happy birthday michael!!

happy birthday michael
today is my adored brother's birthday too....and ever since he was born smack dab in the middle of my third birthday party, i have loved him dearly! in fact, everyone who meets him ends up feelin the same.

happy birthday sweet michael....i hope it was everything you deserve and that the comin years bring you the same joy and happiness you give to everyone who i lucky enough to be in your life!


Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

He is quite the cutie and I bet you two are quite a pair when you are together. Happy Birthday Michael on your very special day!

Trish said...

Happy birthday to the both of you!!!

Tracy said...

Happy belated birthday Michael... I hope you are still wearing the cowboy hat on occaision! Please give Mo a big hug from all of us the next time you see her. xo :)

Ursula said...

Well, this is beautiful as is the rest of your stuff. I've been trying to figure out how to get in your store and am coming up with nothing. A friend from DAQ said one must be approved in order to be able to shop with you. I wonder how and if I can get approved. My email is My name is Ursula and I'd be happy to tell you more in a more private forum. I hope to hear from you soon. Oh, BTW, if you're interested in seeing my work, you can see it at Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks,