mini's sunflower stockin'

i sure appreciate everyone's emails and messages tellin me they understand me not bloggin many words and mostly peeper presents til mini goes back to school! thank you thank you!

so here's today's picture for you to peek at...another o the stockin's i have made for my mini. i made this one the first year we were finally successful at growin our own sunflower (and we were successful with only ONE that year!). it's her favorite flower and up til then we had always had to buy em so this was most excitin to both of us...of course we get excited about anything we are able to grow from a seed.

i think maybe tomorrow i'll plop up some peeks o my favorite container in action! if you vacation in moland year round you already know what it is!

mini and i are gonna spend some time at vrooman's bookstore - the oldest in town. we have been going since she was two and never stay less than two hours walkin up and down each row so we have to go when we know we have time...but before i go i wanted to address one o the comments left yesterday. someone expressed the opinion that what was takin place over at one o those free-for-all-forums in my honor was not a bashin' - just a conversation. while i truly respect their opinion, i gotta say...i think this is one o those things you gotta experience yourself before you can really know. while it may seem like conversin' to those participatin' in the thing, when it's your own name being 'conversed' about in such a way, it feels more like a bash. but...that's the digital scrappin world for ya....they may like everyone to think it's all one big cozy group lookin out for each other but try doin things a bit differently and they'll do whatever they can to do you in. seems it always does the opposite though...moland has dozens o new residents since the thread first got like mini's daddy always says....doesn't matter what they say about you as long as they are sayin somethin....seems to apply for conversin or bashin so i guess in the end it's all hair splittin!

thanks for stoppin by and hope to see you again tomorrow!


Jan said...

Hope your bookstore browsing session was a good one. We spent some time at the library yesterday doing some of the same. The bookstores here are a bit of a disappointment, although every now and then I don't mind going alone just to savor the peace!
My guys head back to school next week, so our summer is pretty much over. Enjoy the rest of yours!

Pamela said...

Cute stocking! Do you have a pattern for all those adorable felt flowers or do you just make it up as you go along, you know - talent!, LOL I can follow directions but I'm not to good at "winging" it.

Monet (smsjd411) said...

hello missy mo! i am so glad you are recoverin from the lastest bashing. and it was indeed a bash the way i see it! whoever decided it was just conversatin must've skipped over the mean parts! anyway, so glad that you held your head up high like a lady and that you and mini are gettin some quality time in before she heads off to school. also very happy to hear that mini has takin a likin to plant/flower growin! it is such a rewarding hobby especially if ya get somethin outta seeds! such an accomplishment! keep up the smiles girlies!
x's and o's

JudyG said...

It was a bashin for sure, right down to the eye rollin and stray pixel comments so don't let anybody try to convince you otherwise...ugly stuff!
Nothing like endless browsing among the books to take your mind off the unpleasantries in life though. And glad that you and Mini are getting to spend some quality time together so take your time, we'll be right here when you get back.

Stephanie (stephmsu) said...

like i said boils down to jelousy!! and their evil, green streak keeps the bashing threads rearing their ugly, jealous heads and inadvertently guiding the new moland friends home! i was tempted to respond to their eye rolling "conversation" and ask them how it would feel if a thread came up suggesting one of their beloved friends were clones who all copied (i think they call that type of thing inspiration, though) the same piece of notebook paper or cookie cutter stitches??? i don't think they'd appreciate it...nor would they call it a conversation!

anyways...have fun with the important things in life like spending time book browsing with Mini...and leave the immature bashing to the eye rollers!!!

Victoria said...

I love book stores, especially old books! I am one of those odd folk that love the smell of books! I could spend hours going up and down rows of books and my husband and daughter are the same.

Mini's sunflower stocking is lovely! I am a sunflower fan too! I find them glorious and it makes me happy to see the birds that come around to have a snack on the mature seeds.

robin said...

Hi Mo, I'm a newer Moland inhabitant but not new to molandish things... I first started "stalkin" ya on one of the forums where you posted your "charmed life" book for mini... charming indeed. I fell in love w/ your designs. I tried to join Moland once but on dial up it just wasn't a happy situation. That was resolved last week when we finally (finally!) were treated to satellite access to the world. Yay! I am now a happy happy camper in Moland.
Try not to worry about the bashers... I just don't see how people have the time for such things - I personally never frequent the forums of the "other" sites out there; I just don't have the time. Nor the time for petty bashing. So I've not read the aforementioned thread... and don't want to.
Hang in there, have a mojito, and enjoy your mini for what's left of summer vacation!!
Robin the resident cokelush of moland. :)

Saucy said...

To be sure, Mo, I think some women have funny ways of showin' their frustration! Conversation... indeed. Men don't do things that way, do they? My recollection of my years as a cheerleading coach seems to include lots of bashin' too. Why is that?

RosieB said...

how come I always miss the excitment of bashing and pea throwing!! I just must not be visiting the right sites! I spect I'll live tho!

you and mini mo enjoy the rest of the summer holiday

ejj said...

Every time I hear (or read) an ugly comment with "that's just my opinion" attached, I think a little less of the opinion-giver. I prefer the old advice, "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all." Of course, the exception to that rule is politicians--they are fair game for all sorts of comments....

wings said...

Sure do love those felt flowers. I have to learn how to make them!!

The trick to growin' sunflowers is that you have to be able to have a few birds around... the best sunflowers always grow under my bird feeders. I know the little feathered things "creep you out" (as my fairy godniece says), but the ones that grow under my feeder are always the biggest, sunniest sunflowers... maybe they're gettin' a bit of extra fertilizer there.

Tracy said...

LOVE your sunflowers my dear Mo, and I'm lining up to buy your 'mo's book o felt flower makin recipes'! The tallest of our three sunflowers finally has a face, but no yellow yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that winter holds off long enough for Macy to see some petals!

I agree that the bookstore is an all out excursion. Hope it was a wonderful afternoon for you both, and that Tink got to browse a bit in the Canine section!

Since joining the digital scrapbooking community almost two years ago I have met the most wonderful, talented, insanely hilarious, and warm women. I've had artsy hobbies all my life and this is my favourite by far. What I don't understand is why some women waste their precious time being nasty and eagerly participating in negative 'conversations'. I wish that one day they'd wake up and realize they could be scrappin' up some wonderful memories for their families to keep instead of tryin' to make a name for themselves as the wittiest flame thrower. :(

Keep those stockings coming mo... if I can sprout a couple of extra arms I can doo dad and stitch at the same time!! :D

terily said...

This is just adorable! We have sunflowers growing all over - I'll have to get my kiddos involved and we can make these, too! Not as pretty, for sure, but it will be fun. Great inspiration :)

Connie said...

Living in Kansas and in the country, sunflowers are everywhere this time of year. I'd be glad to send you all the sunflowers you want to grow.