mo & jo's easter bonnets

mo & jo's easter bonnets

i thought i'd finally get those pictures up of me and mo in our new easter bonnets - the ones we discovered back while lookin for REAL pink foam rollers. as you can see, i finally found a hat that allows my bouffant to bouf on up and out. typically i am forced to cut a hole right smack dab in the middle so as not to crush the whole thing but seems this chapeau was made with me in mind! and mo was able to find one that came with enough flowers so she wouldn't have to drag out those poor pitiful ol tired crepe paper flowers again...they don't have much life left in em as it is. she certainly got her money's worth outta of em time and again so there's really no need for her to keep ploppin em on everythin in sight.

i have also posted up some old pictures of our egg hunts of long ago. we always had two egg hunts on easter sunday. one at whatever trailer park i might be residin at and another on the other side of the tracks with the fancy relations on mo's mom's side of the family. that's probably where mo inherited her fancy egg huntin genes...although you'd think mini's daddy got some from my side o the tracks cause the first year he was given the job of the egg hidin he just took the big bins and dumped em out on the front slopin lawn (it's called a lawn on this side o town instead of a yard) and let the eggs roll where they may. as you can see from that one shot, with me and mo and queenie smack dab in the front, that's how we did it in the trailer parks cept most times they were just pitched out from whatever window was open and closest to wherever the egg hider was watchin t.v.

that trailer park way of egg hidin led to quite a feud the year our neighbor big elviseen didn't use the plastic ones and didn't bother to boil the real ones....i guess it was cause she said she was doin the hidin a few weeks early to get it over and done with but everyone thought she was just doin some trailer park terrorism in retaliation for not bein invited to sing at the annual bond raisin event that year. for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of livin in a trailer park in the south, the bond raisin event is a time honored tradition where all the trailer parks have a big o festival and raise money to be used whenever someone gets arrested and needs bond posted. then one member is appointed to be in charge of the postin for a year at a time. the month my mom held the job was one o the most excitin of my life as i got to travel all over the county, mostly in my jammies, goin to different places to post bail. we only did it for a month though cause she refused to also drive the bail-ee back to the trailer park and therefore most of the bail-ees ended up back in jail.

anyway, that shot in the upper right is of elviseen's trailer and the big sign she slapped on the side of it every year afterward. in case you got bad peeper's it announces that there is a bunny eatin dog residin inside the trailer with her....if you look real close, you can actually see the bunny eater peekin out the back window.

i also included up there, for you to envy, some of the eggs i have painted for mo over the years....her favorite is the one with the mac and cheese all over it and i'm sure i don't have ta tell you which one i prefer! that pretty lil card is the first ever i sent mo - back when were bout six or so - i added the lil bows just tonight. since then i have never missed an occasion sendin mo a card, even when we have been together. she has all of em and many end up becomin doo dads so you've probably seen some of em.

that middle picture is from one of the fancy egg hunts we attended at mo's mom's la tee da relations. that's me and mo in the front row on the far right and that's queenie, in her ever present crown, right above the aqua net egg. if you look really close you can see she was once again the winner of the whole darn hunt and won the big ol doll as the prize. she always won cause all the lil kids heard she was gonna marry the prince of england and could one day behead them if she wanted so all she had to do was hold her basket out in front of her and they plopped all their own eggs in it. mo and i never gave her ours though cause we didn't give a hoot about being queenie knew if she took our eggs we'd do an early demonstration for her on beheadin, using her fancy hunt prize as the example!

sorry it took me so long to get this blogged up for you. after that bird flu bloggin, i was afraid mo preferred i stay away from the blog but i should'a known it was okay...i might be more wreckless in spoutin off when i blog but we're so much alike, in the end she knows it's okay.

alright...gotta go help mo in the doo dad den. she got some fancy ribbon racks that amy from inspire rec'omended to us and i promised to rack the ribbon. until mo gets all her webmistress chores done, look for me back here again soon...i'll try to keep this thing hoppin till she returns!


ejj said...

Wow--those must have been HUGE family egg hunts. Who made the potato salad for all those people?

bookmom30 said...

mo did you ever find the foam pink rollers....i was cleaning out the kiddies junk and yep we still have some...i'll share if you need some :)

Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Jo, this is just what I needed today! ROTFL. Those eggs are perfect and it sounds like the old trailer park was a "happin" kind of place to be.

Tracy said...

Wow Jo -- that hat WAS made for you! LOVE the eggs and your Easter goin's on sound like a whole bunch of fun. Have a ball in the doo dad den but make sure the flu quarantine has been lifted before you enter! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

GO MO and JO! Living well is the best revenge!

Joy to us all


Anonymous said...

Sure wish I could've been in on those egg hunts, sound like the best ever! Love the pictures and I do see your ever so favorite "egg". Can hardly blame you. Thanks for sharing some good laughs, I sure needed that today.
What better place to come than here.
thanks jo,

mmy2vce said...

Those poor, poor flamingo's! A sad moment indeed. Thanks for the easter pictures though. Love that your back writing and also look forward to seeing mo regalling us with some creative words soon too. My mother wanted me to marry the Prince of England but I didn't meet the criteria when the time came...hmmmm. I guess yanks just don't yank his rope!!! hee hee.

Thank's for sharing your writings with us...

Marie :)

Missy Brenda said...

Jo,it's always a real hoot hearing from you and you girls sure looked real pretty in your bonnets.I just love those eggs, back in the 80's I was pretty close to owning stock in Aquanet myself.LOL
Can't wait till we hear from you again.I hope you and Mo are having fun in the doodad den.

Rose _daisyrose said...

Ya'll have got me on the floor with these last 2 entries!!! I can't tell you how much I want those trailer dweller eggs! LOL!!