hey diddle doo dad!

mini's toybox

it's me again...the pretty cousin....i promised i'd keep this here blog jumping so what better way to do it than a cow actually takin a leap over the moon? i am still fightin with that damn ribbon collection of mo's so i thought whenever mo and i haven't had time to write much, i'd blog up some o mo's projects. this one is a toy box she painted for mini featuring our all time favorite nursery rhymes. she's been workin on her nursery rhyme doo dads for about a year now and we all have been beggin her to include this original mo art in the collection...i thought maybe if i outted it here on the blog she might be forced to do so.

mo and i have always loved nursery ryhmes...see...we never read much when we were little cause queenie always had her nose poked in a book so we felt if we needed to know anything, she'd be able to tell us. that way we could spend all our time doin art and chasing the boys and learning the important things in life by actually experiencin em. the combination of experiencin and askin queenie worked out pretty well cause mo and i both ended up in all the classes for the smartie pants and you know, mo ended up on that t.v. show for whiz kids when she was only like 7 or 8.

anyway, queenie had all the nursery ryhmes memorized early on and would recite em to us over and over. then mo and i would pretend to be in all of em for days at a time. we let queenie be lil boy blue since she would refuse to move except to adjust her crown or turn a page in whatever book she was readin. we caused a few problems along the when we decided to see what actually happened to humpty by dropping mama nita's eggs from her roof and then were unable to put them back together or when we convinced our cousin larry to pretend to jump over the moon and he broke his arm. we got confused on some minor details, it wasn't until mo painted the toybox for mini that i realized the dish wasn't STEALIN THE SPOON...altho...i am not so sure that my way isn't what the guy who wrote it really intended.

so...back to that ribbon for me. i hope mini's toybox is a bit o inspiration for you. i'm hopin mo will turn this old art of hers into doo dads and include directions for using em for creating heirlooms to pass on down to your grandkids...and that your ancestors will be fighting over for long after you and me and mo are gone!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jo,

Those are amazing. I hope you can "leak" some more of Mo's art for us to admire.

Ruthann said...

WOW! I am in awe of the colors and delightful characters! Thanks for sharing this...csn Miz Mo be bribed with food,drink,or otherwise? :) Ruthann

Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Yes, yes and yes...we need these as doo dads. You need to write your own versions of nursery rhymes the way you interpreted them and call it Trailer Park Rhymes. I would buy that book and the matching doo dads. ;) I think you have missed you rcalling dear JO. You really need to be writing literature for the new age woman. You could be the Erma Bombeck of the 2000's.

Missy Judy said...

These are wonderful! I love nursery rhymes too. I still have the book of great big book of nursery rhymes that I had as a child.

Missy Judy

Tracy said...

Mini does have the most fantastic toy box in all the land. (Wondering if she's using it now to store eye shadow & boy's email addresses.) I was lucky enough to see this art about a year ago and it is definately a must add to the Mo store.

Hee hee on trailer park nursery rhymes... Mo's art would make any trailer park look magical! xo

Tammy (drewsmama) said...

I need to learn to decoupage. I agree Jo would make an excellent authoer. Trailer Park Nursery rhymes

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful and so is your bloggin' talents. I vote to push mo a little mo to get these doodads in the purchasing stage.
Too cute.

Jan said...

Very inspirational!
Now if I can just find the time & the energy to match the inspiration! :-D

Thanks for the smiles!

Missy Brenda said...

Jo,they would be perfect doodads and that toybox is beautiful.Jo I agree ,you definitely would be a great writer.Hope Mo is doing well.
Hugs to you both.

Casey said...

Both you and Mo are wonderful writers...reminds me of "Fried Green Tomatoes"but I can't think of the author's name right now! Anyway I can just see Kathy Bates delivering your lines!

Casey said...

I remembered the author's name as soon as I posted my first reply! Isn't that always the way?

Anyway it's Fanny Flagg!

Robin said...

dear fanny jo,
love the regularity of your bloggin' ways. with all the new possibilities of goin' to the forum, gallery and this here blog it seems i have pretty much stopped actually creatin' doo dad art and been just writin about inspiration to actually you are so diligently doin' with the ribbons is what i need. thanks jo much