proof the bird flu really exists!

bird flu hits florida trailer park!

it's me's cousin jo...the pretty one. i was wrong about junior and least about the impendin bird flu. mo's mailbox was filled to the brim today, people sendin along this shot - of these poor birds who had fallin victim to the dreaded disease in a florida trailer park. i don't know who to credit for the sad shot but will add it if anyone sends it to me...whoever had to take this shot and force themselves to view this sad scene in person deserves their hard work to be credited!

i have always thought you can tell someone's true character when they can admit they were wrong about somethin. and if nothin else, i am full of character. so...i'll say it again...i was wrong about junior and dickie inventin the bird flu cause they don't like birds. now, if i can only find reason to prove me wrong concernin all the other things i think of this duo, i will be delighted to deliver my sincere apologies for those too, here on mo's blog.

along those lines....since my last spin in the blog created such a stir, i have to admit, i had no idea you had to be so careful about what you blogged about here in blogtown...if i had known politely speakin your mind was such a no no, i would have stepped much more carefully. mo never told me that you could say what you want but only if you remained within the politically correct mode. guess if mo doesn't get all those pesky site and squirrel and rat problems (yes- the rat is back) taken care of soon so she can resume the bloggin, i'll just hafta turn the mo blog over to mini and sign up for one of my own so i don't have ta worry about mo thinkin i took things too far in one direction or another. my last bloggin may have created a stir and even ended up on the bird flu site - my latest claim to fame - but i fear if mini takes over you readers may just be bored to death reading about her appearance concerns. i guess that'll be okay for those who let my writin put em in a snit cause seems to me they like their blog dished up the same way all the time. me and mo can't be counted on for one has ever accused either of us as bein borin!

you know...the day i did the bird flu writin, triple the people stopped on by than usually do....even so, i promise to try to walk the straight and narrow when i drive the blog from now on cause nobody likes to see grown women stoop to name callin - specially just cause they don't like the way someone else says or does somethin. mo and i don't ever let those silly people who stoop to such things bother us cause every time somethin or other we are up to creates the name callers and doo dad bashers to let themselves get all worked up, we end up with even more new friends than normal comin around mo's blog and moland and we like that! seems in all their efforts to make us look bad, they are really doin just the opposite....people only find out about mo through word of mouth and those ol mean words work just as well in the end as all the many nice ones people say too!

looks like i get to keep the keys to the blog a bit longer so i will finally post up those shots of me and mo in our easter bonnets next!


ejj said...

That scene is just so tragic--all the dead plastic flamingoes! I think CNN missed this big story!
Blog on, Jo!

Robin said...

well this is not exactly what i would refer to as watchin' your Ps & Qs missy jo. i am guessin' that anyone who knew you in that all girls high school your parents made you attend can attest to the fact that you are 'one tough chic' and not to be messed with. hopefully the lesson is learned without any more bird or other type of bloodshed in the mo-park or trailer park or blog park. i will say my prayers for all those pink bodies layin' there on that front lawn... i don't believe that was the bird flu causein' that fallin over at all though. i do believe someone got into the fridge over there at your place and drank too much budweiser. i'm pleased to see you are not tryin' to pass the buck back to jr. cause he and you (now i am heartily sorry for sayin' this in public but it is true) are an itty bit alike in that neither of you take any ____ from nobody. but i do think you are far cuter than he is my dear.
yours sincerely and in the spirit of loyalty with honesty, robin

Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Oh Miss Jo, so glad you still have the keys to the blog. ;) I do so enjoy your rhetoric. I am anxiously awaiting the bonnet photos but I must say I still want to see your eggs too. ;) Tracy and I have decided we want to become Airstream decorators and retailers so you know we are gonna need a consultant to get us started. ;)Just keep us in mind.

Pamela said...

I truly hope you do ruffle a few more feathers because nothing is more boring than reading a blog that offends nobody. I have been known to say certain things just to stir the pot (or so my family says, LOL). I grew up with very loud, fists banging on the table, sometimes insulting political "conversations" at my grandfathers kitchen table. I really miss those times. All opinions were equally ridiculed and shot down, what a wonderful introduction to THINKING about the world rather than just accepting what was spoon fed. Keep it up. I love this blog and my only compaint is that it isn't every day.

Anonymous said...

I thought the bird flu post was hilarious. Last time I checked, this was the United States of America where we are permitted to hold and share our opinions freely. UGH! Anyway, even if you hearted Junior, I would still find your writing amusing. See, that's the thing about writing and humor... I hope Mo is better soon. You should check out the latest Rolling Stone magazine for a review of Junior's presidency done by historians. Very eye-opening indeed. (Of course I realize Rolling Stone is not an academic journal before some crazed W fan flames me.)

mmy2vce said...

Okay, as far as I'm concerned, it's your blog, do whatever the heck you want to with it! If people don't like it, you guessed it, don't read it!!! Everyone has an opinion....blah, blah, blah!

How sad for those poor flamingo's is a sad moment in the history of the world...

Thanks jo for the writing...come again soon! Marie :)

gym-mom said...

The photo is absolutely hysterical--you're one in a million! :D

Anonymous said...

Honey, you just make my day!

Why are the eggs in the trailer park so big??? One of my elementary school friends had peacocks that laid HUGE old eggs that would be so great for doo daddin' up... I think a few peacocks would look great on Mo's lawn, and you could put their used-up tail feathers on the trailer. (or tuck them dramatically into your tube top or bouffant)
Thanks, Jo!