fire fightin

i had my sunday all planned out...i have a number o big doo dad doins i have been workin on for almost a year and that are just about ready to upload for delivery via download. i thought that before i sat down and started the finishin i would get up bright and early and don my lovely gardenin clothes and travel the whole property to snatch up all the flowers in bloom to fill every room o the house. i had no sooner got a good start on the snippin when i heard quite a commotion comin from the house. it was in spanish which meant it was marina - the housekeeper that is so bad at anything havin to do with keepin house that i have her work only when i know i am around to make sure she doesn't do anything that is too damagin. i should'a let her go as soon as i realized she had chosen the wrong profession which was soon into the first hour of her first day...but cause she has four lil boys under the age of 4 and a husband who has been missin in action shortly after number four arrived, i keep puttin it off.

before i could work up into a sprint to see what was up, mini was yellin for me to come quick cause the kitchen was on fire. seems she had decided to make me my favorite childhood breakfast - toast with lots o butter smothered in cinnamon and sugar, cooked on my mom's oldest cookie sheet in the oven usin the broil setting. i had just last night been tellin mini how we never had a toaster growin up and this is how we always made our toast. mini wakin up and settin about makin this for me was quite touchin...only problem was that it seems the oven had not been cleaned out in a while and all that butter and sugar turned to big ol flames when it hit the bottom.

this wasn't any lil ol fire - there were the biggest flames i have ever seen in person, pourin outta the lower oven. i needed to find the fire extinguisher fast....BUT...if you have been a reader o this blog for a while, you might recall that fire extinguishers have been a problem in my marriage since the very beginnin. mini's daddy, mr. safety first, likes to have one or two in every room - dependin on the quantity rec'ommeded in one o his safety books, per square footage of the room and feels they should be prominently displayed as if they were some object of art. i, on the other hand, agree that there should be the presence of the rec'ommended safety equipment but prefer it tucked away until it is needed for whatever emergency pops up. it was never my intention to HIDE the fire extinguishers so well that they could never be uncovered...but it seems that after 14 years o him draggin em out and placin em where he thought they should be and then me followin closely behind to put them someplace a bit more outta sight, my hidin places had gotten further and further away from where they might be needed for fetchin in time to do any good.

i must say it seemed to take me forever to remember where the ones for the kitchen i watched those flames gettin bigger and bigger....i was tempted to pitch some water on em but i remembered there was some kitchen type fire that this was bad for but couldn't recall if this was it or not....all the while, mini and marina just stood there waitin for my super hero skills to kick in and for me to perform. i was relieved when i finally got my hands on that ugly bright red thing i had come to view as a menace to my marriage....but now the problem was...all those times i had moved em to and fro, i had never once bothered to read the instructions for makin one work! maybe it's cause i was always in such a hurry so i wouldn't bein caught tuckin em away...whatever the excuse, i was sorry now and even sorrier that i had my sun deflectin peepers on and had no way of readin words appearin at anything less than about a foot tall which meant even the lil pictures of how to use it didn't help. but thankfully, by some incredible miracle, marina, who up til that point could speak or read absolutely no english, was granted by some divine intervention the ability to read them to me in perfect english! my first attempt at pullin the handle resulted in sprayin my feet with the powdery stuff but my second was quite successful and within seconds the danger was gone and we were left with just a room full o smoke.

i will try again in the mornin to fill the house with flowers - for now my family will just have to settle for the scent of burned cinnamon toast and whatever chemicals are in those bright red canisters i never appreciated enough. i went through every room and figured out where my current hidin places for all of em were and moved em a bit further into sight in case somethin like this ever happens again....and i will now have this added to the list o things mini's daddy uses to poke fun at me. i even had mini take this picture of me to frame, holdin one o the damn things, and put it on his desk to let him know he had been right all along. unfortunately, whatever miracle occurred that allowed marina to read and speak perfect english was short lived as the rest o the day she was unable to understand anything i said to her.

i also realized it may just be time for me to sign up for some class on safety and first aid.....the one i had in bluebirds when i was in the first grade was quite good but this experience made me realize it might be time for a refresher course....hmmm...seems i can hear my family callin for me to don my super cape again to help with yet one more disaster...this one appears to involve that damn squirrel! sigh...i'll go on and get this round blogged up. hopefully
i'll get goin on the doo dad designin soon...thanks for stoppin by again to see what's been goin on in my life... i hope your sunday has been much less excitin than ours!


Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

I see you still have the fire extinguisher from Jo's party handy! I MUST get me one of those airstreams like you have there.

Pamela said...

Golly, a kitchen fire is soooo scary. I'm glad you got it out without a visit from the fire department. Its pretty embarassing having to explain to all the neighbors that the big emergancy was just a flaming pot holder (can ya tell I've been there?)

Heidi said...

Missy Mo..let me share some of my safety knowledge with you ( which has been ingrained in me since becoming an employee of a hospital with policy of strict corporate memorization)
Pull ( pull pin)
Aim ( at fire of course)
Squeeze ( handle of course)
Sweep ( hortizontally over fire)

According to my hospital that may save your life, Mini's and Marina's ( DH is on his own! LOL)

Hope your home is rid of the smokey smell soon!

Plus I am always here for a Saftey or Spanish lesson ! LOL

Tracy said...

May I just say that you are looking fabulous in that new frock and 'do. Love how your lipstick matches the fire extinguisher. You might be due for another First Aid class -- check your wallet for the certificate from the Bluebird class... it should have a date on it when it expires.

I grew up with a firefighter dad and my friends always called me 'Miss Safety'. Fitting I should marry a safety professional. Lucky for me he likes to cook... which has greatly reduced my kitchen-related incidents and near-misses.

Hope the smoke damage wasn't too severe. It was very handy that you'd already taken the nice dishtowels and made them into pillows. With any luck the large mice will have suffered smoke inhalation!!


Victoria said...

Argh! A fire! I'm glad you and yourin' are safe, albeit a bit on the stuffy burnt cinnamon smellin' side!