all away without even tellin you first that they were gonna do so.

like i said, i don't think they meant harm - i really think they just didn't think about how it would feel. if they had i really don't think they would have done it the way they did it - and who knows - maybe once they got the emails a few of you were gonna send their way they undid what was done and will say it was just a big misunderstandin. and as for how it appears they feel about me - well - i'm sure they would have figured out how to deal with my outspoken and not always on time ways and me always asking all the questions everybody wanted to ask but were afraid to etc. etc. etc. if i had decided to stay. but when they weren't willin to put forth much of an effort to make me feel i was appreciated for my contribution, i felt it was best to go on and doo dad some place else.

so we'll all just move on from it and wish em luck and wish me luck and us all luck and hope we all live happily ever doo dadn' and digitally after. last thing we need right now is another pea throwin doo dadn' dilemma.

so, to wrap this one all up nice and neat....i am sorry all your beautiful work seemed to disappear because of my choice to move on and i will certainly do my best to make the disappoijntment up to you.... and i thank each and every one of you - includin the downloadin duo - for everything you gave to me over the past year and for all the wonderfully nice things you said to me about my art even when i needed the new glasses but didn't know i needed them and i want you to know hown grateful i am for all the incredible friends this doo dadn' has brought into my life and that i look forward to many more good times to be shared with you.

i am putting as the art for this bit of blog layouts from two wonderful artist's whose work containin my doo dads looks to have been removed from the gallery. they have both been very loyal customers to my art as well as many others at the store and i think it's the least little bitty thing i can do to show them they are much appreciated. thank you miss bette and miss leslie!