happy birthday tinkerbell!

Tink'sTwo, originally uploaded by mo jackson.

i have never really been much interested in animals of any kind. growin up we always had pets but down south pets live outside so i don't even remember much about the ones we had except maybe their names. we always had some dogs and had a horse too. when my adored brother didn't ride his unicycle to school, he rode dixie, our horse. this wasn't long enough ago that this was the typical way to travel to get your daily dose of readin and writin - the horse or the unicycle - but my dear brother, like me, has never been afraid of bein different from everybody else.

i tried my best to take a likin to the horse but queenie, my sister, got to decide how the beast would be split up among the three of us (she always got to decide everything because she was goin to marry prince charles and be a real queen one day). she assigned my brother the head so he had to get the thing fed, assigned me the back end so i had to pick up the manure and in her queenly fashion, assigned herself the middle so she got to decide who got to ride it when and for how long. the combination of shovelin the manure and breakin my good arm fallin off ol dixie made me resign my end of the horse to the other two early on. my father had insisted i give the trick ridin a whirl. he had once been a rodeo cowboy himself and maybe hoped one of us would follow in his boot prints. but i fell after just a few tries and never got back on that thing again.

dogs were always on the top of my list of useless animals but i seemed to be the only one around with these feelins. where i grew up EVERY family had at least two and they were all allowed to roam free and make friends with all the other dogs. one of the things coach litton included when teachin us driver's ed after school was how to drive down a residential street without hittin one of the packs of dogs that would chase your car and that to avoid gettin your elbow nipped, not to rest your arm where it poked out the driver's window.

i do believe every boyfriend i ever had came with a canine attached to em and while i tolerated the furry creatures i never felt the overwhelming need to pet em and such. they were just somethin i had to put up with while i was bidin my time datin and waitin for prince charming and his safety fetish to come along and sweep me off my feet (bringin along with him his two vicious weiner dog - willie and wall e.). and while i could tolerate having to date a dog to date the owner, i would of dumped both if the dog ever showed up in any sort of clothing.

i developed a serious dislike of any animal lookin like they were tryin to be human early in life. besides mighty mouse who i loved but only got to watch occasionally when queenie allowed since flicka was on at the same time, i have never been able to watch cartoons because most of em consisted of animals dressed like humans and doin human things. they all gave me the creeps. especially that big yellow bird and any of the ones ruled by that mouse with the creepy voice that lived out in california in his own land. who would have ever guessed that one day i would actually find myself smack dab in the middle of both of em, being forced to hold their furry hands and that the rodent would end up breakin my foot by steppin on it with his big ol human shoes. as much as i dislike him for his greed and desire to dress in fancy human clothes i have to say it wasn't his fault - they make midgets climb in those hot as hell humans-playing-animals-dressed-like humans costumes and those big ol heads are just to hard to see through to know where their fake feet are goin.

anyway, i was pretty sure when the time came for me to be layin on my death bed, i'd be able to claim i had never had a pet and never seen a 'star wars' or 'star trek' movie - never cared much for aliens either though i think i've written here someplace that gigi's daddy was in one or another of the star treks so hopefully he won't be standin by my death bed when the time comes as he might take this announcement personally.

havin now confessed to all this, you can understand how every day i look at my little tinkerbell and wonder how on earth it came to be that she belongs to me, mo - disliker of dogs. and to top that, i can't imagine what happened to me that not only am i a dog owner but i have one that is better dressed than i ever am or have ever been.

it's hard to believe that this beloved little 3 pounds of hair (tink's breed doesn't have fur - they have actual hair - not sure the difference but thought i'd share that bit of dog info with you) is turnin two. i was tryin to remember what happened to make me do such a complete turnaround in the pet department. afterall, once prince charmins vicious weiner dogs were safely tucked in their little cremation canisters on the shelf of honor in the library, god rest their mean little souls, they were quickly replaced with lady bird, lucy bird, fred w., wilma and betty so there was really no need to add any more pesky pets. i'm thinkin it was around time my mom got so sick and when i realized mini's feet were draggin across the floor when i hefted her up to carry her to bed. i shared my pendin desire with mini who was delighted i might want a dog and she asked me to describe for her the dog of my dreams. i told her i wanted one that would fit in my purse, would always look like a baby and would love one that was completely round like a ball so it could just roll around . she quickly drew up a sample of my description and even made me a life sized one out of paper mache. that seemed to do the trick and meet all my new dog desires and then i sort of forgot about it.

but when christmas rolled around what did i find in my stockin but the cutest lil round dog i'd ever seen. and since then i don't go anywhere i can't take her, ridin along in my purse. some places say they don't allow dogs but most times jo or i can convince them she is a seein eye dog or is in charge of the money. the only place that turned us away so far is wal-mart and i am secretly delighted that i now have a good excuse for not attendin jo's hour long treks to the only one available in our area.

it's hard to believe how much happiness this tiny creature has brought to me. she arrived just in the nick of time to help fill the void left by my dear mom's departure and the invasion of mini's body snatcher. i can't even imagine how different i would feel if i didn't have her. so...i guess i have to admit i am now among the many people who fall into the category of dog lovers. if i had even the slightest bit of doubt, it quickly faded when watchin all the sadness on the t.v. after the first hurricane, and feelin just horrible but not yet givin in to my emotions, i caught sight of the little white dog that assumed it could follow it's owner on the bus takin the evacuees to their unknown destination. but as it's little paws reached the steps to hop into the bus, the door slammed shut and drove off leaving the poor little thing all alone. my heart broke into a million little pieces right then and there and i still cry every time i think about that image. i'm sure my tears are not just for the little dog. this image was and is just a perfect illustration of how it is possible for our biggest fear to actually come to life - our world as we know it up and disappearrin without any notice. and that's what was happening to the little dog and the little boy who had to leave it behind and all the other people on that bus along with all the thousands who had their lives as they knew em washed away overnight.

mini's daddy ended up telling me some wild story about how the little dog was rescued and taken to it's owner but i fear it was another one of his attempts to keep me from agonizin over the sufferin that goes on in the world. sort of like when i wanted to see 'shindler's list' and he made a copy of it for me to watch that ended up bein a story about some families takin a trip on a train and it not being the best vacation they ever had but was no where near the devastatin movie i had anticiapted or when he and mini tried to block oprah from the doo dad den's t.v. so that i wouldn't be in total despair every afternoon when they arrived home from work and school.

anyway....i thought tinkerbell deserved to have her big day honored with a bit of bloggin. the lovely art posted above was created by my dear friend tracy usin a shot of tink, in my lap and nestled in her little nest of pink lace. thank you missy tracy - from both me and tink.

just a bit of news for anyone who has signed up for my site or is waitin for somethin or wonders why the mo entry site, shop and gallery are all screwed up... i had a sort of bandit do some serious damage to everything last night and am workin hard to get everything back to where it was. i hope you will be patient with me with me while i try to get everything sorted out. a big thanks to all of you who have written today. it has really made me feel better about the whole ordeal.

i better get back to cleanin up the big ol mess - thank you for stoppin by the blog and i hope you will come often!


hollie h said...

Mo, I am so sorry to hear this. It's such a shame that there are such jealous, mean spirited people out there. You have been nothing but kind, funny and generous to us all. I hope you know that your fans adore you and appreciate all you do to help make our memories works of art.

Happy Birthday Tink. My your day be filled with doggy bone wishes and chewy toy dreams.

Tracy (MacysMommy) said...

Happy Birthday Miss Tinkerbell! Your birthday sweater is almost as cute as your birthday suit!

So, so sorry that some small person/peoples with no life whatsover are so jealous of your success, Mo, that they devote their time to trying to sabotage it. I think they would be much better served using that time to take a good look a themselves. Their paltry doings can not diminish the comradery and fun we have here. Now, let's eat some of Tink's birthday cake!! :)

Janna said...

Happy birthday Tinckerbell!

I still do not understand the low life that messed up your fantastic
web page!!!


Seuss said...

Happy BirthdaY(Dog-day)to you Tink!

May your food dish always be full and your puppy dreams be good ones!

Mo, I'm so sorry to hear about your site... it's incredibly sad to see what depths people will sink to!! (even scrappers... who are generally pretty nice people)

Don't worry, you and your doo dads are worth waitin for... we'll be here when you're up and running again!

I'm a big believer in "what goes around comes around..." I don't know that hearing that doesn't help much when you've got a big old mess to clean up, but it does help me go forward... which is what I'm wishin for you!

It's so good to hear your blog voice again! I missed you alot!
Keep on keeping on...

sue said...

Happy Birthday dear Tink! And my heart goes out to you Mo! It still always comes as a shock that people can be so mean. I agree--your site, your art and your thoughts are indeed worth waiting for.

Jan said...

Happiest of birthdays, Tinkerbell, from me, and from my furry companions, Representative and Senator (who are just a bit bigger than you, at about 25 lbs. each, but who also just turned 2 in August!). I dress them up only on holidays, so they have Halloween costumes, Santa hats, and Easter bunny ears. I bought 'em raincoats, too, but they don't have the paitence it takes to put 'em on and off, so they've only worn those once or twice.

I always laugh when I watch Jay Leno, and he shows some outfit for pets, remarking that he thinks dressing pets up is one of the stupidest things on earth. But then he went out and spent a fortune on a spy camera to videotape his cat making phone calls! So, we all have our weaknesses and obsessions, and I really think there's a place in the world for almost everything (except evil and meanness, but you certainly appreciate good and kindness a lot more after experiencing any of the former).

Tink, I'm going to look through my email for a picture my husband sent me of a bunch of rescued dogs from Katrina. The picture was taken on an airplane, and they are one of the happiest bunch of canines I've seen in a long time. You be sure to share it with Mo, so she knows that there are a lot of people helping your kind out, and that many of their stories do have happy endings.

If you were visiting us today, I'd take you down to the 3 Dog Bakery for a birthday biscuit. If I'd have known it was your birthday (ahead of time), I'd have had them bake a cake for you. (Hmmm, sounds like song lyrics there, doesn't it?) They do a bang-up job of helping the whole family celebrate your day of birth. Because, after all, you're a part of the family, too -- not just any ol' animal. And so we'll keep dressing you family members up in your canine finery, and smothering you with other forms of affection, like birthday parties and belly rubs.

My boys got into the Halloween candy the other day, so they've had tummy aches (since they ate the foil wrappers along with what was inside), and they wouldn't feel like celebrating with you today. But they send their best wishes, all the same, with advice to stick to the birthday biscuits, in case you were thinkin' of doin' something similar, like sneakin' into the candy bowl.

Thanks for sharing your birthday with us! We'll look forward to number 3 next year! Woof!


Robin said...

dear mo, tink, mini mo and mini mo's daddy,
you must of all had a fine old time there with the tasty biscuits and party hats for all. I can only say our baby Angel (who is more like a baby than ever in our eyes since he is a big 14 years old this year) understands how necessary it is to put up with the need for puppy parents to dress their four legged family members up in sweaters and such and parade around hanging out of purses for the pleasureof all except for himself who hates sweaters and things that rub his behind too much. He sends his sympathies to tink but knows it is worth it in the end to please his folks and look like he is havin a ball with all this fussin. ' cookies for a good dog' are always worth the wait.
mo, i'm not much of a blogger in the ususal scheme of things but i've recently been followin your site and broken the bank with purchasing your doo dads and the terrible night i got home from workin all day and fired up the old computer and rushed to your site to see the newest doo dad gallery downloads of your fans and found the site closed up was a terrible night indeed. i was so relieved when I got up next mornin and found things in a disaray but at least there was some sign all was going to be well. I send my condolences and all and appreciation for the entertainment you provide in my otherwise all too serious life.
your ardent admirer, rl (aka robin)

Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Happy birthday Tink! I am sure you know how good you have it...being all people like and all. lol Being a HUGE dog person myself, I know how easy it is to spoil you poor furry creatures and get attached without realizing it. Me and my furry children wish you many happy birthdays to come and lots of love.

Judy From Upstate NY said...

Happy Birthday Tink.

I am kind of a (cat) person and so I am a little confused by your photo. Are you looking at us or are you showing us your back?

I love your sweater and wish my (cats) would let me dress them up.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tink! Sorry I am a little behind (just like your pic :), but you look so cute all spiffed up and celebratin. I just think on one's birthday there just can never be too many cakes so I am hoping your family celebrates with wonderful doggie cakes. we already know that you know that you are special, amd awfully cute too. Give Mo extra special hugs today, I am thinkin' she might need them. We love you Tink!

Anonymous said...

sorry but they didn't capture the greetings above were from me, Missy Maggie.

CuShMaN said...

Fun stuff People email me: FW: some more cute critter pics!