some late signs o spring from jo

jo's april a bit late

hi's me can't believe it's the middle of may already. i promised to be back sooner than this, but ever since i was made deputy mayor of moland my life has gotten almost as excitin as mayor mo's! right after mo got back in the saddle i was out in the yard rearranging my garden gnomes & flamingos when dirk showed up, swept me off my feet, and drove me clear to vegas. (i was thinkin all along how i shoulda grabbed my white pumps, just in case he popped the question.) as it turns out, i wouldn't have needed them, and i'm thinkin i'd prefer a nice little low heeled sandal anyway.

dirk drove straight to that fancy tattoo parlor in the casino and had us browsin the samples for matchin tattoos. i didn't have the heart to tell him that i'd already pledged my first tattoo - well, my first in years - to the molandian mostock tattoo, so i had to create a bit of a worked cause after security let everyone back in the building, we had to head off for the monster truck and motorcycle show and he forgot all about the matchin tattoo idea. have you ever noticed that if you wanna see a good show, seems you always gotta cross a state line? anyway, it was one fun getaway and i was secretly relieved that he didn't propose as i look much better in white once i get my summer tan and with cleavage.

that reminds me... when i got back i was tryin to do a little spring cleaning in the airstream and you will never guess what i found... my april pages! i know we're almost half way through the year already, but i'm hopin you don't mind me being a bit late with my signs of spring. i've got a lot of decluttering to do, but mo won't let me throw anything out because she gets some of her best inspiration from the stuff that appears outta nowhere here in the airstream. so i'm boxing things up and storin them in her basement. she doesn't usually go down there - the rat and tracy squirrel have made her a bit timid of both the attic and the basement these days - but if she gets desperate enough for some second hand smoke enhanced ephemera, she'll go and root around till she finds it.

i'll try and come back sooner with something a little more current. i grabbed a disposable camera at walgreen's in vegas, so maybe my may layout will be about my trip. there's just so much goin on around here in the spring and early summer that it's hard to get over here to the blog every day....but look for mo to appear shortly and more regularly now that we're thinkin all the recent diseases have come and gone....she has quite a few things stored up to spew forth in her more politically correct way. but if you long to see more o me, leave some more o those comments tellin mo to let me keep the extra set o keys to the blog...she might not always listen to me but she will have to listen to you!

lots o love,
the pretty cousin


Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Miss Jo, you certainly know how to make the most of a weekend getaway. I can't believe Dirk took you to Vegas and didn't pop the question. Even if you didn't want him to, it's still nice to be asked. ;) Usually, the next morning when they sober up, they don't remember you said no anyway or that they asked.


Missy Judy said...

We missed you Jo. Can't wait for the Vegas Pictures.

Missy Judy

Robin said...

nwowzers! i gotta get me some of that cleavage developer....ever since the hormone therapy stopped workin' i have had to hoist my _____ up into an athletic brassiere and zip in in place so as they don't get caught in the waistband of my new capris. if i had the cleavage action goin ' again i could probably unpack my halter tops from my Woodstock memento trunk. i can still get into my lemon yellow hot pants which are in perfect condition. (as you all know who were born before 1950) at Woodstock we hardly got any of our clothes messed up since we hardly ever wore one stitch of 'em. i think i will get myself some of that magic cream... that way i'll be ready to hitch a ride to mo-stock '08 without worryin' about truck drivers not bein' interested in pickin' me up. jo you are an endless fountain of tips for us ladies. thanks for this on especially. i will post the before and after picts when i see some improvement.

your loyal reader, robin

Jodi said...

Where can I get a Mo Jackson Bust developer? From the look of the model, I'd say it works other areas too!

Glad to hear the diversion worked, Jo.

When Dirk pops the question, be sure to sneak to the ladies, so you can share the news. We need to throw a mighty quick cyber showeer for you.

Now, about that bachelorette party.....


Hollie H said...

Love the Spring trailer Miss Jo. Very festive!! Glad to hear about your LV escapades. What's a better time than monster trucks and tattoos?!? Hope Mo lets you keep a spare set of keys as we always love hearin from you

Hollie H

Pamela said...

Hooray! I'm so happy to have you back on the blog. Sounds like an awsome weekend. I was just in Vegas, maybe we were there together.

Tracy said...

Great to hear from you Jo -- I was starting to wonder if perhaps you'd eloped or headed off on another spring tour of discount department stores. Looking forward to your next installment! xo :)

Ruthann said...

Sounds like y'all rocked Vegas in STYLE! That man must be insane not to claim you for his bride...glad you're back and inspired-Vegas style to work on that clevage!

Anonymous said...

How fun to come over and hear from you jo. Sounds like an action packed trip you had... happy to have you back. How about postin' a place where one could purchase those bust developers, think they could lift them from the waist up back to their original position?
Keep us informed, I want to hear more about Dirk if you're sharin' any romance novel information.

pennyshilling said...

hi jo,
Wow what a fun time you've been having. Just love the spring makeover of the trailer and those cute little bunny ears your wearing!

There is certainly a lot of LOVE in the air.....seems you have one confused squirrel there trying to hook up with that little bunny....he looks soooo love sick.

Hey i also noticed a whole bunch of Fabios peeking out of that patch of crocus......Jo if you were lucky enough to get your hands on some packets of Fabio seeds, I think it only fair you start sharing them around girl. If not, the least you can do is send us a whole big bunch of Fabio's tied up with some of those Mo ribbons you've been sorting through lately.
I'll.... be .....waiting.......Jo!

Hope you don't mind....had to print of your "sure signs of spring" and tape it up here above my puter. Spring is a ways off for thought I could possibly start early on my preparations......cause mind you I need to work on more than just my cleavage!!!

Look forward to seeing/hearing more about your Vegas bash....that Dirk is one cool "doo"d with his police badge all tissied up with a mo on earth did you coax him into agreeing to that!

Heaps of hugs to you and mo ~ Debbie

Tammy (drewsmama) said...

WOW! I can't wait to see those pics. Who's designing the tatoo for MoStock?

Saucy said...

Lordy, Lordy Jo I see you musta've slipped away from Moland once and visited the giant easter egg near where I come from! I thought I saw the airstream flyin' by... one time I thought that thing was tippin' in the wind and got to worryin' it would roll down the hill... glad you saw it before that!

Kelly M said...

Jo you crack me up and I just love the spring pics. I can hardly wait to see May with those Vegas photos!
Kelly M