as the doo dad turns...

i have made doo dads in one form or another my entire life. any of the kind created on paper or capable of movin from place to place and not fallin apart are still here in my home somewhere. i may not have elaborate journalin or scrapbooks to tell my life story, but my doo dads do a pretty good job of givin a visual biography.

i first started usin the computer in the eighties and though the doo dads were still being done by hand, the mac was a nice way to start storin em so that if they all disappeared i'd still have a record of em. it wasn't until i got my first arcus large bed scanner and color laser printer that i started combinin my lifetime of bein an artist with a tad of scannin and a dash of photoshop. since then i have filled three terabyte sized external hard drives plus hundreds of burned dvds with the doo dads i have created combinin talent with technology.

always knowin that the day would come when i would need to fill the hours previously spent motherin doin somethin else, i guess i figured i'd do the fillin by puttin all this doo dad doin and collectin to use somehow. i also always longed to fill books full of my thousands of photos with my life time collection of doo dads as enhancement but any attempt to do so includin glue and scissors was a disaster. i spent more time looking for some bit i had spent an hour creatin and then cleanin up my mess than anything made warranted. i was a miserable failure. i wondered why no one used printed pages for scrapbooks but anytime i inquired about this to my scrapbookin expert sister, i was made to feel i had committed a crime by just usin the words computer and scrapbook in the same sentence.

the path i would follow was set for me when i discovered miss amy's brilliant effort in spreadin the digitally scrapped page into the homes of the world's scrapbookers via her scrapbook-bytes site. i will always feel she should be lauded as the mother of digital scrapbookin and hope that her brilliant idea ends up eventually makin her rich and famous. because of her, many women who would never attempt anything creative have become artists. i think she is single handedly responsible for there bein fewer divorces, less depression and much better mothers because of the gift she has givin to so many. she may also be responsible for the rise in larger female bottoms around the world from all the sittin and scrapbookin but in her defense, she has had many a layout appear on her site encouraging team efforts in self-improvement.

not long after amy's site got so many usin a mouse instead of scissors for scrappin, miss maya took everything into yet another universe by comin out with the first ever cd full of elements (the formal name for my trademarked use of the words doo dads) that could be purchased to use in scrapbookin. her name should end up right there with amy's when the history of digital scrappin is written and i hope she feels she has received the credit she deserves for her role in helpin to bring digital scrappin to the level it has reached today.

anyway, i started my digital pages and continued makin more doo dads and then had to take a break to go back and forth to texas to help my mom. when she died i arrived home for good to find the early signs of body snatchin which added to my enormous feelin of loss. soon i found i could fullfill my need to accomplish many things each day and still feel sorry for myself my just puttin forth the effort needed to push a mouse around. i have never spent much time surfin the web but somehow i discovered the downloadin duo and an artist there whose work seemed to be much like the kind of doo dads i made. i purchased her art out of curiosity and decided since there seemed to be a market for this sort of art, i'd give it a whirl myself. the first six months or so passed by quickly, me fillin my little spot in the store with my flea market finds & flea market babies with some of my beloved alphas and bits thrown in for good measure.

after a while the well-known designer began emailin me and we struck up an email friendship. we shared many day to day experiences. the well-known designer was technically the best i had ever seen and mixed with my sense of whimsy, we appeared to compliment each other. since she liked to spend hours online pokin around to see what other artists were doin, i could count on her to alert me to what was happenin everywhere else and with my business background, she could count on me to share marketin advice and business ideas. with time i came to obtain more of her art either through downloads made available to artists of the store or via purchases made in an effort to show my support for her talents or durin the time we were workin on projects together. along the way i noticed that she did not name her files in a way that they could be easily identified as belongin to her collections. i suggested to her at some point that she might want to change this as it was easy for her files to get mixed in with others, includin my own, and not know where they came from.

durin our time as email pals, we also shared our wish that the downloadin duo would do a better job of keepin over-inspiration from happenin so often among the artists within their store. we were asked not to contact the artists involved on our own so it was frustratin that our pleas continued to fall on deaf ears. it was with this friend's encouragement that i finally wrote about our concern here on my blog. i had even sought her approval before postin the blog since i felt it was somethin that we both felt strongly about. it was quite devastatin that when my little read blog created the infamous doo dad dilemma brouhaha, the well-known designer completely switched positions... maybe she didn't really mind the artists at the store bein allowed to sell work closely resemblin her own and also, maybe her affiliation with me was doin harm to her hard earned reputation. i was very disappointed in her lack of conviction and ability to stand up for what she had appeared to feel so strongly about durin our friendship once it appeared doin so might effect her sales and i honored her request to distance myself from her by publicly takin sole responsibility for what followed.

around the time me and my doo dads became homeless, i began to offer 'orphan' doo dads for download. all that anyone had to do to get them was to fill out a form that included an email address and i think let me know about the sort of doo dads they liked to use. when the july collection came out i received an email from the well-known designer saying that i had used a stitch that belonged to her and that i had no permission to use and needed to replace it. i knew i had never in my life had the desire or need to use someone else's art and have always been a big mouth when it came to protectin an artist's work. i poked around and realized though that i could have in fact made an error by usin one of her's without intendin to. my stitchin file alone has over 2000 items in it and i couldn't say for sure that one of hers hadn't somehow made it in with mine. i wrote her back sayin i sincerely apologized if i indeed had made a mistake and if so, i would change it and would pay her a licensing fee for the error or whatever was needed.

i was a bit disturbed that she felt the need to obtain the orphans by circumventin the little system i had set up but before i could ponder the whole thing further i got another email sayin she had downloaded the free art many more times and that i had still not replaced her stitch and that she had allowed more than enough time for me to do so etc. etc. of course this was all very upsettin - bein accused, thinkin maybe i had made a mistake and all the more so comin from someone who had once been my friend. i consulted a number of trusted professionals who said it wasn't worth the time i was spendin on it so i changed the stitch and went back to what i was doin before the accusation came.

friday night i heard from this designer again for the first time since the stitch problem. in a sort of mix and match legalise, i have been accused of 'stealin and alterin' her art and sellin it as my own. she has listed 5 or 6 standard hardware items along with a classic type ribbon. i have been given 72 hours to respond before she begins the steps necessary to force me into complyin with her demands for me to admit to my crime by removin the items from my web site.

after lookin at the items she sent, i have no idea whether i accidently ended up with some of her art or not...i just don't know for sure although a couple of em look to make me pretty guilty. i do know without a doubt that i would NEVER do anything like this intentionally....ever , never. the items i may have wrongly assumed - through my own faulty filing and her lack of file namin - as my own, are not unique as far as items available for purchase and can be found in any hardware store or place you purchase ribbons and are readily available in variations and in multiples right here on my own hard drives, ready for includin in any collection, any time. even if i was the thievin sort, i would not be a dumb thievin sort and choose to ignore my own stockpile and instead go take one from someone who at the time the art in question was offered for sale (the collections involved were among my first ), was a friend sellin in the same store and someone i know regularly is on the lookout for any sign of any such thing occurrin.

i have gone through all the 3000 or so items i have for sale within my collections in an effort to make sure there are no other items this well-known designer can choose to accuse me of takin from her. i have also enlisted the help of other trusted people familiar with both of our collections to do the same. once the process is completely finished, i will write to the well-known designer, once considered a close friend, and sincerely apologize that i may have mistakenly thought a legally (not stolen as she accuses) obtained item belongin to her was my own art. i will make sure that the ones she has called into question no longer exist on my site no matter who they came from and though she stated that this is all that she requires, i will ask if there is anything else she feels is needed to appease her.

i want to make it clear that i don't feel the well-known artist has done anything wrong in her attempts to protect her copyrighted art and if i have violated her copyright, she has every right to notify me in any fashion she chooses. i am only saddened because she knows in her heart that all she had to do is write in a friendly fashion sayin that she thinks i have made a big fat mistake and could i please rectify it right away. i am not in need of threats of legal action to to do the right thing - ever. i will always do the right thing because i am an honest and good person who is also capable of makin a mistake. she knows this and her pretendin to forget it is unfortunate. since my logs show she checks my blog a number of times a day maybe readin this will jog her memory.

i am writin about this embarrassin and very sad episode here on my blog for a number of reasons. first, i need to apologize to everyone for the possibility that i made this error. i have worked very hard to earn the loyalty given to me by so many and cannot allow even one of them to hear about this accusation from someone other than myself. it appears that i may have made a mistake and while i will take responsibility, it was in no way something that i would ever do purposefully and the accuser is more than aware of this fact. i have no desire for this to be seen as some secret i am tryin to keep because i am ashamed. i feel i will be forgiven for makin a mistake by those who have come to know me but there is that handful of people who do not wish me well and even the possibility of them thinkin i have some dirt in my doo dad'n past to gossip about and pass around gives me the willies.

for all of you who think i am ignorin your emails or forgot about passin out passwords - if you haven't changed your mind now that you know about this latest episode in 'as the doo dad turns' and are still interested - please know i will get back to what i was doin before the break ins, the sneak ins, the accusations and then my real life of our dog dyin and the body snatcher not doin her homework just as soon as i satisfy the requests of the well-known designer so she can return to doin more of her technical perfection instead of worryin about what i am up to. afterall, there are enough artists looking for designs delivered via download to go around for everybody thanks to this crazy phenomenon started by miss amy and miss maya.

added tuesday:
i am thankful i was givin the opportunity to correct any mistake i may have made along the way and am glad i have a forum in place to publicly apologize for doin so. i am still in the process of makin sure there is nothin else in my bag of goods that somehow made their way into the wrong place and am diligently replacin anything i am even the slightest doubtful about. this mostly includes a few pieces of hardware, a ribbon and the infamous stitch. my style is so similar to the technical wizard's in these areas that it seems easier just to replace those items rather than worry about another accusation comin in the future. to do this properly takes time but it will be time well spent to make sure this episode doesn't rear it's ugly head again.

it is important to say again that the well-known designer had every right to call the items into question in any way she wanted. i'm sure when she decided to do so in the way she decided to do so, knowin me as she once did, that i would feel the need to make my mistake public and apologize for it, as it is the right thing to do. and even if it were not, the way in which the possible mistake was presented to me made it necessary to make a public confession myself rather than to worry that not doin so would be used against me in the future - allowing not only my art but my character to be called into question. it is unfortunate if my need to do the right thing causes harm to anyone - it is never my intent. but recent events have made it necessary for me to protect myself from those whose intentions have shown themselves, in my opinion, to be questionable. not doin so would be foolish. i must say, i would much prefer to spend this time doin what i love to do rather than anguishin over past mistakes i may have carelessly made and relivin old heartaches. but when you make a mistake you gotta pay the consequences.

your comments extendin your willingness to help me forgive myself for any mistakes i have made have been appreciated more than i could ever express to you and i promise to do my very best to continue to earn your continued support. hopefully this is the last time i will be forced to mention this episode in 'as the doo dad turns' and we can get back to the fun we were havin before it occurred.



Tracy said...

Thank you Mo for always being honest, always taking the high road, always keeping your sense of humor, and for creating THE finest doo dads on the planet.

Looking forward to 'these people' getting over themselves and learning to 'live and let live'.

With love and devotion,

Hollie H said...

Geez Lousie, will it never end for you? I am sorry to hear there is more junk going on. In the early days of doo dadin', no one put their names on their doo dads. I have files of stuff with no reference. I don't think anyone relized that it would become a full blown industry. Mistakes can easily be made. It's really sad when a friend turns on you.

You are truly an original and we all love you for that.

Your friend and fan,
Hollie H

Misty said...

Mo... geesh.. shall I break into a rendition of "Tomorrow" for you? I cannot believe the nerve of your wkd friend... just sad. One day she'll run out of things to harrass you over and have to deal with whatever issues are REALLY
eatin' at her.
You keep doing what you do.... and we'll all keep waitin' on you to do it..LOL I don't think I've ever seen a person more honest than you.. .=)

Marie said...

mo, no one who has gotten to know your true character would ever think badly of you...I would think that going through 3000 doo dad's to organize them would be a huge project in itself. Then having to separate them out due to the other designer not organizing their own files properly so that you can determine what is correctly yours or theirs would be all-time consuming too. I have to say that this designer, whom I am beginning to get the jist of, needs to focus on her own talent. If this designer is who I am thinking it is then her talent is her own and she should feel comfortable with it and know that it sells for those who like her art and yours sells for those who like your art. There should be no competition as you are totally different artist who sell well together or apart. I should say, however, that there is always a nice way to do things and of course, a not-so-nice way to do things and this artist is certainly taking a not-so-nice path that may deter me from making purchases of her art!!!!! I will always support you mo because your art fits into my scrapping style. If this other artist doesn't clean up her act, then I will no longer purchase her art because I have no interest in giving to someone who is petty, sneaky, and can only communicate through anger, fear and jealousy. I look forward to your next art mo, keep up all your good and hard work!

Anne alias Purrceyz said...


I'm so sorry to read this...I believe I know who the designer you are referring to is; and I've been an admirer of both of your work. I was disappointed in her reaction to the whole do dad duplicating issue (I saw her posts on your blog supporting you, then the next thing I knew, she seemed to have completely dropped the issue.)

I respect your honesty, Mo and your efforts to correct any unintentional mistakes you may have made. I will continue to buy your glorious do dads and keep on creating. :)I hope things get easier for you in the next while.


Billie said...

Everyone, everywhere, makes mistakes. The true test of character is admitting when you have done so, and attemtping to make it right. Your integrity shines in all that you do, my dear friend, this situation being no exception, but a stunning case-in-point.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mo, I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

I love your doo dads and will continue to buy and use them as long as you are thinking them up and putting them in front of us.

A Stitch? One (1) little stitch? Oh my.

Judy from Upstate NY

Anonymous said...


I am fairly new to digital scrapbooking, but of the kits I have bought, many were of yours and another designer who collaborated on kits I have loved. In fact, they reside on my hard drive.

I was distressed when you left the site where I found you. . .but delighted to find you still here.

I probably will, when I do purchase more kits, come here instead of to the other site simply because I love what you are doing here so much!

When I get more time to scrap --

By then your site will be up and running, and the doo dad wars will be over, I hope. I do think the other designer has done and will do more damage to herself than she can possibly do to you.

Keep your chin up and your eyeglasses slightly askew, Gal!
Right will win out.


mnc0114 said...


I only discovered digital scrapbooking in January 2005 at my hubby's insistance that I clean up the eternal mess on the table. So I got PSE for my birthday, and looked at a white page. I got frustrated trying to create my pages from scratch - they just seemed so lame without any of the paper stuff I was used to working with. Then I found Peggy's site, and stumbled onto your doo dads. Boy, did those squirrels send me! Now digital scrapbooking is fun, and my table is clean. I love what you represent, and I love how incredibly supportive the community is that you've created on your site. I'm forever a fan, and respect everything you've done. I've learned so much about art from you already: it's sometimes in the ordinary, albeit slightly askew, and with a generous dose of humor. I think I was making it too hard, and now you're making an artist out of me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. (my bottom excluded)


Tammy (drewsmama) said...

Mo, you know I love you and your work. But your honesty still never ceases to amaze me. You are such a truly gifted woman and God has blessed you in so many ways. I have gotten to the point where 90% of my work is done with your doodads. All of my friends have comment on how my scrapping has progressed. It is all soley because of you. You make my pages fun to do. Keep your chin up and please don't stop making all the lovely pretties you make. I would be eternily sad.

Jan said...

Oh, Mo -- so sorry to hear about this latest episode. When it rains, it pours, huh? Another friend of mine recently went through an allegation like this over one of her templates, and I don't think she's been the same since then, it made her so bitter. People should leave the "cease and desist" language for the lawyers to use in their formal letters, and treat each other more kindly and with better words. Lawyers should always be a last resort, and we don't mind usin' language that makes people dislike us -- we're used to it, after all, just because we're lawyers! {chuckle} It would sure preserve not only more business relationships, but a lot of personal relations, too. I truly hate it when people use the legal process to harass each other. I've seen a lot of big businesses do this on intellectual property issues, just because they can frighten and outspend a little guy, and not because they have a slam-dunk case against them. That isn't right. And neither is what you've detailed. My heart really goes out to you.

Hope you felt better after blogging it all out. Hang in there, hon! Better days are ahead! :-D

Missy Jan

christy said...

Mo, you keep makin' doo dads and I'll keep buyin' 'em.

NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE, could mistake your art for anyone else's for one simple, simple reason:


Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Miss Mo, loved your blog...shows what a truly honest and up front kind of person that you are. Sorry this is all happening but I know things will only get bigger and better for you. You are one of the most generous and kind hearted souls that I know and I also know that all the doo dad devotees are behind you 110 percent. We love you MO.

Jess said...

Hi Mo,
It's easy to make mistakes - we all do. It's tough to own up to it - most people don't! You have a lot of courage to do that. Anyway, it's great that despite what you've gone through you still keep creating - your website and blog are a wonderful source of inspiration for so many! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord. If they can't get to you by worming their way through Mo Land, then they'll get to you by eating up your time with ridiculous claims and demands. I noticed that the wkd came out with a collection of sheer ribbons 5 days AFTER your latest set of sheer ribbons came out... My experience with people like this is that they continue to be problems until you consistently stop giving them the attention they're seeking.

I admire you for admitting that you could have made a mistake. I doubt that you actually did make a mistake, though--you obviously don't need to use other people's art. And, despite any similarities in style, your art is uniquely "Mo" and easy to distinguish from other designers'.

I wish I could help you out somehow.

All my best,
Pam (wings)

wigglywourms said...

Standing behind you, Mo. My hard drive is almost filled with digital scrapping stuff that I've found since I discovered digital scrapping back in January BUT...I seem to only use your doodads lately. When I use something else it just doesn't have the same "omph"....Love your art, Mo and love your sense of humour and honesty. I know you wouldn't have used anything but your own art intentionally. It's sad that things had to come to this...broken friendships and mistrust.

Always remember that you DO have MANY people out here that LOVE included!

Take care of yourself, o.k.


Anonymous said...

I echo everything everyone else said!! Mistakes or not, you are a much bigger and better person than your turn coat ex-friend could ever be. There are enough digitally obsessed customers out there to go around, so she should be secure enough in her "talent" that she can co-exist with a dynamo like you. What she SHOULD be afraid of is alienating her customer base by her childish and vindictive behavior. I know I will no longer purchase from her, and that's a fact!

Keep up the good work, Mo. You've always been generous, honest and hard working...constantly behind schedule, but so am I...that's one of the reasons I love ya!!! You'd be able to focus on the important things if this designers jealousy would quit rearing it's ugly head.

Never fear, sunny skies are ahead. We'll all be here to support you along the way!!!


Scrappado said...

Mo--we who know you KNOW you could never be a stitch snitch! Why would you even need to do so?! Your designs are fresh, funky, fantastic, and absolutely fun--reflecting your considerable personality. Your heart is so generous and that's only one reason we love you. This, too, shall pass, and we who are your loyal fans will still be sitting on our ever growing bottoms scrapping with your doo-dads and waiting for mo-re. Love, kisses, hugs, and cheerleader rah-rahs to you.

Robin said...

mo-just to keep you from wonderin if you are supported by your friends i add my post and take off my hat to your most talented and delightful self. i have no interest what-so-ever in the stitch-by-stitch scrutiny that seems to be goin on here but i do have a whole-hearted desire to keep you from feelin alone with these challenges. i love and adore everything you do and there is no other place on earth (or the net for that matter) or any other planet like mo-land. your work is one-of-a-kind and everyone knows that who lives with their eyes open. i found and purchased your work originally at the other site and i can't tell you how bereft i was when i returned and found you missin. i would have searched the internet world until doomsday to find you. you are my doo dad queen!
your friend and admirer, robin

sue said...

Mo - simply put, there is no other like you. Even apart from your art, you are a true original and I am pleased to call myself a MoFan! I'm proud of you for taking the high road!

sandi said...

Mo,I met you way back in the very beginning and you've always been a great friend to me. I know you'll be so glad to get all this commotion over with and get back to just having fun making your doo dads. This will pass and we'll all get back to making new doo dad memories.
missy sandi

pennyshilling said...

Dearest Mo,
I hope these dilemas are soon a thing of the past so you can get on with your unique art which we all love and adore!

You have my utmost admiration for your art and your integrity. Even super heros like you Mo can make an honest mistake and it goes to show that you are human like the rest of us mere mortals. You will always be our doodad diva! Shine on Missy Mo!

becky said...

So sorry for the continuing struggle...breaking up is hard to do, as they say. But I also want to thank you for the history lesson. Came to this whole digiscrappin' thing late last year and just had no idea what all had taken place in such a short time prior to my own personal discovery of this new art form. Anyway, I'm reminded of a Seinfeld episode...the Even Steven one. Recall it? Somehow things will balance out eventually. Take care my dear!

Jayne aka tinydancer said...

Missy Tiny here to say that she wishes this episode were over so that Missy Mo could go back to what she does best! Chin up, Mo, honesty is the best policy and all that jazz... and in the end, you'll have done what is right. Try to smile, girl, you've got an army behind you :)

Phyllis Drew said...

Oh breaks my heart that you need to go through this garbage with this other person. You don't deserve this in any shape or form.....I hope you know you have a whole bunch of loyal doo-dad lovers out here, that are pulling for you 10000 and 1 percent! Hang in there girl....YOU ARE THE BEST!!

scrappyozo said...

Dearest Mo,

Chin up, you are loved by so many. Not just for your gorgeous art, but also by your genuine kindness. I have always said, "you show me someone that never makes mistakes, and I can show you someone that never does anything." So you made an unintentional mistake, you were nice enough to straighten out the matter. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone is a big enough person to admit to them. I admire you for so many reasons and Thank you for making my memories come to life.
Take care,

Holly said...

Mo, you are a much better person than I would be in a situation such as this. People aren't perfect. It's a fact of life. I love your work and hope this won't deter you from continuing to do what you do so well. I can only imagine how stressful this must be for you. There are no better enemies than someone who was once your friend. That's probably the hardest part knowing you were once friends with this person and look at how things are now. Wishing you the best.


Sheila said...

If this ordeal wasn't so upsetting to you, it would be laughable. AS IF you need to pass off someone else's work as your own?! Gimme a break! You are and always will be the doo-dad queen. AND one of the most honest, upstanding people I "know".
I think she is doing this JUST because she knows it keeps you from doing what you do best - designing. And that makes her feel threatened and insecure. UGH
Just remember that karma is a b*tch, and it'll all even out in the end.
And in the meantime I'll just patiently wait to get into your site. (don't worry...I know who to blame for the delay, and she won't be getting any of my dollars again)

Missy C, Fiddlette said...

I just am amazed at all of this! I thought this kind of thing only happened when real money was involved, and even then, only in the dog eat dog world of corporate america!

I'm sorry that your beloved hobby and ours has had to be stained by this unfortunate episode. I'm teeling you, this person needs to "get a life"!

In the meantime, please don't think about this've done all you could do to "fix it" and make ammends...she doesn't deserve any more of your time or energy. She sounds like a real obsessive wacko, and even though you enjoyed her friendship at one time, she's showed her true colors and she doesn't deserve you anymore!

I am also very sorry for your loss, (you said the dog had died) Was it one of the big black ones? Or your little wiener? Nothing in the world quite matches the hurt resulting from the loss of our little furrbabies....

Missy C.

Anonymous said...

Mo, I just wanted to add, with the others, how much I have appreciated all of your hard work, and your superior generosity you have shown. I know I have taken for granted, what you (and I suppose all designers) have to deal with, when I am sure you would like to just do what you love.
I have not been around long enough, and do not care to know, who this other designer is, but it would be my prayer that she would just get on doing what she apparently loves and sounds like she is good at too, and let you get on with what you are definately outstanding in doing!
I always look forward to seeing your next batch of doo-dads show up, and your sincerity and outstanding generosity since I have been around your doo-dad world.

James 1:2-5.., Sweetie, hang in there... =)


SandyM said...

Dear Mo:
The very fact that the well-known designer is so crazy obsessed with you that she spends hours on end combing through the doo dads looking for a single stitch, and that she checks your blog several times a day, and sends one fake email after another in order to download orpans "many times" establishes how big of a threat you are to her.

I echo the sentiments of the other poster who said AS IF you of all people in the world needed to bother stealing stitches or hardware, particularly from someone who's work is admittedly good, but not as good or realistic as yours. What a joke!

It is perfectly okay to be competitive in business. It is not okay to lie and pretend to be your friend, and then turn on you when the boat started to rock. And it is certainly not okay to hack into a website and sabotage or damage it (assuming we're talking, of course, about the same person).

You are, and have ALWAYS been, the best. I am so done with this designer.

Sandy M.

P.S. I love the jailhouse photo!

DivaGee said...

Flattery is the biggest form of compliment. Obviously this person knows that you are way out of her league and that desperate times call for desperate measures.

She should be ashamed of herself. Hang in there, sweetie. We are behind you 100%

Shar said...

So sorry this whole thing happened, Mo. I LOVE your
doo dads!!!

Anonymous said...

Mo - "To err is human" and those who profess to be perfect and make no mistakes LIE! Doesn't this ex friend realise that when her time comes to "fall from grace" there are gonna be a lot of "Mo fans" awaiting in the wings whispering "I told you so!"

In the words of a song (well a popular one here in Scotland) "Things Can Only Get Better" - heres hoping things get much better for you soon.

Now you've gotten the latest dilema sorted out rise above it, hold your head high and carry on creating - that will hurt her most!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry this has happened and it seems like an honest mistake. I don't understand the need for these commentors to boycott the work of this other designer though. She was just protecting her work. What's the harm in that? She emailed you privately and didn't broadcast the news to smear your name. I'm confused. This really isn't a "take sides" issue.

Mo, you are awesome and I hope things get back to normal ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Love ya, honey. Hang in there! Jeannie

Tracy R. said...

Mo--I do love your stuff. It's great. I love the other designer's stuff too. I apreciate someone that can apologize when they make mistakes. I can also appreciate a designer getting upset at such a mistake, and I too don't feel anyone in this situation needs to be boycotted. Hopefully it will all work out and you can both continue to make these wonderful, heartwarming creations!


Anonymous said...

Mo, I just ordered my first kit from you (it is fabulous BTW), but, I have been seeing LOs made with your doo dads and reading your blog and site for a while now. From everything I can tell, you are a women of utmost integrety. You have handled this VERY difficult and unecessary situation with grace and honor. If we all could be half the graceful lady you are. I'm so sorry for all your difficulties and hope things will be looking up for you soon... because I want you to start working on NEW DOO DADS, not spending your valuable time with such nonsense.

Debbie K. (aka sincerelyours)

EliseG said...

Thanks for the heads up Mo. I am fairly certain I know who your erstwhile friend is, and I am so sad. I love her work (probably next to yours), and now I doubt I will ever purchase it again.

She has not acted honorably either as a friend or even as a competitor. I am so surprised. I have always LIKED her.

She could restore my faith (and I suspect all of ours) by calling you and working things out. It is true she can not repair the damage done when she was nowhere to be found during the hurricane you experienced at the former site, but friendships can be rebuilt. I hope she does this because she needs to understand that there are MANY great designers now. Six months ago there were not so many to choose from. Now there are new and fabulous ones coming forward each day. She is a magnificent designer (in my opinion)and I would love to continue purchasing her kits. But where she once stood out as a brilliant poppy in a field of dandelions, now she is just one great designer amongst many. We digi scrappers have many, many choices today, and most of us are more likely to purchase from designers whom we like and admire.

Hugs to you Mo.

Pamela said...

Mo, hang in there! It will all settle down eventually. We all know you would never steal another designers work. If you accidentally used it because it wasn't named properly by this other person then it was just that -- an accident. All you can do is fix it and move on. You have many, many supporters out there so... Clean up the mess and get back to doo dad designin'! My husband thinks something is wrong because the PayPal bills have dropped dramatically! HEHE

We will be here waiting for you.

Missy Pamela

Janna said...

MO, I am so sorry for all of your troubles! But I will always be a DOO DAD DIVA!

Lesliephx said...

I haven't been keeping up as life as gotten very busy lately and I have not had much time for anything but work and children (or are those words redundant :->

Anyway, I was saddened to read about this and that someone broke in to your website. Obviously there are someone/s who have malicious intent. In fact several digital websites have been broken in to lately. This is the third one recently I have heard about. Very sad!

As I read this I wondered that if the other artist did in fact not name her files in such a way to identify them properly, it could in fact be HER taking your FILES inadvertantly. I am not accusing her but I am saying that it is possible. But that really doesn't matter as you have taken the high road. Too bad more people don't do that.

Finally, I just want to say that you simply are the greatest digital artist, and like other artists others will always try to take that away. Any true artist would simply try to create their own unique style hoping they will be recognized as someone the best at what they do, but when they cannot, unfortunately people try to knock those on top down.

But they picked on the wrong digital doo dad artist! No one can knock our Mo down!!!!

We love you!

cyndee said...

Mo, Happened on your blog recently and was very sorry to hear about the troubles you are having. My admiration for you goes back a long time - back many months. I was surfin the net for illustrations for my family history when I found your kits and skidded to a halt and said "WOW!" The next thing I knew, you were gone - POOF!

I was looking for castles and knights on English sites when I found a group of your fans who where excited to have discovered this site. I jumped back to America and found you again! I got a couple of kits and the next thing I know, I am locked out of your store! I knew about the break-in, so figured that was why I couldn't get in and ended up pounding on the door after midnight one evening. You were actually there and helped me get back in - took 2 hours since the bandit seems to have erased my account. It was AWESOME! You were great - stayed with me till I got the kit I wanted.

Just wanted you to know your fans will stick by you and that you are well loved - even overseas. Your doo dads are the best - but you are a wonderfully unique person who touches the hearts of so many. No wonder someone is jealous. But they should give up.
Your fans will always be there for your famous doo dads and especially for wonderful you!

RuthAnne said...

and we wonder why we can't have 'world peace' hahaha - I know this isn't funny but I have experienced something like this in my own family this year and I finally realized I will never be able to change the way others think, only the way I's difficult sometimes to not be defensive but sometimes saying less is more and makes the whole thing less memorable

you're a wonderfully kind person Mo and you've done what you can for the situation and that's all that matters - it's been resolved so try not to think about it anymore

by the way I think I saw one of your staples in another designer's kit - JUST KIDDING!

Have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mo..

where can i buy your kit?? hiks.. wanting to buy the birthday kit.. but dunno where to


Janna said...

Sound like a fun Christmas eve!!!
But Pottery Barn is worth it
((((HUGS))) & welcome back to the blogging world!

redthewitch75 said...

Well, Mo..hate to beat a dead horse...but, I had been without a computer for a I got rid of the pile of poo that was my husband and with him went the computer, and all those wonderful "orphans" of yours! So, I am just finding out about this whole mess that happened to befall you. I just wanted to let you know, I am behind you 100%. Everybody makes the old cliche goes!
Love ya!

nyght_wanderer said...

Letting you I still love your do-dads...
having trouble finding them though...