keepin the drearies away....

double duty dishtowels
my day started out quite stressful which led to me feelin as if i was havin an anxiety attack. i had bout half a dozen friends reported to me that they were in some sort o turmoil or another....a couple of em just wanted to borrow the 'husband for sale' art, another few wanted to know if i could make fake airplane tickets or divorce decrees outta some doo dads and send em their direction as quickly as possible and i had to tell em i try to keep the doo dads outta jail and then the rest didn't need anything but a shoulder to cry on. by the time my mornin listenin sessions were done i felt like someone was sittin on my double d'd chest. i can't stand for people i love to be in a bad way - even for a minute and yesterday...well...not bein able to do much for nary a one of em just really got to me.

anytime i have things troublin' me i can't work on the doo dads....bein that i am pretty prolific with em for the most part tells you i don't get troubled too often....but when i am, i gotta do one o two things....lay down and close my eyes til the feelin passes...or jump up and create some sort o real life kinda doins that requires a bit more movin around and such. the picture above is the doins done directly after i doubted i had done anything but let down the dozen or so depressed dames.

every summer we have many a youngster runnin right through the moland mayor's mansion - down the long hall that is so wide it is a complete waste o good storage space, through everyone's favorite area - the sunroom - and out the back door. from there they either shoot straightout to the far back - to check out jo's trailer - or directly into the concrete pond. as in the rest o moland, we don't have a bunch o rules announced right up front...all the kids know that if they are nice and polite and respectful and refrain from participatin in vegetable pitchin and do whatever the lifeguard says, everything else can be worked out as it comes up.

in this relaxed atmosphere the one thing that i always forget to request is that they don't drag the sun room doo dads outside. before i can remember to tell em otherwise, they have all the pillows off the shabby furniture and out by the pool. i don't mind that they dirty up the furniture itself - it's even recovered from many bouts o melted popsicle - but the pillows never seem to recover and see the other side o the swimmin season. what's even more frustratin about this is that there are ALREADY pillows and such for their spolied comfort out poolside...but for some reason they tend to be more attracted to the ones that belong INSIDE.

last year i tried to trick em...i'd put the inside ones outside and the outside ones inside. the result was they all ended up wasn't one o my best ideas. anyway, this mornin in my anxious state, i finally did the right thing. i marched myself right down to the kitchen and dug out the prettiest dishtowels i could uncover and brought em back up to the sewin' area of the doo dad den. in no time i had me over a dozen indoor/outdoor poofy pillow protectors to plop on the plump perches in the prettiest place on the property! i must admit i didn't have quite enough pillows to poke into the new 'pocket's so i pinched plenty o the puffy polyester from some pretty old plush pals of minis promisin each of em in person i'd replenish it all promptly. once i was done i decided the basket i used for the extras needed some i ripped up some ol musin and pieced together a liner for it...but once i placed all the new pillows in, it still seemed too plain. after only a bit o ponderin and in posotively no time i had plucked some retired doo dads from the den and onto the whole shabang and called the pesky pillow problem solved.

lo and the time i was done, the threatened anxiety attack was no where in site! i need to be sure to put this on the long runnin list o things to nag mini about cause it seems to work every time. no matter how bad things are for you or those around you, if you can make yourself get up and goin on some project or another, chances are you will feel like yourself again in no time and everything will look a little clearer for you or for helpin someone who is lackin in clear seein themselves. unfortunately it's so much easier to lay down and close your eyes to wait for whatever it is that is troubin you to pass - at least in my o-pinion...but seldom does 'it' do so in a very timely fashion! i think this is why i like that really old molandian sayin, 'a doo dad a day keeps the drearies away'. of course, it doesn't matter if it's doo dads or sewin or figurin out how to sell your husband by placin' a sign in your front yard....just doin somethin will always make you feel better than doin nothin! a good time to solve pillow problems too, just in case you're havin any.

i am anxious for you to recover from the recent birthday barrage i blogged so i can show off some shots o the cake mini made for my own special day last month and of the party i pitched for jo and mini's daddy this week....i planned to wait a week or so but forgive me if they appear before then!

thanks for stoppin by again...hope you'll vist again soon and often!


Lauren said...

The pillows look wonderful. Great advice...when things are out of sorts a project can wonders.

Pamela said...

Lovely! I just want to curl up on that sofa with a glass of tea and a book.

Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Oh Miss Mo, I do believe you may have to give me some online sewing tutorials...especially on how to kepp that bobbin thingamajig from messin up. I hate that thing. Takes me half the day to get it back in right. And then another half to cut off those ugly knots it puts on the back of everything every time it messes up. I love the pillows but am afraid you missed one. Miss Tink needs her very own big doo dad pillow to lounge on.

ejj said...

What gorgeous pillows! I love the bright colors. I have never made any pillows, but your example is certainly tempting me to try it.

Marianne said...

Mo you are just the sweetest thing. You are so caring and, I'll say it again, so dang talented. Thank you for such good advice for getting rid of the drearies. I'm sorry that you were feeling so much anxiety but glad that you found a creative way to deal with it.

Love you!!!


Jan said...

I bought some napkins once to do the same kind of thing. They were this wonderful matching pink and blue damask-y kind of thing, and they didn't match a thing in my china cabinet, but I was so in love with the fabric that I had to figure out something to do have them in my house. I think I have one of them as a topper on my nightstand now, come to think of it, though I'd have to dig kind of deep through the stack of books and stuff to actually see it...~sigh~ I'm always more ambitious with my reading material than I have the actual energy for. Anyway, the colors are marvelous, inspirational, and thanks for a great story -- as usual!

Tracy said...

I love that retro fabric and love that idea of working on a project even more. I'm afraid I'm the 'curl up and nap till the feeling passes' kind a girl. Love what you end up with when you don't nap though... xoxoxoxoxo