haphaphappy birthday zee!

happy birthday zee

today is another very special molandian's birthday....thought i'd use one o her baby pictures for her mo-head since she was such a cutie and so that all of you familiar with her beautiful work could see how much her lil girl looks like her!

happy birthday dear i told you recently, i could disappear and no one would notice for quite a while as you take such good care of each and every person who crosses the city limits into moland - old, new and those knockin on the door! jo and i love you and appreciate every lil thing you do to make moland such a wonderful place for everyone to visit!


Tracy said...

More warm wishes for you Zee... and thank yous too for helping out when Mo is up to her double D's in doo dads, Jo is up to hers in flamingos, and just for always being there for us! xoox

Mini Mo said...

dear mo, please tell daddy to pick up the phone because I am stuck at art school and there is no class today.
love, mini

Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

What a beautiful little birthday fairie Miss Z makes. She is the glue that keeps us all together and in the right direction. Happy Birthday Missy Z!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill D said...

Hello - I'm trying to register for your website but the page won't load - could you please e-mail me? I keep hearing about your doodads and printer boxes, and alphas, and would really like to see your work - Thank you!
Jill D

Jill D said...

oops - didn't leave e-mail! lol