too many mos and not enough zzzzzzs

petra pan and tinkerbell

i am too tired to finish the blog i started....so tired i ran an errand in the pourin rain and didn't even notice i had a flat tire....and then forgot my little dog, who has never been left alone, in the car cause i was too tired to notice she had jumped out of my purse into the backseat....

...so tired that when i took a bath hoping to drown my exhaustion and wake myself up some, i washed my hair with tink's hair brightenin shampoo. i haven't looked in the mirror yet to see the effect but both members of my family asked, "what happened to your hair" so i'm not hopeful that it enhanced my natural beauty.

before i fall over into a deep sleep, i thought i better apologize for not getting all the new art uploaded to the doo dad shop today as i had promised and intended. it will indeed appear once i finally get more than two or three hours of sleep.

also wanted to say...when things got all wacky last week because of the bandit alarm goin off, some new and old registrations for the private part of the site went wacky too. if you had been visitin earlier and can't get back in, please email me and i'll take care of it after i get those needed zzzzzzzs. and if you are wantin to come in for the first time, please be sure to send your requested user name and password along with your mailin address to: password_please@mac.com. in light of all the brouhaha last week, i need to verify your mailin address and IP just to make sure i don't welcome the slitherin slug and the bandit back in. once registered, your mailin address will be destroyed, never to be seen again - you won't have to worry about me droppin the body snatcher off for you to finish raisin altho it is a temptin solution. if you have already done this and not heard from me yet, it is because i am waitin until i can keep my eyes open before enterin your info.

since i hate a blog without a view, i have included some art made from 'the haunted house'...altho when added with all those mos above may just be waaaay too many mos for anyone to handle! also is more of 'the haunted house' but this time featuring my girls appearin as petra pan and tinkerbell.

thanks for stoppin by and i will get the blog i planned to log about bandits and slitherin slugs up next. xoxoxoxoxzzzzzzzzzzz


Tracy (MacysMommy) said...

Sweet dreams dear Mo.
I hope Tinkerbell is over the shock of being 'forgotten'. Please tell her that it was nothing personal and things like that happen when your human is sleep-deprived. My oldest niece forgot their dog in the SUV for an hour or so once... and that hound is a standard poodle. Not as easy to overlook as a three pound lace-loving puff ball!
Sleep well and long...

Jan said...

Hope you've been able to get some rest, complete with visions of dancin' doo dads in your dreams! :-)

We'll all be here when you wake up!


wings said...

poor missy mo, i hope you get your sleep. the doo dads can wait.

maybe we should trade body snatchers for awhile, as my 13-year old is drivin me nuts while all the other adults say he's such a fine boy... since i have 4 boys in this house, it would be a pleasure to take a girl shoppin for a change.

i am do danged mad at those do-badders who broke into the store. i don't know if it's your doin or theirs, but i swear that that moon on the home page winked at me the other day. it wasn't leerin or nothin but it shocked me just the same. then again, i need some sleep, too.

sue said...

I understand exactly how you feel Mo! It's our season for concerts and early rides to school and late night projects and I'm exhausted. There's been no artwork flowing from me lately, but soon's I can get beyond this busy season I'll retreat to my desk and putter with my digidesigns once more. Thanks for keeping us up to date!