blah blah blah & tink in her kate

tink 'n kate
i apologize for not comin by for a blog or more since my last diddy. seems i have had one dilemma after another here in the doo dad den since bloggin up mini's birthday tower. the dilemmas run from the big ones to some silly ones - like that damn squirrel chewin thru the air conditionin tunnel that feeds the cool and much needed air into the doo dad den.....or me spendin time tryin to figure out how the world seems to be goin backwards in the area of gettin along with each other and further and further from the world peace i had hoped for mini to enjoy as an adult...then there was my server turnin downright stingy on it's available bandwidth and creatin a big ol disaster for all moland.

just when i got most dilemmas sorted out and decided to take a day off from non-stop frettin about my lil nephew being told he had to stay in iraq for another six months only three days before he was to come home...wouldn't you know there was another bashin held in my honor over at one o those free for all sites. when this happens my mailbox fills up more and more with every blink o my peepers with people wantin to become members and molandians wantin to issue a call to grab big ol doo dad sticks and do some bashin o the bashers.

all o this has left me lil time for comin around and doin some bloggin even though i have been gatherin many things to share. i hate for you to stop by day after day and find the same o things at the top o the pile so...i decided i'd officially say i won't be back on a regular basis until mini gets back into school the second week o september. i'll try to make it sooner but setting a realistic date to blog daily and tellin you when it will be will keep me from feelin so guilty about not havin enough time just yet.

in between now and the time mini gets back to her readin and writin and lipstick applyin, i will blog up some pictures o this and that....maybe not alot o words but at least some entertainment for your peepers so you won't forget about me. today's peeper is a shot mini caught of tink pokin her head outta one o the many kate spade bags she uses as her hidin places. i have recently been tryin to get her to stop this habit as i have had some embarrassin moments in my travels...reachin in for some dough or a plastic plate with mini's daddy's name bumped into it and findin my fingers wrapped around a chunk o pizza or a crusty ol piece a bread instead. tink has a habit o hiding lil snacks everywhere and lately has decided a kate is as good o place as any. up until now i have been intrigued watchin her tilt her tiny head to the side as if a really good idea just popped into her furry noggin and then go directly to one o her hiding places and come back with somethin i had given her a week or so ago. but reachin in and bein frightened by feel o some mystery meal in the bottom of an already jumbled bag o mo stuff means it is time to convince her to set up her buffet of aged leftovers in one place...it's either that or i will have to move the kates to a location that is too high for her leapin ability.

i'm hopeful that you'll understand my need to limit the words and speak mostly thru images til my mini is not here everyday. it has been such a pleasure spendin the summer with the real thing now that the body snatcher seems to be on summer break. i have my fingers crossed that she won't take mini's body over again when school starts! but if she does i guess it'll give me even more to write about.

once again i say....thanks for stoppin by and hope to see you again in the next few days!


Pamela said...

Take it easy Mo...enjoy whats left of the summer and sending Mini off to school.

I too, have to keep an eagle-eye on my fluffy friend. A couple of weeks ago, I rolled over in bed and was stabbed by something hard. When I turned on the light, it was an old, dried up steak bone! Eweeee! IN MY BED! Guess she thought that would be a comfy place to chew. Yuck!

Monet said...

dearest mo,
just be ever so thankful it isn't the poo-poo surprise!
x's & o's

kim said...

How stinkin' cute is THAT! Adorable Miss Mo! Sorry about the bashin'....some people just don't THINK. Good luck with Mini starting school!

Canay said...

I would just like to say that I do not feel like anyone was bashing you. I for one have never heard of you until recently. I think people are just confused and hurt. There are people who love your art but I guess because they are designers or creative team members they are not allowed to purchase your products. It is my opinion that what I read was a "conversation" not a "bashing".

Bucksters said...

I think the term "lucky dog" is in order here...not only does she get pizza for lunch, but she gets to rest her little tootsies in Kate! I think it's great that you are letting us know that you need a break until Mini goes back to school, and I look forward to any pix, or whatever, until you are back in blogsaddle again! Thanks, Mo!

Hollie H said...

Enjoy your summer break with Mini. Will be lookin for ya in the new school year ;)

Stephanie (stephmsu) said...

Enjoy the body snatching-free version of Mini while she lasts! Zachary starts Kindergarten after Labor Day and I'm almost sad!! But excited...is that possible??? Anyhow, enjoy your sweet girl and ignore those former peas throwin' their not-so-thinnly veiled snide remarks!!! It's almost comical...so just laugh with the rest of us!

Ruthann said...

MmmmmmWhawwwww! Big kisses to you and enjoy every precious second with Miss Mini!

Saucy said...

Enjoy these lazy summer days with your Mini... myself, I will be takin' the Lovely Lady Loopy for her back to school 'do and some frosting on those lovely loopy locks and some serious girl time before heading back to her homework fretting and outfit rearranging! When they all return to school, the computer will be more available for bloggin' and doo daddin. Enjoy a break. oxoxoxox

wings said...

enjoy your time with mini... someday she'll get to school and tink will pop out. just wait, it'll happen.

about all that e-mail from the rubberneckers attracted by the forum bashing... why not send them a little ditty about coming back in a week or so? or set up a little gallery of people's layouts that they can look at so they can get an idea of what's available without getting the goods... kind of like looking at the cow through the fence before deciding whether or not they really want a drink of milk (or if they really wanted a beer but just said milk to make you get up and get it for 'em 'cause they're contrary)

Rosa said...

Hi Mo, first time here. Have suddenly become addicted to all-things you (not stalker like, though--puulleeeeze). Enjoy your time with Mini (love the scrapbook) and best wishes to your nephew--grrrrrr. --Ro

Tracy said...

We love Tink's wink and I'm thinkin' you may have to get her some doggie mason jars for storing her treasures... :)

xooxox's to your brother and nephew. He's in my prayers for another six months my dear.

I know I'm reading these backwards to catch up, but enjoy your Mini and these last summer days. Rest up, laugh, and have fun. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo